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Published: Sunday, Jan. 22 2012 5:00 a.m. MST

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Las Vegas, NV

What a great idea not only for young women but also for young men

Pullman, WA

There is great power in the scriptures if we will pay the price to unlock them. This is accomplished through reading them over and over.

blue springs, MO

this is a good article. when i was the mia maid leader 8 years ago my mia maids did this. we met at my home, had snacks, shared our favorite Book of Mormon scriptures then as a group we started the reading. only 3 of us made it through to Ether in one night. the Teachers Quorum tried the same when they heard what we were doing but they didn't get past 2 Nephi...girls rock. the others slowly fell asleep. this was a great way to start out the new year for us. i did this with the achievement day girls in the 1990's in my ward. we didn't get as far but it was fun. i hope other yw try this.

Vienna, Austria

I was pleased to see it was held during the day. Some years ago there was a mania for all-night read-a-thons where the Book of Mormon would be read aloud in its entirety in one 18-hour sitting. As much as I value the scriptures, I think it is badly misguided to hold events that keep young people up all night, or even late into it. Well done, Alabama, for respecting a reasonable bedtime.


What a way for parents to pressure and indoctrinate the mormon book. What a weel thought out plan.

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