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Josh Powell's sister in Utah had hoped to adopt the two boys

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 8 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

I hate attorneys because all of them are totally inhuman. Nothing justifies murdering your kids. If he killed himself only, then this would be a more valid statement.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"On Tuesday, Texas relatives of Josh and Steven Powell issued a statement pointing fingers at police practices, as well as activities of the media, which they say played a part in Sunday's tragic ending"

Why an I not surprised that Josh Powell's family would want to blame others and make excuses for Josh's evil actions? If I were related to Josh Powell I'd never admit it.

Colorado Reader
Littleton, CO

Josh Powell and Josh Powell alone is responsible for this tragedy. Why the need to place blame on everyone else? Give me a break! I feel for Powell's extended family, but really? He was a monster! His sister seems to be the only one that recognizes that!

Salt Lake City, UT

NOOOO you don't. Don't even think of shifting the responsibility here. Josh Powell is the "anti-thesis" of dignity and restraint.

This is offensive, if not downright ridiculous. Josh Powell is a cruel, heartless murderer who chopped his kids with a hatchet and then burned them. Don't even give these relatives the time of day.

What is wrong with people these days? People are "allergic" to taking responsibility for their actions and are always the "victim" of something. ENOUGH!

Saratoga Springs, UT

No matter how the Powell family spins it, the facts remain. Josh Powell is a murderer. Josh could not have loved his sons and do what he did to them. Do not try to blame what Josh Powell did to his sons as somehow the fault of the legal system or the media. No, it was the act of a demented person who would kill rather than lose control of a possession.


While Josh Powell is ultimately accountable for his own choices and actions, and recognizing that nothing can excuse the horrific acts he committed, the pressure he was placed under by relentless public and media scrutiny and criticism, inflammatory stunts choreographed by police such as described in this article, and the carnivorous rush to judgement of our entire society certainly put him under intense strain. The added pressure of proceedings to take away custody of his children would have multiplied the stress. I'm sure police calculated that the pressure would eventually cause him to make a mistake and give them the needed break to establish guilt. Unfortunately, when he broke under two years of relentless pressure, he chose actions that will forever haunt us. Given all the information released to the public, I believe it highly likely that he was guilty in the disappearance of his wife, but evidence firmly establishing that guilt is absent- otherwise he would already have been charged. Our Constitution holds sacred rights of due process and innocence until guilt is proven- however in this case public sentiment tried, convicted, and proceeded to punish him in the absence of due process or proof. Just to play devil's advocate-what if he truly were not guilty of his wife's murder? How would our collective actions look then? Had this case been handled differently by the police, the media, and the public perhaps those two boys would still be alive. Perhaps Josh would still be here to face earthly justice when police finally gathered a sufficient case against him. Perhaps answers as to what happened to Susan Cox Powell would be found to provide her family some closure. We'll never know. If future cases such as this present, hopefully we can take a hard look at what worked and what didn't work, and learn from our mistakes as we try to see justice done.

West Valley, UT

Mark my words... the Cox's will end up owning the state before this is all said and done. If Josh was that mentally unstable he should have never been allowed visitation with his children at his home.

If the case against Josh Powell was so strong then why wasn't he in jail? Simple... all the evidence police have found was circumstantial at best. They couldn't hold him on it, they couldn't obtain a conviction with it. Everyone believes the man did it, but if there is no concrete proof the law states that we must assume Josh was innocent.

I can only imagine an innocent man hounded week after week, month after month by police and the media. No telling what depths of insanity pressure like that could drive a person to.

Well, I guess we know now.

Citizen Jane
Clearfield, UT

In the beginning was Steven Powell.

I can't help but think Steven Powell's (Josh's father) demented actions, negative opinions of women and warped vouyerism had a chilling and negative effect on his children. It appears Josh may have been especially affected by his father's attidues and actions.

There is no excuse for taking another life. However, I can understand how the intense pressure of hiding his actions (taking his wife's life) and always trying to remember which lies he'd told and what plausible lie will reinforce the first lie could take it's toll on him.

I believe he took his sons lives because he didn't want them to grow up knowing what their father had done, he didn't want the Cox family to raise his boys and, in his warped mind, thought they would be better off.

