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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 14 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

@Informed Voter

Your rant makes it clear that you are not informed at all. It's pretty sad that you think there in an ulterior motive for this.



Life-long active LDS member here. There was the Sacrament meeting talk where the speaker quoted Reagan and another conservative. The numerous lessons where people feel free to interject their political beliefs. Some Sunday School and Seminary teachers my children had where the teacher led discussions of a political nature. The political chain e-mails (often false) that get passed around by ward members and leaders and then quoted in classes etc. Just a few examples....

Journalist's code of ethics includes:

"Test the accuracy of information from all sources and exercise care to avoid inadvertent error. Deliberate distortion is never permissible."

(Meanwhile, mostly every article last week carried in the Deseret News about the healthcare mandate and contraception stated that abortifacients were part of the mandate).

"Make certain that headlines, news teases and promotional material, photos, video, audio, graphics, sound bites and quotations do not misrepresent."

"Distinguish between advocacy and news reporting.

"Support the open exchange of views, even views they find repugnant."

" Examine their own cultural values and avoid imposing those values on others."

"Tell the story of the diversity and magnitude of the human experience boldly, even when it is unpopular to do so."

Clearfield, UT

The caucus system needs to go. It is nothing more than a tool of the extreme right to put their candidate in office or get rid of someone they don't like. Example Bennett and Lee. The far right could care less about anyone else' opinion. Governor Walker had an 80% approval rating and was voted out. The Tea Party and the rest of the far right have to much influence in this state. They are not the majority and they know it. That is why they staunchly defend such an antiquated system.

Salt Lake City, UT

But should LDS Democrats feel obliged to attend mass meetings in the vast parts of the state where no democrat can be elected, e.g. Davis County and Utah County. Will Democrats in such areas be blessed for attending their mass meetings even though nothing practical can come of it. I think the Church's remarks should be prefaced with a statememt something like this - attend your mass meetings of such can be of practical use, i.e. electing somebody.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

My first Bishop was a lifelong Democrat. I only know that because he and I were particularly close. My current Bishop is a Republican. I know that only because we are very close. The many others in between I have either not known at all or could only suspect from a few comments here or there.

Yes, some folks (including me) do talk politics in the off moments at church. But I cannot ever recall being asked about my party affiliation in any official or even semi-official capacity. In meetings we are advised over and over again to keep our political views to ourselves. When it has been my turn at the pulpit, I have striven to keep to that standard.

In my current ward and stake I would assume there are folks of both parties. In the area where I live, the older generation still includes many lifelong Democrats and the young are generally more drawn to that party as well. In the middle, there is more of a Republican bent. I assume that holds true within the church as well (but I don't ask).

As to how we should look at the various wars. May I recommend President Hinckley's 2003 address titled War and Peace. I believe it is definitive.

m.g. scott

To many of you posting from the Utah experience, remember, there are several states in the Union where things are totally reversed as far as the party dominence. Try California, Washington, or try just about the whole east coast. Republicans feel as outside in states like that as some of you Democrats might here in Utah. It is just way things are in America and I like it that if you want a more liberal or conservative state you are free to move there.

Monticello, utah

While I don't agree with his name, I agree with what "trappedinutah" has to say about the whole caucus system. It is terrible in that it allows for a very small but aggressive group to entirely control the democatic process, especially in the rural areas of our state. Bob Bennett was a sacrificial lamb at the alter of caucus politics and Oren Hatch will soon follow. I am not extolling the virtues of career poiticians and my recollections were of Hatch running against Frank Moss on the premis that he had been in office too long. Oren, it is time to go, you can do it gracefully or be kicked to the curb.
But back to the idiocy of this method. It needs to be changed and quickly because there are many areas in Utah where the quality of local elected officials has been compromised by someone who has enough activist friends that they can circumvent the actual majority opinion of the electorate.

Newport Beach, CA

The average rank-and-file liberal generally has his heart in more or less the right place. One of the better New Dealers characterized FDR's project as "promoting Jeffersonian ends by Hamiltonian means" -- that is, using the power of expanded government to uphold the ideal of the independent, self-reliant citizen, who was seen as being threatened by the growth of large industrial corporations.

Unfortunately, my experience with the real movers and shakers of modern liberalism, is that there is a vast gulf between the average, idealistic liberal layperson, and the party professionals. The party professionals are in the business of government -- nothing more or less. It's their bread and butter, and when their livelihood is threatened, they respond more or less as you'd expect a cynical, amoral, godless bunch of people to respond in that situation: They attack the threat by any means necessary.

MarieDevine Divine-Way
Kansas City, MO

"We Democrats welcome our LDS brothers and sisters and appreciate their opinions, hard work and values in our big tent Utah Democratic Party," Debakis said."

Democrats are not blind to the fact that abortion and homosexuality are condemned in God's holy books; they are there to give us the option of following God's wisdom and warnings or ignoring them. We will receive what we deserve.

The helps that Democrats promote come with the added cost of big government payrolls and fight against freedom that God gives us to voluntarily help our family and neighbors in times of trouble. A garden paradise lifestyle would easily provide for the needs of the poor to continue being helped with gardens and food producing pets. God's people need to want His glorious kingdom on earth now so we can be of one accord and have all things in common without big government control forcing our helps and enslaving us to taxes.

Heber City, UT

My experience with the real movers and shakers of either party is that there is a vast gulf between the average person and the party professionals. The party professionals are in the business of government -- nothing more or less. It's their bread and butter, and when their livelihood is threatened, they respond more or less as you'd expect a cynical, amoral, godless bunch of people to respond in that situation: They attack the threat -- average citizens -- by spreading fear, labeling and making gross generalizations.

Durham, NC

Flashback..... really? We have a split government right now. Two houses, each party has one they run. We have had a back in forth of representation in the White house for over 50 years with no party dominating. How is it you make your claim, when emperical evidence shows something completely different. At the state level, when was the last time Utah had a split house? How about in Utah valley, when was the last time you had a split baord.

This fanetesy world people have made up to support their feelings of persecution is ever so puzzling to me.

The one place there is no balance is in the state of Utah. The current system is heavily rigged that a few determine the choice of the many. Government isn't intended to be monolythic. When anyone suggest that one party domination is the solution, that is when we know we are in trouble. That is when power will corrupt. That is when you have things like legislative bodies trying to hide what they are doing from the public like the Utah senate passed last year, and then was embarrassed into repealing their law providing a cloack of secrecy.

I am not sure what the intentions of the church are, but regardless, it is a good call as moderation comes when more people are involved.

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