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Published: Friday, Feb. 3 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Out There in, WI

The issues and questions this raises are mind boggeling! It is socialism on an incredible scale. While helping those in need is something we should be involved in, this is certainly not the way to do it. This should be resisted on all fronts.

My Humble Opinion
Sandy, UT

I always thought this issue would be proposed by the UN some day, I just didn't think it would be so soon. I hope the member nations of the UN have enough sense to say no. Or at least I hope this nation does.

Centerville, UT

Let's see . . . the U.S. already gives them millions of dollars which come from where? Oh yes, the taxpayers. DOH!

Centerville, UT

@ Speed_Altitude
My thoughts exactly. We are already paying a tax to the UN in the form of the US contributions to that organization, which in my opinion is already too high.

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

Pull out. They cannot tax me that is taxation without representation. What do they do for our money they take already.

sports fan
Provo, UT

I WILL NOT be paying taxes to the UN! My church does more with my tithing and my donations to the welfare fund. UN stay out of my wallet!!!

Former TV Thunderbird
Menlo Park, CA

They can't seriously think this would work. How, exactly, would this tax revenue be distributed to those in need throughout the world? The answer is through the same dictators and corrupt governments that siphon off existing monetary aid to build their own palaces. This is just the latest attempt to transfer wealth from the taxpayers of the US and other industrialized nations to the pockets of corrupt third-world leaders in bed with the UN.

South Jordan, UT

I find it ironic that people are soo outraged at this yet they don't seem to see the parallel of our Federal governement doing exactly the same thing on a national scale. It's wrong internationally and it's wrong nationally as well.

Kaysville, UT

When you think on the grand scale, the United States poorest of the poor, is in the top 1 percent of the world's total population. The United States of America has pumped trillions of dollars into the United Nations, direct and trillions more indirect. We have elevated salaries for those diplomats around the world and in New York city where they work and live. They have figured out a very good system to keep money flowing into their pockets. We don't even know what poor is in the United States. I have seen babies die from starvation with fingers the size of a tooth pick and fathers make wood or carboard boxes for the child to be buried. To see people picking up kernels of corn and rice off the street where trucks are unloaded to get enough to take home for a meal for them and their families. The countries that don't pay their U.N. bill is part of the problem, maybe due to corruption from their leaders who get U.N. and in some cases also U.S. money

Palm Bay, Fl

A lot of the "aid" sent to poor countries do not get to the people who need it. It is stolen by the leaders and the military of these countries to support themselves. I have seen the pictures of starving children and women in these countries, but have you ever seen a malnourished leader or military general, or diplomat ? A lot of it is stolen and sold on the black market by the very people and groups that are suppose to help. When food and medicine is sent to North Korea for example, the people still suffer because the ones needing it never get it. Their fat leaders and military get it. The UN is pretty much a worthless group that only uses their power to line their own pockets and try to destroy america.

Fresno, CA

Could have sworn my ancestors fought and won a war over this issue ... "Taxation without Representation." Sure, we may have delegates in the U.N., but I didn't get to vote who they are. Did you?

Springville, Ut

All that happened today was that a panel got together and discussed ways to reduce poverty. This was not the only idea put forth. The extreme overreaction on this comment board is staggering. What exactly is wrong with someone thinking of ideas? Would you all prefer they didn't brainstorm? This is a situation where everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down.

If (and this is a BIG if) something like this was ever proposed to the General Assembly, then we could scream and hollar and throw accusations. Right now, discussing possible ideas seems like an excellent and responsible thing to do. This is how civilization works. You brainstorm, decide what is the best course of action, then work to implement it. The whole "ending poverty" goal is still very much in the first phase.

West Jordan, UT

Last I checked, the UN didn't have authority to levy taxes anyway, so how exactly do they think this is going to happen? Are they going to make it a mandatory condition of membership that member-nations collect this tax? I say at that point we politely withdraw and tell them to find a new country in which to put their headquarters! The US already supplies over 50% of the UN's financial resources, and a sizable number of their troops too.

Don't get me wrong, I think we (as a world community, not just Americans) need to take care the world's poor, but there are already countless organizations trying to do that already. If the UN really wants to prove its worth, it needs to do more to deal with the governments where most of the world's poorest people live. As I said, there are plenty of organizations and people willing to help the poor of those nations, but more often than not, it's the governments of those nations that are he obstacle.

As it stands right now, I feel the UN is pretty impotent and worthless as a world policy-making entity. They're more than happy to condemn nations for being "too violent," "too greedy" or "uncooperative" but they're more than happy to take money from those same nations!

Oahu, HI

You got to Vote for them when you Voted for President. I do not have an issue with that.

I have an issue with there being a U.N. in the 1st place.

I cannot give Aid to people in 3rd World Nations because the Money will be stolen by either those in power or overhead to pay wages of the heads of Non Profits while the same Non Profit wants me to Voleenter.

Goods sent will also be stolen and sold on the Framers Market (word for a word).

The Best Shot of giving to the poor nations people that I have found is the LDS Church. I knew that way before I evan remotely wanted to become a member. It goes to accountability and I never known a more accountable people that could still function with the mim of B.S. Then the Church leadership and the ones they send out with Aid. WWII being the prime example and Haiti being the most recent. Other I am sure I have missed. I do know that when Aid is needed ours moving while others are thinking about it.

I do know in an equal division of wealth with everyone being the same in 6 months, some will be Rich and some dirt poor.

I used to think the cut was in K or 1st Grade but its way way sooner.

Highland, UT


When an "idea" is so obviously wrong to begin with there is no reason not to immediatley condemn it. Calling for a world tax isn't "brainstorming" as it is a brainless suggestion to begin with.

Springville, UT

Capitalism is bad.
Progressive taxation is good.
International government is the answer.

This is classic Marxism. Will any doubt what is goingon here?

PS Karl Marx and Joseph Engels waged a constant struggle for progressive taxation. This is one of their planks. First "modern" philosophers to advocate it.

Denver, CO

"No one should live below a certain income level," stated Milos Koterec, President of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. "Everyone should be able to access at least basic health services, primary education, housing, water, sanitation and other essential services."

And nobody should have to grow that food, or build those buildings, or be the doctor providing that health care, or build the sanitation plants... or even work at all. What a great plan for society... assuming you've found another way to get that work done.

Oh, you haven't? How about you figure out a way to make food, shelter, health care, etc. magically appear for free first; then it can be a right that you have it for free.

Those aren't rights; they're goods and services produced by others that you need to trade for... unless you own the people producing those goods. So do we re-implement slavery to force people to work for our benefit? We can call it "the good of everyone" if that helps you promote slavery...

I think I'll oppose your plan for slavery of the few to allow the majority to avoid work; but thanks for the proposal.

Ogden, UT

Sounds alot like Obama. One has to wonder where he fits in this scam!!!!

Newville, PA

This is a definite sign that it is time for the US to get out of the UN, and to get the UN completly out of the United States. America is a Soverign Nation and we are not and never will be part of the UN's One world government. We have been carrying the UN since it started with our tax money. It is time for the rest of the countries of the world to step up to the bar and start paying for everything, including moving the UN to some other country. No self respecting American should be forced to pay this tax. Just like in history when we poured tea into the ocean, maybe we should take all the UN garbage and toss it into the ocean and tell them and the rest of the world if they don't like it, TO BAD

Saint George, UT

I hope the new President will close the UN building plow it under and send all the delegates and their friends home. Revoke all their visas and impound their cars. Also let them pay for their own tickets out of town.

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