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Published: Saturday, Jan. 28 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Roy, UT

biggest factor so far in WCC, to me, seems to be that the Y hasn't yet learned how to be physical and get away with it...St. Mary's will not go far in NCAA unless they are allowed to continue to be very physical without fouls being called...Dave Rose himself has alluded to the need to adjust to the physical guard play, etc., but it seems this physicality is what caused the Cougars to lose their composure...they have shown they are good sports and can play through foul calls, but the WCC officiating really has them reeling emotionally and it affects their play...I do not like the WCC, thus far.

Herriman, UT

St Mary's is very good. BYU is decent. Anyone with eyes is better than these officials. Any fan is better than those who throw stuff on the floor (doesn't mater if it is "just" towels - cheer, boo, make noise, but show more class and represent the university better than that).

I was glad to see BYU fight back in the second half and show some spark, but the shooting better be fixed by WCC tourney time or we're headed for the NIT. Fingers crossed.


Any time byu loses it's always the refs fault....come on fans, really!


Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. No hunger, no fire nothing in the gut.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just awesome, How many losses is that now in the WCC? When all them couger fanzz said 14-2!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

" but the shooting better be fixed by WCC tourney time or we're headed for the NIT"

I think you mean "Shot selection." Continually launching from three when you aren't making them isn't smart. Step in a couple feet or go to the rack.

Harwich, MA

Pulling out the officiating card when you're blown out like this is embarrassing. Time for a gut check whether or not you should even be watching the game.
I watched a good chunk of the second half and thought I was watching a Church MMen tournament. Saint Mary's was dismal and BYU, well, back to the drawing board.

North Salt Lake, UT

To Jenny83 I disagree with your commits. If you would have watched the game, you would have seen that St. Mary's got away with a lot of no calls. I think that they must have payed the referees or just because BYU is in its first year in the conference the referees believe BYU doesn't deserve to win because the referees give little takey fouls to the BYU players and not to their oppenent.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

The refs cost BYU the game. If they had called the foul on the 15-pointer that Hartsock attempted at the end, BYU would have won (TIC).

Come on guys, you got blown out at home. No officiating crew could have slanted the game enough in BYU's favor enough to change the outcome. And way to throw stuff on the floor and draw a crowd technical - I've heard that that's possible but I'd never seen it happen before. And all on the "exposure" of national television. Way to keep it classy down there.

St. George, UT

classy display last night provo!! and Jenny83, you are absolutely right. the refs were also blamed in the lmu loss (which also was a blowout). the common factor in these losses??? horrendous 3-point shooting, missed free throws, and bone-headed momentum killing mistakes. not the refs

Springville, UT

From my observations in this and other games, there is something about the inside game that isn't working. You want to hit outside shots, but that doesn't always work. I think BYU is not strong enough in the post.

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

Not so long ago, BYU had a stellar inside-outside game. Not so anymore as their outside shot has totally disappeared over the last five or six games. Zylstra, Carlino, Cusick, Rogers, Abuouo, Winder, et al can not buy a "three-ball" any more. Is it a simple loss of confidence or just better defenses or lack of ball movement? Unless the art of the three can be recovered, the NIT looks like our best hope for the post-season.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

This is exactly what happens when you don't have enough Pickle Juice to go around at halftime.

Salem, UT

Good officiating bad officiating- and that was bad- BYU has one major defect and everyone is now fully exploiting it- no perimeter defense- oh how we miss Emery- everything else opens up or changes with a lack on the perimeter- there is reason guard play matter in college and we are watching it

Eureka, UT

It wasn't just one fan that caused a technical because of throwing stuff on the floor, it was an entire student section. It wasn't just once but three or more times including at the end of the game when everyone walked off the floor with 4.8 seconds left on the clock. Is was a disappointing display from an LDS university.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's always the ref's fault isn't it? How about the fact that you got out played by 14 points!

Welcome to the WCC, it's now harder to make it into the Big Dance. Who would have thought? Certainly not any Cougie fans.

Tooele, UT

After listening to the color analyst for BYU last night towards the end of the game bagging on poor officiating and bringing up a freethrow difference in the two games they played, I thought I would watch and see if it was really that bad.

I'm not a fan of BYU, and typically do not comment on these forums. Here's my take of the game after watching the whole game on BYUtv.

First, BYU started the game very aggresively. They worked the paint and were in the game. During those first few minutes, BYU was actually getting more calls from the officials that St Marys. After the first few minutes of the game, this changed. St Marys started to hit shots, and take the ball to the basket. Once there was a little deficit, BYU reverted to almost exclusively jump shots. There was once posession where 2 deep 3's were jacked up, another bad jump shot, and finally on the last offensive rebound, Hartsock threw up another bad jump shot that went in. I think that sums up the game for BYU. The officials had nothing to do with BYU losing the game!

As for the trip in the second half, yeah it wasn't a foul, but obviously something was discussed at halftime because the BYU guards were riding St Marys players in the first half that weren't called. The fans who threw items on the floor costing a technical foul followed by poor defensive execution cost BYU the 5 point play to open the second half.

As a Utah fan, I would love for them to play emotionally and physically. They just don't have the players. But this game, and especially the student fans were way over the top, and extremely classless. What an embarassment to the university having such a poor display of sportsmanship.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

40-28, at halftime and then 55-32 later in the game and a finish at 80-66 means that BYU got flat out out played.

The refs can't be blamed when the Cougies were getting killed throughout the entire game.

Blame them all you want, but you got Jimmered.

Sandy, UT

I doubt it was the refs fault... AGAIN.

Suck it up Cougars, just take the loss. If it were a close game, it would have been a different story.

You just got destroyed by your WCC foe. No amount of refs in heaven or on earth can deny it.


The Gaels are for real. There out side shooting was incredible. It opened up the lanes and the rest is in the highlight history book for the Gaels.

Yes the NIT looks like the future path for the BYU this year. Anyway, still a good season.

At least we are not like the Utes who are plain old bad this year.

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