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Published: Thursday, Feb. 2 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Congrats Cougars on a nice comeback win over a Top 25 team!

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Thought it was 83 73 not 88 73?

Frisco, TX

Cougs looked solid tonight. They are finding ways to compensate for their lack of long range shooting. Hartsock and Davies continue to be the anchor. I really liked how Carlino pushed the ball and drove to the basket. Winder may be the best perimeter defender of them all. Harrison did not play a lot, but I thought he was more productive than he's been in most games.

Still hoping Rogers recovers by tournament time. He was such a spark off the bench.

Other than Coug fans, nobody was cheering louder for a BYU victory than St Marys. BYU's win over the Zags essentially gives the regular season crown to St Marys. The battle is now for 2nd place between the Zags and Cougs. If the Cougs can steal one in Spokane, they should have a lock on 2nd place which should put them back in the conversation to go dancing.

It's very likely that BYU and Gonzaga will also meet up in the WCC tourney. Three games against each other in about one month could be the beginnings of a great rivalry.

Lastly, the exchange between the two coaches after the game was nothing but class.

Temecula, CA

Much better game than a few of the ones the Cougars had last week. Even though the three point shoot is still elusive the Guards did play much better today. The two point shots were going down and 20 assists. Way to go! Boy wouldn't winning out the season make a shot at the Tourney much more likely! Way to go Student Body! You all were fired up in the Marriott Center. That's the type of game that reminds you of the days of Ainge, Craig, Kite, Trumbo and Roberts playing at the Y.

salt lake city, UT

byu should be thanking the refs for that one. that was pathetic officiating


So Rose says "They played with real urgency and great effort. Our effort was extreme all night. That was our focus." Does that mean it usually isn't, or just what? I am glad they won this game but what happened last Saturday. Hartsock says "The coaches got our minds ready for this game,...We were focused and dialed in tonight." So why can't you guys stay dialed in game after game?

Layton, UT

A win is a win but the only reason our abysmal 3 point shooting didn't come back to bite us is because Gonzaga was even worse from 3.

But the intensity and execution picked up immensely from the other night.

Go Cougs.

West Jordan, UT

That's odd. I could have sworn the scoreboard said 83 - 73 at the final buzzer.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

nice win Cougs! Let's build on this one and win out the season so we can go to the big dance.

Iowa City, IA

Great win by the Cougars! It was great to see everyone come out playing so tough, but especially Winder, who seemed to change the game's tempo when it was needed.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Im surprised the Cougs aren't blaming the officials for the win!

Their blamed for everything else!

Band of Lil Brothers in the WCC

Layton, UT

Scott Farcus:

Just out of curiosity what happened to the team on the hill last night? They had they lead in the second half they won right?

Oh they didn't? Man. Too bad.

Hang in there lil band of transfers.


metamora, IL

CougfaninTX said: "Lastly, the exchange between the two coaches after the game was nothing but class."

I observed that too. It was great to see that kind of exchange between to great coaches. I was also glad that the student section showed a little more class last night. I understand booing a bad call, but throwing stuff on the floor is just really low class -- something I would expect from another school, not BYU.

metamora, IL

sportsfanforlife said: "byu should be thanking the refs for that one. that was pathetic officiating"

You'll need to explain this one to me. Zags got the the line 28 times while the cougs were there only 17. While there was some inconsistency -- I thought -- in calling ticky tack fouls one minute and letting really physical play go unnoticed, I thought overall it was pretty well done by the refs.

Salt Lake City, UT

Glad the Cougars finally learned that a made two-pointer is worth more than a missed three, and stopped casting up so many threes.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Despite all the hot wind coming off the hill... when are the utes at least going to learn how to tie thier own shoes...let alone actually learn the game...but then again if the shoe doestn't fit....

Two Cents
Springville, Utah

That was an exciting game to watch. Way to go, Cougars! Carlino made some great baskets, as did Hartsock and Davies. And the team defense was phenomenal. Tons of steals and tight coverage on D helped make this intense from start to finish.

Provo, UT


Sounds like a bitter Utes fan who's basketball team couldn't beat the Provo High School JV team.

Layton, Utah

Huge win! Great job Cougs. Way to dig deep after a bad loss. Even with the bad refs, they still came out on top of a very good WCC team. Gonzaga is 10 x better than any Pac team that is for sure.

Scott Bogus

"their blamed for....."

Hang in "their" little band of fails. ha ha

Orem, UT

No one is blaming the refs from Gonzaga's side. 15 first half turnovers did them in. At one point in the second half, the Zags were up 8 to 1 on fouls over BYU. So the calls were favoring GU. What won the game was BYU's defense. GU was hardly able to run their sets. And the crowd was great. Fun to be there.

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