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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 24 2012 9:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

No matter who he chooses, some one will say he is a hidden four star recruit, some one else will say he is overhyped and a lone voice will say he could have chosen the better school for educations sake.

Frisco, TX

re: SLCWatch. Too funny! Your comment hit is spot on.

Bountiful, UT

Great comment SLCWatch. Good summary of every chat about recruiting.

Ann Arbor, MI

Funny how the cougar trolls are finding ways to rationalize the fact that Palepoi isn't going to sign with Roscoe.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Hates byu?

Join the club.

You'll love playing for a BCS team, in a BCS league, against, BCS teams, and in BCS bowl games(as all graduating classes of the past 8 years have done)

The future of football in Utah,

is utah!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Funny how the anti-BYU trolls are already looking for excuses to explain why Palepoi will sign with USU or BYU.

The future of football in Utah lies within each school, team, coaches and the players that choose to play at those schools.
Might be a bit too deep for some but I think it is pretty accurate.

The success of the football teams in Utah remains to be written.

Judging by the rankings of recruiting classes on Scout.com (Utah average star rating of 2.4, BYU average of 2.88 and USU with 2.2 so far), I think the future is pretty bright at all the schools.

Iowa City, IA

"Utah came forward with an offer shortly following his official visit to BYU."

Enough said. It's embarassing to be a ute now-a-days. Now they're cherry picking recruits after they make an offcial visit to another campus!

Las Vegas, NV

Good luck Tenny! I hope you have a great career wherever you end up!!

Las Vegas, NV


bYu has nothing to "cherry pick". That is why they have such a poor recruiting class!! Nice try though.

Jealousy is not becoming!!

Go Utes!! Relevance is such a great recruiting weapon!

Highland, UT

If any one wants some absolute belly laughs go back to the article from a week ago when BYU offered this kid and read the ute "fan" comments about him. Then come back and compare them to the ones being made now that utah has offered him as well.


Farmington, UT


Yeah, I could've sworn that this kid was no good since Utah hadn't offered him. How quickly a Ute fan changes his tune! No doubt they'll do another 180 if this kid committs to anyone other than Utah.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

...and out of the Great Black Swamp re emerges the Hedgie...claim jumping as usual that this article is totally about the Utes... who just lately even joined the pursuit of this kid. And I love the unisonic pitch from underneath his soft little underside from his bold little sidekick... Chrissy B... the great prognosticater who brings forth so much laughter.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Vegas Ute;
Scout.com has Utah ranked at 43 with 23 recruits(one of the Allen kids from TX de-committed). Their average star rating is 2.48.
BYU is ranked at 52 with only 16 recruits and an average star rating of 2.88.
Since the rankings are based on total points(each star gets so many points and each recruit gets extra points if they are in the top 20 in their position and / or in the top 100 overall), BYU is only 10 spots below U with 7 less recruits. The returning missionaries for BYU this year are ranked as follows. 3 two star, 7 three star and 2 4 star which averages to 2.91 stars. On scout, or rivals, BYU would rank higher than U with their 28 recruits averaging 2.9 stars.
So my question to you is; If BYU has a poor recruiting class coming in, doesn't that rank U below poor?

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@VegasUte Relevence comes after these recruits have performed at the next higher level...Never before. Otherwise they are just like 2 year old horses in racing... nice to look at and speculate on...but the purse money only goes to the winners among the actual entrants...and the betting money is pure and simple only a speculative gamble....of which relevence has little to do with anything. neither Utah nor BYU are perennial top 10's so there has never really ever been any real undisputable evidence to show any difference between thier recuiting prowess


Duckhunter and giantfan, nice job lumping an entire fanbase into the mindset of one or two individuals. Go back and you'll see that the people who commented on him here are not the same people commenting on him in the last article. Nice try, though.

TJ, once again there are more recruiting services than Scout, and last I checked, the other 3 big ones (ESPN, Rivals and 247Sports) all had Utah's average recruits rated higher than BYU's. And once again, RMs are only counted in the recruiting class IN WHICH THEY WERE RECRUITED.

One thing that is certain, however, is that Palepoi would have much more competition getting playing time at Utah than BYU or USU. I wish him luck in making his decision, each choice seems to have many positives: family (USU), development and competition (Utah), and lots of playing time (BYU).

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

TJ... Like my VegasUte response... there is very little cohesive data to support or base any undisputable conclusion that either Utah or BYU has any real advantage in recruiting over the other...simply because neither is a perennial top 5 or even top 10 program. In football verses Basketball... (Basketball being much easier to make a case such as UCLA in the 60's and 70's)... you have 22 verses 5 different positions to compare two taams to... and with the multiplier of 2 that makes the total an atronomical 44 for football and 10 for basketball...and that's just with the top recruiting prospects... meaning that in football you would have to combine previous year's top prospects...which pointing out... no recruiting poll does... and in BYU's unique case BYU's former returning Missionary recruits...which again no recruiting poll does. No matter how you paint the picture...until it happens on the field it's a crap shoot and anybody's guess.

Highland, UT


All I read in your comment was "deflect, spin, distort, obfuscate, etc."

South Jordan, UT

Been reading the silly comments by the duckman for years. He claims to know half the recruits and has coached some of the best in their youth. Anything from the duck should be taken with a grain of salt. Is simply on the site to irritate. Waiting for any substance from his comments.

Highland, UT

ute "fan" comments from the thread where Palepoi was offered by BYU.

howard S

"lots of top level D1 athletes prefer to test themselves against WAC populated schedules instead of BCS schedules.

Palepoi may be one of those... "

naval vet

"because he's an unheralded, zero-star defensive lineman -- whom I might add, Rivals never even heard of I cited BOTH Rivals AND Scout. If you added up all the stars on both websites, he gets zero. That's a fact.


"I think it's safe to say, however, that Palepoi hasn't had quite the junior college career athletically that he was hoping for...utah...it wouldn't surprise me to see them offer late if they lose out on a couple of the highly-sought-after players they're looking at. Little bit misleading to call him a "top" prospect, though..."


"Utah has commitments this class from 3 JC Defensive linemen, all of whom are widely rated above Palepoi, I HIGHLY doubt they are actively recruiting Tenny...


Highland, UT


In otherwords you can't refute a word I wrote so all you can do is try to make it personal.


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