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Published: Monday, Feb. 13 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

End it.

Mesa, AZ


It is funny that you point out that BYU fans can't read, when you can't spell or punctuate.

Typical ute troll, hypocrisy at its finest.

On another note...

I vote to end the BYU/ Utah series.

It does not matter to me if BYU ever plays Utah again.

Bountiful, UT

A few casualties of conference expansion:

Utah vs. BYU
Texas vs. Texas A&M
Oklahoma vs. Nebraska
Pitt vs. West Virginia
Missouri vs. Kansas
Colorado vs. Nebraska
Utah/BYU vs. Air Force
Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech


Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

I love the schedule for 2012 and feel that it gives us a great opportunity to be in a BCS game and even undefeated.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Mildred in Fillmore

"I love the schedule for 2012 and feel that it gives us a great opportunity to be in a BCS game and even undefeated".

If BYU couldn't go undefeated in the Mountain West, they have no chance of going undefeated with that Indy-WAC schedule. One loss and the Cougies are heading to the Poinsettia Bowl. Games: @ Utah, @ Notre Dame, @ Georgia Tech, @ Boise State. BYU is bound to lose once, maybe twice, or possibly all four of their big road games this year, but they won't win all four games.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

With games @Utah, @Boise, @ND, and @GT BYU will most likely continue its trend of getting spanked 2 times each year since 2008. 8-4 sounds about right, but 7-5 is possibility.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

I thought Last Season's home schedule was bad, look at this one:

Washington State
Weber State
Utah State
Oregon State

USU is the only team on this list that went Bowling in 2011.

Orem, UT

mt oly

"I thought Last Season's home schedule was bad, look at this one:"

Washington State
Weber State
Utah State
Oregon State

I like it; two PAC 12 teams, two instate rivals, and always interesting Hawai'i. The only yawner is Idaho.

Iowa City, IA

Sept 15th it is.

And I don't blame all of these BYU fans for wanting the Utah/BYU series to end. 44 point beat downs will deflate a fan base pretty quickly, especially when they only have 3 wins (all last second/minute victories)in the past decade against that team. Starfarer may have a superiority complex when it comes to the U, but I'm guessing the Cougar players don't.

BUT I'm curious why so many Y fans are claiming GATech as this awesome juggernaut, yet when Utah beat them two months ago all they could say was how "Tulsa is better."

Either 1) the schedulers must have forgot to schedule the Golden Hurricane instead of the Yellow Jackets, OR 2) Y fans have the inside scoop on how much improvement the GATech's 2012 recuiting class will have on the Yellow Jackets OR 3) Teams are simply better when they play BYU, because all teams have it in for the Cougars.

Been trying to figure out the BYU fan anticipation enigma for several decades now. On Sept 16th, I may get a better idea.

Salt Lake City, UT

ThomasJefferson says "Cougs 10-2.. better than Utes 7-5".
I suppose it doesn't matter to you that the teams compete against different levels of competition. The Utes play 9 BCS teams, while the Cougars are up to 5 this year.

Since "level of competition" is out the window, are you saying Lone Peak High School was better than both teams last year?

Cedar Hills, UT

So... finishing 8-4 or maybe 9-3 and knowing which bowl you are going to before spring ball even starts is what independence is all about? Exciting.

Springville, UT


According to Ute logic ANY team that plays in an AQ BCS conference is a quality opponent. Right?

Is that Ute logic so hard to understand and apply to the BYU schedule or do we have some pride issues getting in the way?

When everyone was playing in the MWC it was always those BCS opponent games than meant the most. Does this logic somehow change when your team is part of an AQ conference and passing judgment on a non-BCS opponent's schedule?

Obviously those that put together these rankings determined that a 7 fumble fluke win for you guys did not really hurt BYU in overall rankings. It's a bitter pill I'm sure to see your opponent ranked higher when you flogged them but it is what it is.

I'm sure it was almost as confusing to understand as 'losing all the marbles' to the worst team in your conference, a team that had not won a road game in four years. That's one golden buffalo chip for the trophy case.

By the way... Tulsa was better, rankings dear brother, rankings.

I'm still looking to see where Utah ended up in the rankings, must be below BYU somewhere, very typical when taken into historical context and I'm still trying to figure how Ute fans say an 8-5 season was great when the real numbers that matter are 4-5 in your conference. That's where the glory is, isn't it? That's why the Utes are in a conference, right? To win division and conference championships?

The true conference numbers are < mediocre yet if that makes Utes happy... I'm happy

BYU schedule is getting better, no matter how you spin it.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Funny...was just reading some of these posts and on Jeopardy one of the questions just happened to be..."Name one of two teams that in 2011 joined the Pac 10 and made it th Pac 12." With a 50/50 chance the contestant with no hesitation picked...You guessed it... Colorado. Dontcha just love it!!!

Sandy, UT

Wow, the cream of the crop from both fan bases is commenting on this article. I've seen more mature conversation in an elementary school...


Your predictions aren't bad, but let me offer my humble opinion as to how the Cougs will fare this season.

WSU- Loss, it'll be close, but Connor Halliday will pick apart the Y's secondary.
Weber State- Easy win
@ Utah- Closer than it was last year, but Cougs won't be able to stop John White and a healthy Jordan Wynn at Rice Eccles. Loss.
@ Boise State- Even without Kellen Moore, the Broncos are nearly impossible to beat at home, regardless of how good your team is. Loss.
Hawaii- Win. Norm will put together a good team, but Hawaii won't be good enough to beat BYU at home.
Utah State- A close game, almost too close to call, but I'll give the Y the home field advantage. Win.
Oregon State- Win. The Beavers are still rebuilding.
@Notre Dame- Loss. The Cougs do not have the kind of talent needed to beat the Irish in South Bend in front of 80,000+
@GA Tech- Loss. The Yellow Jackets' rushing attack will do just enough to beat the Cougs.
Idaho- Easy win
@SJSU- Easy win
@NMSU- Easy win
Bowl game- Cougs will get matched up against a weak opponent, unfortunately, and beat them easily.

Final record: 8-5
Why? I just don't see any new or developing talent that will immediately help the Cougars be the type of team that can beat good teams on the road, and I don't see the speed that they need on defense to stop a quick strike offense like WSU or GA tech. They need a consistent running back, and won't be able to rely on the 1-2-3 punch of Kariya, Alisa, and DiLuigi, now that Kariya and DiLuigi are gone. Unless Alisa really steps it up and Quezada snaps out of his funk, the rushing attack will be mediocre at best. Riley is a great athlete and a fierce competitor, but he does not possess the quarterbacking skills to beat a team that can keep everything in front of it and force him to drop back and pass. The offensive line will be good as always, but they lost a lot of talent this year and have some holes to fill.


Why should BYU give up a valuable slot on the schedule in September to play Utah when they could be playing a big money game?

The rivalry was good while it lasted but, "if he dies, let him die."


8-5 is probably not far off though I don't think Washington St. will beat BYU in Provo (don't even recognize that name you referenced and I watch a lot of football). Utah also won't have Jake Heaps playing for them...

Cedar Hills, UT


Big money as in Weber State? lol

Don't try and down play the Utah game as not "Big money" when it is top 2 on your whole schedule next year.

Nice try

salt lake city, UT

@utahcountyute thats a y fan for ya. they are so jealous they try and act like utah never meant anything to them. utah is the lebron james to them. he (utah) broke their heart (byu) when he annouced going to another team (conference) hahahaha

Sandy, UT


Halliday is WSU's QB

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