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Bill would punish police chiefs who don't enforce it

Published: Thursday, Jan. 26 2012 2:00 p.m. MST

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Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

The "Burbank rule" part of this legislation is long overdue.

S.L. city and W.V. city in particular, don't seem to mind that they act as "magnets" for illegal immigrants. Even though the illegal trespassers may live in those cities, the jobs the illegal immigrants take are all along the wasatch front, and beyond.

Its unfortunate that the Utah legislature is forced to compel officers who are sworn to uphold Utahs laws to actually enforce laws they don't agree with.

But thats apparentally whats necessary!

Legislators: PLEASE pass meaningful immigration enforcement measures.

Kearns, UT

Most of those with expired Visas that I know, have worked. One I know married a citizen, so now has earned their citizenship. The extended family is next to receive citizenship. Until then if this law goes into effect, they will have to leave to renew a visa. Possibly this would cause families to leave on their own rather than pay back what they have received here in America. They have had a nice lifestyle here with lots of amenities thanks to the generosity of charities/church and other citizen family members. They feel all of this is owed to them. Paying America back? I doubt it! I think they would leave.

Farmington, UT

I'm still waiting for Chief Burbank's ideas to eradicate illegal immigration.

Salt Lake City, UT

It would sure save the taxpayers alot of money if the legislature didn't have to write bills to get Burbank and others to do the job they are already paid to do! I think the State of Utah should send Becker and SLC a bill for the waste of taxpayer money being spent to clean up the mess's they create for the state. The OWS mess in Pioneer park supported by Burbank was one such fiasco that cost one protestor his life.....and now he refuses to enforce the law of detaining illegals? How many Americans will have to die before these guys take notice. What is it about the word illegal that Burbank and Becker don't get?.....Fire these fools, they are breaking the bank!

saltlake city, utah

And so on
look around we have our
Mexican Ancestors then/here/now

Get real america welcomes many people in many colors


Local police don't enforce the regulations and/or laws of other federal agencies like the USDA, FDA, BIA, and so on. So why should the enforce the regulations of ICE?

Kudos to Chief Burbank for spending manpower and taxpayer dollars on enforcing the laws his force is actually, according to statute, legally responsible for: the laws, ordinances, and regulations defined by the municipality or local government they serve.

Until SLC has a specific immigration law in place, SLC police officers have no place enforcing a federal immigration law---that's what federal agents are for.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

Ugh. The Republican mob is at it again. Never mind that a majority of Utahns supported HB116; it isn't in harmony with the political ideology of the state's ruling elite, and therefore must be replaced with a draconian law masquerading as a "compassionate" approach to the immigration problem. Thanks, Rep. Herrod.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Zionide, you'd best check your statement. Local cops work with the feds on bank robberies, gun violations, terrorist threats, fed warrants...the list goes on.
The whole idea of Homeland Security was to coordinate the various federal agencies with local agencies and information.
Your problem is that you look to Burbank as a model, but he's proven with immigration and the Occupy movement that he has two sets of rules depending on your political bent. It's about time the state called him on it. Becker won't.

Kearns, UT

We have people who have overstayed Visa's in my neighborhood also. It is time they go home instead of having more children and abusing the system. It is time that the citizens are protected and the special interest groups that Burbanks panders too need to be fined and fined heavy. All police officers are hired and paid by the citizens to protect us and enforce our laws. Burbank is one who needs to go.

Clinton King (Ephraim)
Ephraim, UT

The solution to the illegal immigrant problem is for the government to repeal stupid laws that restrict the natural flow of human populations in response to socioeconomic conditions. It is time to eliminate all limitations or restrictions on immigration into our country.

Salt Lake City, UT

Clinton King.....You must have been reading the literature that LaRaza puts out. That is what they want. No rules to follow. Open borders. Social programs for everyone and the value of citizenship drops to nothing.

The American 'melting pot' becomes a multicultural country of third-world status.


