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Published: Sunday, Feb. 19 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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one old man
Ogden, UT

Many teachers believe it would be a wonderful service to boys if we let girls start school at age 5 but keep boys out until age 6.

Boys lag about a year behind girls in brain and physical development until puberty. Yet we expect the boys to perform as well as girls when they are simply not capable of doing so.

Give them a fighting chance beginning in Kindergarten. I'll bet we'd soon see a big difference.

Chuck E. Racer
Lehi, UT

As an elementary teacher, I have watched this war on males for the last 30 years in education. We blasted male principals and discriminated against male applicants for administrative positions. By doing so, we took away an incentive for getting males to teach despite the low salary. We implemented preferential treatment for females in science and math. We implemented constructivism as the teaching style, which was supposed to help girls, which is faulty anyway. All this has lowered the number of male teachers. No wonder the boys are doing worse in school, without even mentioning the negative effects of less men in the homes.

Salt Lake City, UT

And why not? It would improve your life, too.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

A Federal Government Council on Boys/Men?

I thought a majority of Utahns believed the Government can't fix anything, and only makes things worse while wasting a lot of money? But now you want a Government Council to fix this so-called "war on boys"?

On average, Men still earn 20% more than women for the same credentials and work. Men still outnumber women in math and science and engineering by triple or more. And as this article reported, even with more advanced degrees, women earn far less than men with advanced degrees.

We still have religious leaders in this country preaching "official" teachings that women should stay at home and be mothers rather than pursue careers, not to mention careers in traditionally male careers! In some of these religions, Young women who aspire to be engineers are marginalized, discouraged, and treated as if they are sinners who lack testimony and faith, and are disobeying Church leaders. Some actually criticize women who work for "taking a job from a man, who is responsible for providing for a family".

The "equality" of women is still far off. Don't turn this into gender wars!

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Think about this before you answer, what percentage of TV sitcoms and show strong male characters. Of course there are some but I'm talking a percentage here. I mean from Homer Simpson to the show Two and Half Men, what are most shows saying about males? They are stupid, they are lazy, they are sex crazed, all they do is drink beer, chase women, play video games and live in their Mom's basement. And get pushed around by women whether it be their wives, mothers and daughters?

Schools are doing more things to maybe help boys but generally they serve boys much better. In some ways schools are hurting boys even more such as reducing PE and recess time.

Whether this is an organized thing or not, that is actually debatable Pagan. Whether it's happening or not, that really isn't.

This should concern us all...


I do tend to see it that way: affirmative action for women creating and institutionalizing a prejudice against the male gender. It's too bad but it makes boys more humble than girls which may sometimes give individual males a head start spiritually. It'll all work out in the end. Meanwhile there is an unjust emotional and academic deficit and a new injustice, not really new since it's now a generation old or more.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Think of this:

Because of the war on public education (and I'm going to call it a war Pagan), men have left the profession or won't eve consider it in college. This has created a dearth of male role models in elementary. Even in secondary, males are leaving the teaching world in droves, they are an endangered species in elementary. Now with single parent families, mostly headed by women, these boys have less and less contact with positive male role models. Teachers and coaches can make a difference but again less and less truly qualified males are going into the field or teaching. This has to hurt. School is generally set up for girls anyway. A good well-meaning single mother can be okay raising boys, surely. But many aren't that good at parenting often dating and even shacking up with several men during the times their boys are going through their developmental issues. These boys further get modeled that this is how you treat women.

Am I out to lunch on this?

New to Utah

This articled is right on the money. There has been an all out war on boys and men in this country for at least the past 30 years. I have lived through this injustice as well as my son and four son in laws. It goes back to the bashing of men with the womens rights movement to the title 9 affirmative action. I have experienced it in employment where advancement in both elementary school and major department stores like Sears and JC Penney had strict quota's on hiring women and minorities. Obamas's administration has done nothing but bash men and support higher payouts to minorities and women. My daughter asked why her husband had so few scholarship options while she had many. My son would often be overlooked simply because he was a male. It has gone on way too long. Woman have a huge edge in education, scholarships and government programs. It is time for this to change.


I teach remedial reading in grades K-5, in a Federally funded program called Title I. Most of my students are boys. I would recommend something that hasn't been suggested yet. Change the age requirement for boys to begin Kindergarten. In our district children must be 5 by September 1st to be eligible for Kindergarten. I can tell you that "young" boys - boys with spring and summer birthdays - are noticeably immature both emotionally and academically compared to the "older" boys and all of the girls in their grade level. Ask any Teacher.

Also, I too, had wonderful Male Teachers, and my Dad was a Teacher, but Teaching is no longer an option for men who want to support their families on one income. Period. If you want men in the classroom, you have to be willing to pay them a comparative wage.

In regards to curriculum. In my experience, educators have introduced much more "brain based" curriculum into the schools and classrooms are more "boy friendly." For example, my school has stand up desks that allow children to stand to do their work. The problem is that as funding is reduced or redirected, recess time is cut, P.E. is cut, Tech courses and other electives are cut - and these losses can not be overcome with curriculum alone.

One last thing - single households are most often headed by Women. Instead of saying things like "defend traditional marriage" we need to ask "why are the men walking away from their responsibilities and leaving these women to cope on their own?" In my own family my Sister in law finally left my brother in law because he wouldn't get a job, wanted to spend his time playing video games and going out with friends. She told him to shape up or ship out. He chose divorce - and now he lives in his Mom's basement, while she has brought up their son, obtained more education, and made a life for herself. I think she is amazing - I see no shame in her status as a "single mother."

