Comments about ‘BYU football: Top in-state OL recruit still considering Cougars’

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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 31 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Duckhunter @ 4:14 pm:

"Rivals - the publication that is aligned with utah and gives their recruits the higher ratings - has him as a 4 star, unless he signs with BYU in which case he will be a 0 star."

Putting comments in quotation marks insinuates you're quoting someone. I never said that, ergo, you are wrong. You have a habit of putting words in other people's mouths, and then attacking them. Yet another classic example of cougar "strawman argumentation" tactics at work. Of course strawman arguments are necessary at attacking others, since without it, you'd have nothing to go on.

Poor jealous, frantic and emotional coug fan. Being left off of Rivals Top-50 recruiting classes must really sting you. How marvelous!

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