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Published: Monday, Feb. 13 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

It's a good thing the Cougars have that November 3rd bye to prepare for the challenging late season march through the dregs of the WAC.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Prepare for another beat down on Sept. 15 little bro!!

Salt Lake City, UT

What a surprise to see two of our BYU-obsessed little brothers being the first to post about BYU's newly announced schedule.

As always, our little friends on the hill are already circling September 15th as the most important date on their football calendar.

Try worrying a little less about BYU and a little more about the PAC 12, and you might have a chance of finishing above .500 in the conference sometime.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Well, here we go for another year of independence. While I do think the schedule is improving, a closer look at the last 4 weeks of the season and one can see that scheduling these teams makes absolutely no sense. From Nov. 3 on, the season is irrelevant to the college football fan who is expecting key matchups and a race to the conference title. BYU will be forgotten by this time. While I see some true promise in many of the early games scheduled, we are back to the same thing as last year. If you don't beat Utah, Boise State, Oregon State, Notre Dame and Georgia Tech, your season is over or meaningless at that point. But, as the AD has put it, we can look forward to 2013. If I am a recruit looking at BYU, do I always want to be looking 2 years down the road? Is someone actually looking at what is going on or is this just a roll of the dice?

Orem, UT

at Utah
at Boise State
at Notre Dame
at Georgia Tech

is going to be a very difficult road schedule, but a schedule that will quiet the critics if BYU does well.

Orem, UT

The Deuce

If you knew anything about scheduling, you'd understand the difficulty of an independent trying to schedule big name opponents in November when most teams are heavily involved in conference play. Non-conference schedules are drawn up years in advance, so it's going to take awhile for BYU to work some bigger names into their November schedules.

Have a little patience. Every BYU fan who's paid even the slightest amount of attention has known from the day BYU announced its independence that the first couple of seasons were going to be less than stellar, especially late in the season. Having 6 current or soon-to-be AQ teams on their 2012 schedule (Utah, Oregon State, Washington State, Georgia Tech, Boise State, and Notre Dame) is more AQ teams in one season than BYU ever played in the MWC or WAC. Two or three of those teams could even be Top 25 teams.

San Diego, CA

This is an intriguing schedule except for the last three weeks of weak teams. Most top 25 teams have at least three weak teams on the schedule, albeit earlier in the season. The Poinsettia Bowl is a nice bowl if BYU doesn't bust the BCS. Overall I like this schedule.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Juxtaposing BYU's 2012 schedule with the likely schedules BYU could be facing in the merged MWC/C-USA conference makes this schedule positively exciting by comparison.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Far from ideal, but it is an improvement from last year and includes some games that even the most jaded independence critic should be able to get excited about.

salt lake city, UT

well... another massacre for utah..gonna be boring watching that game AGAIN

Gilbert, AZ

Overall, I like the schedule; I just wish it were better balanced throughout the season.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

Congrats Cougies! You have a new rival you get to share that special week in November with called "rivalry week"! New Mexico State Aggies!!! Now there's a winner! LOL

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

To: SportsFan, Orem, UT - You made my point exactly. By going independent, BYU has set their program back years. Yes, you are correct to say that it will take a number of years before the schedule has strength from the beginning to the end of the season. Other than the money, and yes, I am sure that is the #1 reason for this, BYU going independent does not make a lot of sense. Many of the other teams in the BYU athletic department are scattered throughout a number of conferences/associations. This is not very forward thinking about the program as a whole. But if the money was the #1 need, then they accomplished the task. I simply want to hear the Cougar AD stand up and say this for all rather than cover this with a story of exposure.

West Jordan, Utah

That's one soft schedule.

September 1 Washington State (first year under Leach = easy home win)

September 8 Weber State (patsy win).

September 15 @ Utah (we will see here with Utah's QB situation and Brian Johnson).

September 22 @ Boise State (Kellen Moore graduated and I think BYU wins.

