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Published: Friday, Feb. 3 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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Junction city, Oregon

Always wondered why so many members live in nevada.
Maybe this is the reason.

Dietrich, ID

Interesting I would never vote for Harry Reid thought we share the same religion. When Larry EchoHawk was running for Idaho Governer some of his supporters thought his religion cost him. Republican sweeps cost him. On my mission I mentioned I was from Idaho and someone that played ball at BYU with EchoHawk said LDS people turned on him. I didn't mention I was one that campaigned for his opponent.

Ghost Writer

To put LDS political leanings in perspective vis-a-vis their support for Romney, it would be interesting to see how many Latter-day Saints support Harry Reid (a low number, no doubt). I believe Romney is popular due to his leadership abilities and conservative principles, not because of his faith.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mormons complain about evangelicals because they are so close minded and don't support mormon's. While at the same time, Mormon's support their own because they are Mormon! There is no difference guys! Mormons are guilty if they support Romney primarily because he is Mormon. Let's be consistent here and less harsh on others.

Sandy, UT

Unfortunately, I think too many "news" articles make it sound like Romney has nothing but his religious affiliation to carry him, and that it really IS all about a person's ecclesiastical membership. I really think that's why he had such a poor showing in South Carolina; too many of those voters said they'd support Gingrich despite his indiscretions and baggage, simply because he was after all a good 'ole boy from Georgia, and not some Mormon yankee.

Salt Lake City, UT

To Pragmatic: No, a lot of us Mormons don't support Romney because he's Mormon, but because he shares our VALUES. I heard Harry Reid speak at a BYU Forum, and am convinced he loves the Lord and is a "good" Mormon. However, I cannot support him and the political philosophy of the Democrats and Obama that, somehow, people who earn more should be required to fund entitlements for the "poor" and try to equalize their financial standing with the rich. It's one thing to temporarily aid a single mother or other disadvantaged person with Medicaid or unemployment benefits, but quite another to perpetually help those who feel "entitled" to benefits without working or engaging in some sort of personal improvement. Personal responsibility requires that if we cannot earn an adequate living, we might want to examine our personal choices (level of education, willingness to work two jobs, trying to make ourselves more valuable to an employer, etc.) and make adjustments.

Salt Lake City, UT

Finally, here's a short example of how a personal choice may affect our employment: One commentator (Bill O'Reilly) noted that if you insist on having a tattoo on your face or neck, don't even think about applying for a job with IBM or other employer with a more conservative view of how employees should look. In short, your right to "self-expression" may have financial consequences.

Las Vegas, NV

Mitt will win Nevada with far more support from non Mormons, the same way non Mormons support Prince Harry. Go Mitt!

Merritt Island, Fl

But just what does he stand for? I got he's for big banks, industry and rich people. Start talking about the economy, jobs, debt, immigration. Just what will you do? Newt threw out some ideas, like having poor school kids moonlight as janitors, but nothing from Romney.
There is more to winning that shoveling dirt.

Temecula, CA

And Santorum, Paul and Gingrich are not even still in Nevada? They quit state campaign after state campaign and leave early but think they can win? Fox News the Gingrich network continues to blindly support him and keeps trotting out people saying he can win once the campaign season gets to Super Tuesday. How is that if he loses every state up to that point which the polling continues to suggest. Before Super Tuesday CO,MN,MO,MA,AZ,MI,Guam,and WA. All before the big day. Most if not all these states were won by Mitt Romney in 2008. Momentum speaks, but then again Gingrich could maybe win OK and Tenn on Super Tuesday, and probably Georgia his home state. But, what about AK,ND,Mass,WY, which Romney won before as well as Virginia where Gingrich failed to get on the ballot even after suing the party in Virginia? That leaves OH,VT,and ID possibly to decide. Where is FOX New's big Gingrich win? It's just not there. Hype the Hothead. Their analysis is only driven to drive ratings! And again how long can a contested primary go when everyone but Mitt skips a state or walks away a quitter early?

salt lake city, utah

" I cannot support him and the political philosophy of the Democrats and Obama that, somehow, people who earn more should be required to fund entitlements for the "poor" and try to equalize their financial standing with the rich." Where in the world do you folks come up with this stuff..show me once where the Democrats or the President personally has said that everyone in the country should have the same income..or that the poor should have anything other than a saftey net.

Who but those who earn more will fund temporary help for a single mother with welfare and medicaid..what you say makes no sense.