In the end, we are responsible for our own actions. As heartbreaking as it is...

Salt Lake City, UT

Reminds me of the Elizabeth Smart case where the police were "certain" they had their man. They arrested "a person of interest". The stress of being accused was too much for the man, and he had a heart attack and died.

Sure, Josh Powell shouldn't have killed himself nor his kids, but it is fair to consider if police tactics played a part. When a kid gets bullied on Facebook and commits suicide, we say something should be done. Should we handle suspects with kid gloves? No, but police methods in this case need to stand to a review.

#1 Champ
Salt Lake City, UT

Two thoughts:

I'm now certain Josh P. was responsible for Susan's disappearance.


This is 100% Josh's fault. Not 97.5% Josh, 2% police, .005% media. 100% Josh's fault. Defending Josh Powell is like defending Hitler, don't waist our time.

sandy, ut

It doesn't matter much pressure from anybody was put on me, it could never force me to kill my own children. It is called evil. He is evil and always has been. No statement about anybody can make them evil - he was either evil or he wasn't. Clearly he was and nothing can change that.

Chubbuck, Idaho

Moral of the story...don't kill your wife and the police won't bother you it be suspicious of your behavior. Josh never have law enforcement or any other person a reason to not believe he didn't have something to do with Susanna appearance. I do find the West Valley OF completely incompetent of investigative and detective work however. Josh should have been charged a long time ago.

Bountiful, UT

All the EVIL and wrong that has transpired is centered on Josh Powell and those that enabled his EVIL and sickening acts. I hope and pray that I never have to meet or even cross paths with such an EVIL person, including those who make excuses or who are apologists for his EVIL thoughts and actions.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

All you wannabe legal minds can't be serious that somehow police tactics drove this madman to commit murder. Please explain how Josh Powell's "tactics" of concocting the most unbelievable alibi of going camping in the middle of the night on one of the coldest nights of the year with two small children does not play into this. Please explain how any police or media are to blame for Josh Powell's tactic of not cooperating with police in the investigation. Some of you trolls act like you have all the facts and knowledge that the WVC police department has. Well, cough them up so you can look as smart as you think you are.

Mendocino, CA

has anyone else heard that the westboro baptist church is going to picket at braden and charlie's funeral?

i just saw this...

MargieJPhelps MargiePhelps
Westboro will picket the funerals of the Powell boys, Sat.,2/11, 12:15p, to remind @GovGregoire they died because of her rebellion. #obeyGod

does anyone here know some bikers who will go out and set up their bikes to block these idiots from being seen?

they were going to protest a soldier's funeral here and all the bikers in town set up their bikes so the protesters couldn't see or be seen.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Deserthiker | 1:07 p.m. Feb. 8, 2012
"the pressure he was placed under by relentless public and media scrutiny and criticism, inflammatory stunts choreographed by police such as described in this article, and the carnivorous rush to judgement of our entire society certainly put him under intense strain"

Yes, taking your wife's life will put intense strain on most men. We call that a consequence. Josh could have avoided all that strain by not killing his wife, or if innocent of that charge then by helping the police find the real killer.

Bountiful, Utah

We will all be held accountable for the impact our words and deeds have on others. Thank goodness there is one perfect judge.

Maricopa, AZ

It seems that law enforcement is in a no win situation when it comes to cases like this.
Either they're percieved as not doing enough or not being aggresive enough, or they are being too aggressive or pushy.
I wonder if some of Josh's defenders were happy with things the way they were before this latest devestating event.
I guess it depends on which side of the law you are standing.
Certainly, if you have done what Josh has done and on more than one occasion, then you will always play the role of victim. And unfortunately you will convince a handful of others to defend you, in spite of the final results.
It would be interesting to know, albeit after the fact, what evidence law enforcement had i this case from th beginning.

West Valley, UT

@IHeartMusic: I believe that biker group is called the Patriot Riders or something. They will ride as honor guard for any soldier's funeral and set up to block protesters.

West Jordan, UT

I read about 1/3 of this story before I started to get sick to my stomach. Unless there is something positive to report, let this story die.

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