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Published: Thursday, Feb. 9 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Wasatch Front, UT

Base the inspection interval on miles, not years. Years are almost meaningless.

Require inspections at:

1) 50,000 miles
2) 80,000 miles
3) every 20,000 miles after that

West Valley, UT

@Mr. Bean: I see more problems here with drivers on the freeway going below the speed limit than above it. Every day on my commute I come upon people doing 55-65 when other traffic is doing 70-80. It creates this massive backup because everyone has to hit the brakes then try to go around. You get people slowing down, speeding up, shifting to the left and to the right to pass. It breeds confusion and disrupts the smooth and orderly flow of traffic.

When on the freeway the rule is "go with the flow." I.E. maintain speed relative to that of vehicles around you. If traffic is doing 65-70 you need to be doing 65-70. If traffic is doing 75-80 you need to be doing 75-80. Move to the left if you need to pass someone, then clear that lane so the next person can do the same.

If you can't keep up with traffic on the freeway you don't need to be on it.


Having worked in a garage, I've seen the program work. Many people will run a car until the wheel falls off in traffic, until they repair it. If a garage tells you it needs repair, and you disagree, you have options, from a state officer to getting second opinions.

After 3 years, every other year is fine. What is the motive behind this, we have had inspections for decades? Do we want junkers driving our streets like third world countries?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Silence Dogood | 11:01 a.m. Feb. 10, 2012
"and that a wheel isn't going to come off when it's driving down the highway at 75 MPH."

I'm much more concerned with the drunk driver or texting teenager headed straight for me than I am about a wheel coming off my car. What it the truth about safety inspections that California knows and we don't?

richard s
salt lake city, utah

Periodic vehicle safety inspections have long been proven to be unnecessary and ineffective, which is why only 14 states still have these inspections, and in those states they are under fire. This program is an insult to the motorist, it makes the assumption that motorists are lazy, stupid scofflaws that won't keep their cars in order. In actuality, this program is really a clever government-business scam that wastes the motorists time and money, and promotes the up sell of fraudulent repairs to helpless victims.

Rep.Dougall is an honest and courageous legislator to take on this useless program, I commend him for it, and while I'd like to see it go away completely, as it has in so many other states, any relief he can get the Utah motorist from this RACKET is very much appreciated. Go Rep. Dougall, you are the man!

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