Mitt Romney is a decent guy,but he is not the best candidate for the presidency. He has to
be far better then Newt (named after a reptile) Gingrich or Rick Insanitorium. Ron Paul is
the Best man for this nation.When he gets in (were that to happen) the Federal Government would shrink from its present communistic/socialistic size to an affordable size. The young men would not have their lives put at risk by illegal wars.The schools would once again be locally controlled and the curriculum to arm them for the real world would be the
order of the day.Common sense would be imposed upon the epa and no longer would we destroy the US timber business for a single specie of bird or bug as was done with the spotted owl.
Fema would be disbanded,the NDAA would be repealed. Freedom would replace the police state
that has been built up by the last two administrations.Our children would have a much better future with a Ron Paul administration.Sticking together for your religion is nice
but voting for the man that will deliver a much better,secure life for our progeny is even
more important.Sound money, high ethical standards,and individual freedom is the best of all worlds. So I endorse Ron Paul and hope you will diligently study what he stands for.


Don 17 says Ron Paul is not in Nevada, that is wrong Don. He is very well represented in Nevada and he went directly to Nevada after the Florida vote. He won the caucaus there in
08 and the crooked Republican party walked out and closed the caucaus because they did not want to yield to the will of the people, if you recall.

Temecula, CA


Actually you are wrong! Congressman Paul is in Colorado and his campaign manager confirmed that this morning on multiple news networks! So he is not in Nevada like I mentioned! Thank You!


You say Mitt Romney has not said anything regarding the Economy and such. I am sorry but you are incorrect. Mitt Romney put out a 59 point plan months ago that was written into a number of promenient newspaper outlets and has been repeatedly quoted on for many months. He has a Financial plan you are looking for an an Energy plan as well.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

It is sad that Mormons are voting for Rpmney because he is also a Mormon. As in most campaigns the vast majority of those voting DO NOT bother to do any indepth study of the candidtes, they follow there favorite TV guy/gal or because the candidate is the same religion, has the same back ground, went to the same school or they like the color of his tie.
I personally think Mitt Romney's work ethics and business practices stink. No, he has done nothing illegal but he has found every loop hole to enrich himself instead of working to close those loop holes to make it a level playing field for everyone.

Temecula, CA


1.Every loop hole is a openly broad statement! He used the established tax plan to pay his taxes just like any other person who invests or sees investing as a positive tool of capitalism. No he did not break the law.

2. Mitt Romney was not in a Federally Elected position that would allow him to change the law. Ending investments because some want it will not help the U.S. economy it with all the other thousands of regulations added the last three years will cause the economy to suffer.the CBO confirms this time and time again with additional; regulations are implimented.

3. President Obama received 98 % of the African-American/Black vote, Romney will receive less than two thirds of the Mormon vote in the Republican primaries and about 40 percent of the Mormon population votes for Democrat candidates so your claim is not as valid as it may seem.

4. Are you an expert of Romney' business practices or ethics? Are you an expert in American Economic Policy and Investment Policy? Without studying actually his policy or ethics how can you even come to a conclusion that is negative? Or is it an opinion based on what you have heard? Then it would be just like the Mormon's you claim vote just because of religion: Uninformed!

5. I can assure you I know the candidates and I choose Mitt Romney!

Salt Lake City, UT

"President Obama received 98 % of the African-American/Black vote, Romney will receive less than two thirds of the Mormon vote in the Republican primaries"

Kerry got over 90% of the black vote, maybe black people just don't like Republican candidates. Let's compare primaries since Romney's never run in a general in a state with a large LDS electorate.

Obama got 77% of the clear black majority DC democratic primary vote against Clinton. Romney got 89% of the LDS majority Utah republican primary vote against 3 other candidates (McCain Huckabee Paul) and didn't end up being the nominee so it's not like he was destroying people everywhere. Obama got about 60% in Illinois. Romney got barely over 50% in Massachusetts.

So both have advantages, Romney had the bigger one and as for the general... the idea of 40% of LDS members voting Democratic is laughable... after all Obama couldn't even scrape 40% overall in Utah including the non-LDS vote.

Centerville, UT

When Newt won the South Carolina primary, the leftists on this board mocked the conservatives for ditching their 'family values' in favor of the political gain. Now, when Mormons vote overwhelmingly for a Mormon candidate, the left says it's ONLY because he's Mormon. Could it be because the guy is the most qualified for the job and is a shining example of how a leader ought to live his life??

Mcallen, TX

The church has nothing to do with who I vote for, but if we could find someone who would budget like the LDS church, I'd for vote for them.

The church is not in debt, and the country shouldn't be either. Hope Romney is the one to get us out of the red.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

If it's OK for blacks to vote for Obama because he's black, then it's OK for Mormons to vote for Romney because he's Mormon. Enough said.

At least someone's religion tells us something about what they think and believe and provides some basis by which we can evaluate their judgment, unlike race.

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