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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 25 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Conner Johnson

If Gary thinks re-election is in the bag, think again! You crossed the line by allowing Energy Pollutions to dump nuclear waste in our backyard. At one time NUCLEAR WASTE WAS ILLEGAL TO TRANSPORT IN UTAH! We were proud to be a state that said NO! Instead you've helped set this great state up to become a nuclear dump. Thanks for nothing Gary.


Durham, NC

I would love to see him try to do it without the Fed's money. Utah is a net receiver of funds - it gets more than it pays. Full disclosure - so does North Carolina as do 30 other states. As my dad always said "if your using my money, I get a say in how it is used". It was one of my biggest incentives to be self reliant.

This only counts direct money spend. It doesn't include indirectly funded jobs by the Fed.

So the other thing my dad used to say is "be very careful what you ask for because you might just get it".

This particularly applies to Utah. The stability and "keep the lights on" funding of the Fed may not be exciting, but the actually do provide some much needed funds to most communities.

Salt Lake City, UT

More pointless posturing about the Federal Government? Please get over it.

spring street

"election year kickoff" anyone? oh wait he is a republican so its just a good sound state of the state address right? hypocrisy I know your name and it is Deseret News.

one old man
Ogden, UT

We hate the FEDS in Utah. (But please don't stop sending those Federal dollars this way.)

Salt Lake City, UT

Yeah, the feds are an easy target. But, it's amazing how the concept of "local control" quickly gets lost on Herbert and our legislators when they force unwanted laws on cities and counties.

Taylorsville, UT

This man is worse than Romney with all his 2 step dancing around the ObamaNomics he is a big fan of.

Federal funds are 90% of his budget and the other 10% is taxes from the half the working pay. His comment about government not growing? Another lie, government, education, and health care spending has exponentially expanded and at the same time poverty has become the occupation of education. A little thing like inflation guarantees government growth and more consumer poverty.

Our federally funded jobs are all on the brink of being canceled and he and the legislators have not made any plans for when this state looses all it federal funds for UDOT, UTA, TRAX, Police and Fire departments, Education, Airport, TSA jobs. The loss of federal funds for the chemical disposal ending really has him worried so what's going to happen when he tells the federal government to keep their money and blackmail contracts, Utah can do without it. Federal funds are not automatic replaceable budget funding and the Party is over and so is Herbert as governor.

With 100,000 more poverty jobs added in recent years, poverty and socialism cannot sustain any government.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Oh, the bad ol Feds! They are such an convenient target to politically demonize. Herbert is just pandering to his reactionary right wing base. If Utah hates the Feds it's because Utahan's have been inundated and indoctrinated with reactionary right wing propaganda worthy of Goebbels and the Third Reich.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

"...stop the senseless flow of onerous and misguided regulation from our nation's capitol."

I guess the clean air laws requiring Utah to clean up its coal-fired power emissions and make its air more healthy for citizens is bad for business.

Didn't eBay almost not come to Utah, citing air quality as a major sticking point in their decision? They didn't want lost productivity over employee illness/healthcare costs due to Utah's unhealthy air.

I wonder how many other businesses turn their nose away from Utah due to our reputation for bad air...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: one old man | 9:42 p.m. Jan. 25, 2012
"(But please don't stop sending those Federal dollars this way.)"

The federal government can't give anything to the people that they don't take from them first. Those are OUR dollars that they return to us .... with strings attached.

Kaysville, UT

Governors Leavitt, Huntsman, and Walker stood the line on transporting nuclear items to Utah. I guess with Governor Herbert's taking money for the Utah County CORE project and giving $13 million to the contractor who didn't get the bid,he knows that those people will be supporting his election process with even more. They like their man in the bag that they have. Others will follow suit to help the Interim Governor win, AGAIN. Thank goodness it is an election this year and not in two years from now.