Salt Lake City, UT

I have four sons, I am married to their father, he is totally invovled in every aspect of their lives and yet they still struggle! They struggle with an educational system that caters to girls because the style of learning is sit still and listen. Their recess is taken away for the most part. They get 10 minutes the entire day. They aren't allowed to talk at lunch, they are supposed to sit still and not move and not make any noise. No wonder the diagnosis of ADHD has skyrocketed in the last few years!


Oh never mind that we have a totally dis-functional culture and society . . . just give Super Nanny even more rights and resources, and I'm sure it will be fixed. After all, government has done such a marvelous job with sparking the economy, paying off the Federal deficit, regulating business properly, never over-regulating, tort reform, nation building, protecting this homeland against invasion, developing positive relations with other nations, etc., etc. Yeah, old Super Nanny is the answer . . . and you didn't really need any of those old rights and property anyway, did you?

A Scientist
Provo, UT

School system caters to girls with a "sit still and listen" approach?

What kind of sexist stereotypes are you people propagating here?


Babies having babies doesn't work, never has worked, and never will work. We have day-care facilities in the high schools now! Very hard and expensive for a stable and honest couple to adopt a child, because the taxpayers pick up the tab for all the kids who want to keep their kids, plus all the other people who think that the American working taxpayer should fund and carry every person and problem on the planet. Time to talk about individual responsibility and people carrying the load for their own actions and decisions. Being a parent is a very hard and expensive proposition, and not a game for people who only want to replicate their weaknesses and mistakes.

Los Angeles, CA

I've heard some schools have recess before lunch, instead of after lunch and, as a result, the kids are quieter and calmer during lunchtime. Allowing kids to move around during the day not only helps boys, but also those with ADHD/ADD.

Our son had a summer birthday. The school district we were in had a kindergarten, pre-first and first grade. We opted to have our son take pre-first instead of going directly into first grade. He didn't need to academically, but emotionally he just needed that extra year. It was the best decision we made.

The number of children living in poverty is increasing. It is sad. Poverty alone has a big impact on how successful children will be as adults.


This goes back several years, and I'll site the great Affirmative Action program mandated by the Federal government. This made the white male the most expendable and least marketable species on Earth. And statistics continue to lie: the reason average pay for women trails men is because women choose careers that don't pay as much, and don't focus on career development as much. Many are just looking for that giant meal ticket called "marriage," and figure that's their ticket to whatever else they need. And all this math and science stuff--I have friends who got advanced degrees in these fields and still had NO job offers whatsoever. Our society is full of fluff, fantasy, fallacy, and folly.


Thank you for targeting the number one social ill in America as it relates to boys. . . and actually to girls as well-- the absence of engaged fathers. I remember reading a poster by the National Fatherhood Initiative that said, "What reduces crime, drug use, teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency and require no new taxes?" The answer. . . . . "GOOD FATHERS!" The price we are paying for the absence of fathers in our children's lives is staggering. Did you know that close to 80% of all criminals on death row in our prisons grew up in homes without a father? Over one third of all babies born in a America today come home from the hospital to a home with no father. And in the Black community, close to 90% all all babies born, are born to single mothers. The reversal of father absence needs to become a national priority. Father absence is truly at the core of every problem our young boys are facing and will continue to be saddled with throughout their entire lives--many of them never even knowing who their real father is. It's a vicious cycle that is growing larger and larger with every passing year. Good fathers are essential to raising successful children--both boys and girls. It's time to focus on helping fathers realize their worth and encouraging them to step up to the plate and be real men when it comes to raising their children. Check with the National Fatherhood Initiative for updated details. You will be sickened by the harm that fatherlessness has on our society, and you will be encouraged at the research proving what a positive difference good fathers can provide by putting their children's needs ahead of their own.

Salt Lake City, UT

My son is a June birthday. He went to kindergarten "on time" but it was a difficult year. I knew he wasn't ready for first grade so we had him repeat kinder and it has been the best decision we ever made. He has excelled and has gained confidence and has learned to read! We did have to fight hard for it to happen as the principal didn't think it was necessary (and didn't want to mess with his numbers of kids repeating a grade), but I knew it was best for my son and so I fought the good fight.


What exactly is the "feminization" of the classroom? Before women were even permitted to seek a formal education it was men who largely ran the schools and only boys (wealthy boys) that went to school. I'm thinking they pretty much determined how formal education was developed (i.e. the sit at desks, do your reading, listen to teacher, etc. model.) Are we to believe that it was women who made up the model of sitting at a desk all day reading and writing? I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. Formal education was never modeled around the female student, but it was modeled around a student that was expected to act unlike a child.

I just think this idea that somehow women, or the dreaded feminists, are behind all of this is RIDICULOUS! Blame lack of male rolemodels, family structure, student and parent discipline,etc., but it is not because of some misguided femininism that boys are falling behind now.

Boise, ID

Rights without responsibility. Actions without consequences. (of course the consequences always come)

That is the problem in a nutshell. A belief in God and morality is the cure. Always has been, always will be. Some with a moral compass will fail, and some without will succeed, but those are the exceptions.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow the "so called experts" are finally realizing what I have been stating for decades. I have no problem giving people equal chances at success. Girls, boys, straight, gay, black, white, yellow, purple, green, red, orange or whatever.

The problem is when you put one group at a disadvantage and call it "diversity" or "payback". Something white people are having to work through as "minorities" get green lights into graduate schools, have fewer restrictions and any road block taken from them. Meanwhile if your white trying to get into a business school. Good luck. Even if your grades are higher and your more qualified, they'll take someone else based on gender or skin color.

What's the point in trying. You apply for a job, and they'll take someone who isn't white to meet quotas.

Thanks alot "intellectual" left. You've done a great disservice to this country. Discrimination is discrimination no matter what the skin color or gender of the person.

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