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Published: Sunday, Jan. 22 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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one old man
Ogden, UT

And somehow the Republicans will find a way to blame Obama for these lost jobs.

Salt Lake City, UT

The last time I looked, Umatilla was in Oregon, not Washington State.
The article referred to "the last two-ton bulk container." Proper reporting would have stated "the last two one-ton bulk containers." There is no such thing as a two-ton bulk container at the facility.

As far as the comment from "one old man" in Ogden goes, I don't see anyone lining up to blame Obama for these lost jobs. He's doing enough on his own without taking credit for the loss of these. Incidentally, the management of the plant has been MOST cooperative in working with the employees in this long anticipated reduction in force. Educational assistance, transfer opportunities, natural attrition, etc. have made it rewarding for valued employees to remain until the final shut-down.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

A good finish to a good program, executed exceptionallly well and with great care by the Army and their contract partners, and Tooele County.

THe expenditures at the time were prudent and appropirate, as is the termination of such funding now that the program is complete.

Now, if we can just end funding for millions of wasteful programs that were never appropriate in the first place, we would be much closer to paying for what we are buying every year. (Hint- most of the waste is NOT in the Department of Defense!)

Dark Reaver

If people were able to plan ahead, and didn't fly off the handle about Nuclear, it could all be useable for a safety net for the Nuclear Plant planned for Utah. Though I'm not sure about water supply, not sure if salt water from the lake would be acceptable as a coolant or by the envio's, still should have been looked into.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: one old man | 4:46 p.m. Jan. 22, 2012

The liberals fought this incinerator tooth and nail, afraid that of potential environmental disasters it posed. It delayed the completion of the work and added millions of dollars to the cost.

Bountiful, Utah

Good. This is the way it should be. The federal dollars should end when the program is finished. Little by little federal spending is being reduced.

Dark Reaver

Hey, what ever happened to the military member that went missing at the same time the chemical vial went missing?
Conspiracy anyone?(No I'm not into wackadoodle conspiracy theories)Just wondering why no one went off on that connection.

West Valley, UT

Glad to see that the chemicals are gone... sad to see that the jobs are gone too.

@Dark Reaver: Can't use salt water from the lake as coolant for a nuke plant... it is far too corrosive.

West Valley, UT

@ClarkKent: Except federal spending funds a huge percentage of our economy. When the funding goes the jobs go. When the jobs go there is less money to fund other jobs. It's a vicious cycle. If the govt. cut spending to the level some people want it to be at our unemployment rate would be 25% or higher.

Salt Lake City, UT

So much for jobs...

or the claim of 'keeping the federal goverment out of our lives.'

Right Rifleman?

Utah complains about federal dollars...

**'Utah to receive $60M in USDA disaster aid to states' - By Bill Draper - AP - Published by DSNews - 01/18/12

and then Utah is FIRST in line, to GET those federal dollars.

Double. Standard.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Pagan | 2:18 p.m. Jan. 23, 2012
"Utah is FIRST in line, to GET those federal dollars."

Government can give nothing to the people government doesn't FIRST take from the people. Liberals think government somehow magically creates money. Conservatives realizes where that money comes from.

Springville, UT

So Utahns should be happy, right? Doubt it. They love the federal dollars, despite the rhetoric.

Bluffdale, UT

the people are the goverment arent they. are they not citizens? most of the waiste was on usless wars that make the very rich even more rich. but dont worry dougway is cooking up some more scary stuff that we will have to get rid of some day. and when you say get rid of big goverment you are talking layoffs. i would be more than glad to pqay more taxes if i could keep peopele working and got something for my taxes. Romey 14% i was 22% and did not make even 50,000. tax codes are for thr rich. get rid of them. a lot of us ex military folks are getting sick of useless elected people like our own local guys that talked of takeing the vote away from someone that does not vote. this is too far to the right mr. nazi, my father myself and my fathers father did not serve so punks can take things away from the people. much like jordan school break up when they took the west sides vote away.

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