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Published: Friday, Feb. 3 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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Buena Vista, VA

Since the article is about Washington D.C. Mormons, why isn't the photo of the Washington D.C. temple?

Springville, Ut

I didn't understand the purpose of this article at all. It was incoherent, lacked a central topic and was poorly written.

Michael De Groote


Thank you so much for your comment.
I will carefully consider what you have said
and I will try to write clearer in the future.


The disconnect between who Mitt Romney actually is and how people in the church actually see him is staggering. "Good representation"? "Integrity and honesty"? What???

But yes, there is a "Mormon moment" of sorts in the country right now. If Romney is the nominee, however, it's going to end quite badly.

Sacramento, CA

Where's the article? I'm from DC, born and bred, and I was really hoping for something great here. Maybe even some quotes--a familiar name, even! But no, nothing close. No history, not even a mention of how some of us had Stake Conference in Lisner Auditorium back in the day, and how it's changed, and whether an LDS Presidential candidate possibility is bringing back those memories for us. Nothing about how we feel about the attention on a religion where, for a lot of us, telling people what church we went to got a reaction of, "what's that?". No picture of our beautiful Temple! Please!!! Can we have a redo? We'll charitably forget this one and love a nice, meaty article about DC Saints and how we feel. And don't forget our Temple. I still feel excited when I remember learning we were getting one!

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