Governor Herbert's speech was similar to Obama's speech, even though on different topics, they were patting themselves on the back and Obamacare and Core projects are similar in how they went down, in my mind. Not pure integrity and full of character on either one's watch. I believe the legislature in Utah still seems to be independent from the Governor's wishes not like the Senate and House in Washington the first two years of Obama's term. We need to make sure the Utah Legislature keeps independence in the future as we still maintain a balance in the Executive, Legislative and Court structure. We still need to careful of Federalism for Utah


Leave us alone Feds, unless of course we here in the great state of Utah have a flood year like last, then we want more Fed Disaster Money than any other state in the Nation! But beware Feds, Gov. Herbert's gonna complain about federal over reach while he cashes the $60.3 million dollar check. We're #1! What's next Gov. Herbert? Do you want Utah to Secede from the Union?

O-town, UT

Using an address to the State to align yourself with your base to survive your Primary--shameful. Without the Federal Government and dollars, this State would collapse. Meanwhile States that get less federal dollars than they pay in do so because they believe in the Nation as a whole.

Governor Herbert, do what's best for Utah, period. Use a State of the State speech to inform us, not pander to the extreme right wing and fan the flames of ignorance and hatred. Selfishness and Greed, those are the ways of the Tea Party.

Salt Lake City, UT

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Governor Herbert. And if you're so hot on 'local control', stop letting the Legislature tell the cities what to do about every little law.

Clearfield, UT

So, here we go.....again, the same old toxic whining crybabies (Litvack et al) pushing their agenda by divisive accusations and destructive attempts at log jamming..again the process so nothing gets done other then what they want...well, it has, fortunately only had minimal impact in the past, but I am sure with the progressive DNC led by Mr. Obama[s] media (anti-[Utah] nuclear} network they will make sure the divisive political vindictiveness against Utah will continue only this time with increased hatred and deception until Utah is verbally battered in to submission to the mind and will of the socially progressive national, windmill, solar energy establishment who will not be happy until they have total and complete unionized, monopolistic [power/energy] that has and is bankrupting many states, except North Dakota.

Think again...that is not going to happen no matter how many false anti-capitalism creeds and social progressive programs designed to weaken the economy of the state being spewed by the divisive agendas of the national progressives.

Where is the preached civility and unity?


The Fed is a big employer in Utah, one reason more federal dollars flow into Utah than Utah pays in taxes to the fed.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you Herbert.

As for the " onerous" and misguided regulation:
No doubt there may be some stupid regulations, but the U.S. is rated as one of the easiest countries to do business in.
Regulation and taxes aren't the reason jobs are going overseas. Jobs are going overseas due to wage rates and new markets. Brazil, China and India have extremely complex climates for business in terms of tax structure and regulations.

Kearns, UT

I'd loved to have seen Herbert's budgets the last few years without the millions in Federal dollars coming in.

And what is the flat out lie about the over-reaching, over-regulating federal government causing most of the harm to Utah's economy?

I understand politics, and it's always nice to throw your party a bone, but that's just a flat out lie.

Sorry Gov, but it was the un-regulated, un-filtered, un-monitored, greed housing industry/Wall Street that caused a Depression. Remember that Gary?

It's pathetic that someone in his position can just make up history.

Actually, it's pathetic that someone like him is in that position.

Kearns, UT


As Mitt said the other day, if you don't like America, LEAVE.

If you don't like paying taxes, LEAVE.

Nobody is going to stop you.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: williary | 8:13 a.m. Jan. 26, 2012
"If you don't like paying taxes, LEAVE"

Mitt Romney and I both have a couple of things in common: We both pay our taxes without complaint, and neither of us depend upon the federal government for cradle to grave handouts.

The federal dollars we receive are no gift. It is money they got from us. No "thank you" is required.

Salt Lake City, UT

You want to know why Utah's economy is so much more stable. The mormon church putting billions of dollars into the economy(see city creek mall) and other ventures that they are involved in. City Creek was sort of an unintentional(or maybe inspired who knows?) stimulus package. They are not as layoff happy as most companies and employee a ton of people. Plenty of other conservative states are crashing and burning, what's the difference. Most, if not all states, lack a large non government entity willing to put massive cash into the economy.

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