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Published: Monday, Jan. 23 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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The legislature has really gone too far. Do they have nothing better to do than nanny us to death. The very first thing they want to talk about is BANNING more things. I don't smoke hukka, so you know what I don't do, I don't go to the Hukka Bar.
E-Cigarettes have helped many people quit. It is water vapor NOT smoke. I don't smoke E-Cigarettes, but I don't care one bit if someone is smoking one around me. There is no smell and no tar. It's water vapor.
I can think of a hundred other things for the legislature to talk about, and these two items are a blatant waste of time.

Santee, CA

Next they'll ban chewing gum in public or licking your lips. I'm suprized the the democrate representative was against it, they like big government.

West Valley, UT

Can they ban children in public while they're at it? Noisy ill disciplined little brats are bad for my mental health.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

We don't live in a Cleric State do we?
Can you say the "Appearance of Evil."
Zion Curtain
No Hookas at Hooka bars, Why do the legislators hate business? What about the market?

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