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Columbine principal met with Hoggan

Published: Friday, Jan. 27 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Huntsville, UT

I would hope that these two are in custody rather than just being suspended from school.

Farmington, UT

Excuse me if I ask a dumb question, but with the charges against them, why are not these two still in custody. They have plotted this mass murder over a period of months, if not longer, are obviously sociopaths, and are certainly capable of wreaking revenge on those who ratted them out, and possibly against the entire school. I don't understand why they should be on the loose! Am I missing something here?

saltlake city, utah

Follow up on the RoyUtah news
No one is safe any more!

school teens are the heros to alert law officers

(A very Serious Crime)
charges against the two young teens?
torment others on school campus high school in northern utah
They Had a plot to harm in a terriost way if it was ever to be completed!

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

DNews, PLEASE don't print names of fellow students who expressed fear, who had inside information, or who reported this. You put them in danger of retaliation!!!!!!

saltlake city, utah

What if it was your Kids,children or
teens there to harm them?
Thats not a great Idea to Harm anyone.

Furthermore Its a really sick story that has become very sensitive!

American Fork, UT

WMD??? Let's invade Iraq.

Logan, UT

How can they be charged with "USE" of WMD if they didn't have any?

This is like minorty report. Maybe they were writing comic books!
If they are guilty fine, throw the book at them, but the pre-crime thing
Is getting a little scary.

Beverly Hills, CA

This is why you look up from facebook from time to time and ask your kids what they are doing.

saltlake city, utah

This article is so very sad to hear.
School and education Teens are so important

Now what can anyone do to help them?
Still this is a very serious crime unkind unstable manner.
Cant even Imagine how much hurt that has caused in thier own parents life??

Beverly Hills, CA

This is the stuff that happens in Suburbia because no one ever expects it and that is what these guys count on. The old adage of boys will be boys is no excuse to let your kids grow up thinking it is ok to deal with their feeling by hurting people.

Saint George, UT

I too am bothered by the publishing of names of anyone who could become a target of retaliation or taunting. My suggestion is (1)don't interview students whose safety could be jeopardized (2) make comments by "an anonymous student"

Other thought I have is for the girl and her mother--I'm concerned you are talking to the press. Words in print last forever in our archived electronic data. I think, for your long-term well-being, maybe just talk to authorities investigating the case, crisis counselors, and a few supportive people who can be trusted to talk to no one else.

I admire your courage to speak up and care for others!

Clearfield, UT

If people would actually read the article they would find out one posted bail. Probably the older one. Why is D-News printing the name of the 16 year old? I thought it was against the law to print names of juveniles charged in crimes. The girl that informed did the right thing. I agree her name should not have been printed. Parents who are crticizing the school should stop and think about it. It appears the situation was dealt with correctly.

Springville, Ut

Re: aceroinox

Remind us to not put you on the jury.


I wonder how this will play out as he didn't have any explosives. Morbid curiosity makes me wonder how prosecution will play out conspiracy charges when the kids had no way to make their play work (ie no explosives or plane).
I'm not saying anything one way or the other. The charges are serious, are the kids?

Saint Louis, MO

I feel for the girl in question. It must have been tough to come forward.

Williams, AZ

I think that what the family of one of the accused that their family member couldn't to anything like that is maybe they need to wait till the investagation is over and take a hard look at the possiablity that he could be invouled in this matter. I also believe that the young lady that came forward did the right thing, and if the other student can't understand she did right, then maybe they need some help. Better to error than play it the other way and maybe have lost of life. I guess people haven't learned anything from all the past trouble at schools were life was lost and at some of the colleges too. I furture believe that the parents need to take a more active role in their children life and montior their accounts on the internet.

Santa Monica, CA

Wendy Leonard and the Des News staff have really dropped the ball on this one, with regards to the safety of one brave kid. It is simply not necessary to name names of those who report. Many, if not most, high school kids are too self involved, immature and lacking in identity to understand the difference between a kid who just knows how to do the right thing--and a nark. It's so easy, when you feel you are young and indestructible, to throw around terms like that. If this had been an actual attack, those who are threatening and calling this girl anything other than a hero, would be singing a different tune.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

These plots never work because they will always tell somebody and they will rat them out.

Independent Woman
West Jordan, UT

What is wrong with teanagers? Would those who apparently are taunting the student who reported the plot rather die (and have many more die with them)than rat on someone? Perhaps they are close friends with the boys who are charged, or perhaps they just think no one should tell authorities anything that might incriminate another teen. Would adults do the same thing? It's like some of the judges say on TV: the teenage brain is not fully formed. and can make some pretty stupid decisions.

Beverly Hills, CA

You know how not to get arrested for a bomb plot? DON'T MAKE PLANS TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Post Columbine, all planned threats should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Making bomb plots is not a protected right. Anyone defending these kids as youthful indiscretion needs to have their head checked.

Prosecute the parents if they gave these kids money toward any illegal activity.

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