September 29 Hawai'i (sorry Norm Chow but the Rainbows won't be prepared).

October 5 Utah State (could be BYU's toughest home test but BYU wins).

October 13 Oregon State (Cougars win at home against the Beavers weak road woes).

October 20 @ Notre Dame (this game is a toss up, I will take Notre Dame).

October 27 @ Georgia Tech (Loss here: GT is no Air Force as they are an athletic attack).

November 3 Bye

November 10 Idaho (easy win)

November 17 @ San Jose State (easy win)

November 24 @ New Mexico State (easy win)

End prediction: Cougars finish 9-3. They lose to Notre Dame and Georgia Tech back to back weeks. The other loss comes to either Utah, Utah State, Boise State, or Oregon State. The Cougars go 3-1 there but will lose one along the way. It will be a 10 win season if the match up is favorable in the Poinsettia Bowl. Many a Cougar will pump their chest over a 10 win season. Please remember though, there are four gimme wins (Weber State, San Jose State, Idaho, and Idaho State).

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

The 2012 BYU - Utah game is the last one contracted to be played. Holmoe says he will do anything to keep the game going in future years. Playing Utah is the same as playing Washington State or Oregon State. Utah is just another PAC 12 conference team. Any team from any other AQ conference can fill BYU's schedule. Many teams like Notre Dame and Boise State add luster to the schedule much more than Utah does. Personally, I hope the Cougars do not play Utah for several years.

Looking forward to Football next year.

Go Cougars

Spanish Fork, UT

Perspective. Is this, for a fan, a better schedule than if they'd stayed in the MWC? This schedule is better. While playing New Mexico State, San Jose, and Idaho at the end isn't good, playing UNLV, New Mexico and CSU wasn't any better. Playing Utah at the end was great, but, they left the MWC so that end game wasn't going to happen either way.

BYU is better off with TV coverage since leaving the MWC. This year's schedule is far better than last years.

No doubt next year's schedule is far better and in either case a recruit can clearly see that his national exposure is far greater now than under the MWC and somewhat better than if he played for Utah.

A 10-3 record or better will be an outstanding season but not likely.
A 9-4 record is more likely and will still be good provided BYU wins its minor bowl game.
Anything less will be bad news. Not likely to happen either.


Deuce: Trying to spin the money. Although the money is very, very good compared to other years and other teams' situation, that is far from what the Indy move was about. Living in SC I didn't get to see the Cougs play but maybe once or twice a season. I, for one, was able to watch every game last year. The contract with the MTN network was too constricting. Sure we replaced New Mexico with NM State, and UNLV with Idaho, but I don't see where the program has been set back years as you say. Not playing for a conference championship...well only one team per conference wins that anyway. Sure it would be nice, but I'm happy with the situation right now. If a decent proposal comes along from an AQ conference I'm sure the powers that be at the Y will make the right decision. Until then I'll enjoy watching the Y each and every game. Go Cougs!

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

It's so wonderful that BYU football just continues to give and give, much like the 'faithful' Ute fans that follow so closely.

I too am excited for the schedule. It's an improvement over last year and I'm sure it will prove to be another great year for the Cougars.

Like a little boy going to his first 'monster truck' show, I can't wait for football again. It's going to be a great season, win or lose.

For the Utesies, it's going to be another nail biter... a new OC, with zero experience, a new QB or will they stay with Hays or will the fragile Wynn come out of rehab for the third time?

The anticipation is killing me and of course that new Ute rivalry of Colorodo will probably be the highlite of the season.

2010... 7-47, 3-28, 3-26
2011... 4-5 in conference, 17-14 ouch
2012... ???

Wow, can the Utes jump off the cliff for a threepete?

I'm betting they can.

Go Buffs! Go Cougars!


Oh yeah, one more thing...Georgia Tech is not too far down the road for me. Can actually go to that game. Probably wouldn't have happened in the old league.

Draper, UT


That is all.

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