Clinton King
My mind cannot even fathom the total mess our country would be in if we followed through with what you said. WOW, talk about no sense.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Clinton, according to a 2009 Gallup poll there are 165 million people around the world who would rather live here. Pew reported that 36 million Mexicans would prefer to live here.
Are you sure you want open borders?

South Jordan, UT

To Zionide, I see local law enforcement backing up the DEA and FDA. Every time we have a drug bust, its locals inforcing Fed. laws. On the same topic, the State of Utah, California and Oregon, that I know of, have all over ridden the Feds and tighten the prescription drug distribution. Why is the this legal, when we can not touch illegal immagration.

Redding, CA

Herrod's and Sandstrom's bills are Trojan horses, they both claim to be compassionate, but in fact when you read the details their laws put the boot of the gov't's authority on the necks of a bunch of poor refugees. This is far from compassionate, it's not my country's way, Utahns should consider this kind of keystone kops bill an embarrassment. I'm with Chief Burbank's policy to opt out (legally) of that kind of enforcement.
What we need to make for our friends from south of the border is a practical path to legal immigration, not the bureaucratic blockage we have now, else we're gonna continue the present illegal migration of poor refugees into a relatively opulent economy. It's really simple. But many posters above along with those 2 politicians are not that smart to see reality.
Bienvenidos, amigos!


Pharmacist and Say No:
The examples you cite involve laws on the books in the local municipalities. We have local drug laws, burglary laws, etc. so local law enforcement enforces them, sometimes with the assistance of state or federal law enforcement when the offenses can be prosecuted in multiple jurisdictions or at multiple levels of government.
We do not (currently) have local immigration laws so involving local law enforcement in issues that are purely immigration is extraneous work that takes away from statutorily defined duties.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I support this bill HB300 because of the provisions that give Victims of Identity theft the means to address their situation. No longer will they have to wait for a possible conviction of ID theft, they can be proactive in going after those people who are complicit with the ID theft.
Since Utah Workforce Services has brought out that 50,000 Utah children are victims, their parents can now protect them.

Employers would have safe harbor from complicity with ID theft, Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling by signing up for the IMAGE program.

Since over 40% of illegal aliens are from Visa overstays and bureaucratic blunders this bill would give them the time and means to correct their situation.


I would like to see the three guest worker bills from last year killed. All three will not get federal approval, and will end up in court. Taking jobs away from citizens and giving them to foreign citizens should never be tolerated in this country.

We already know that the Supreme court has ruled that states can pull business licenses, and approves E-Verify. That's the direction we need to go in. But Utah is so business friendly, they will never pass it, and Governor Herbert knows it.

As far as enforcing immigration laws stopping illegal aliens from talking to police, that's the same excuse used by the LA police back in the 90's. I think Burbanks attitude makes a lot more people leery of him and police. You really don't know who to trust anymore with our officials ignoring laws, including identity theft. We have paid to high of a price over legal immigration.

Murray, UT

I'm against removing the 3 or 10 year penalty for coming here illegally, or overstaying a visa. It's one of the few methods we have left to discourage those here on work visas from staying. If caught, they are deported and not able to come back for 10 years.

I'm against any form of amnesty or guest worker until we get our illegal immigration under control. Not just at the border, but in our cities and towns if they overstay visas or get past the border. In 1986 it was a trickle, in the last 25 years it's been a stream, the next wave will be a flood. Illegal immigration may be slowing from Mexico (I don't believe it) but there are others out there.

I don't see how some of our leaders, business and churches could be so cruel to their fellow American, as they have been by encouraging this mess. Greed, nothing but greed.

Murray, UT

yes, this is a great idea, lets pass a law that all police officers must enforce every law.
everyone who ever speeds, litters, or breaks the law in anyway should be arrested and/or ticketed by the police.
We of course will also need to double our states police force.
Also will need to build more jails to hold everyone who has broken the law.
Why stop with the police? lets pass a law removing judical disgression as well.
Anyone who break the law with be sentaced to whatever the penality calls for.
And the only way it will be meaningfull is if people are not released early.
So next time you are pulled over and given a ticket. Remember the Utah state legislator wants the police to enforce each law in this state without exception.

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