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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 17 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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PA Rock Man
Allentown, PA

What made so many of you on this board such pessimists? You are getting a new airport, that will pay for itself, construction will begin next year and is projected to be over in 8 years! The Mayor says that airport already has $250 million in the bank to start on the project. That sounds like a pretty good deal.

I think that to many people on this board, its just easier to complain than to support a complex project that has the potential to go wrong. I would refer to you Gordon Hinckley's Sep. 9th, 2001 CES fireside talk when he said, "Cynics do not contribute, skeptics do not create, doubters do not achieve."

Cowboy Dude

As with most International airports the best restaurants need to stay inside the security area so passengers will check-in early.

Salt Lake, Ut


You said, "Spend the revenue from airport fees/car rental fees (really taxes) on education."

So you believe the City of Salt Lake should fund the Utah State Office of Education? Would you also say that your income should pay my mortgage? It's the same argument.

Cowboy Dude

It doesn't pay for itself. We are going to spend millions trying to get people to Utah and then charge them with more rental fees. The car rental fees need to be more competitive not higher. More travelers equal more jobs.

Farmington, UT

Re: Cowboy Dude,

I travel quite a bit and Salt Lake's car rentals are very competitive with other major cities like Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Detroit, Denver, etc. Also, when I need to rent a car locally, I'll often go to the airport to do it because they end up being cheaper than if I rented downtown or at another site for the same agency.

Port Alice, B.C.

I have been into International Airports in Europe, the US and Canada and much of Asia.

The worst is Vancouver, BC, second worst is Salt Lake City. The best is Seoul, Korea and a close second is Singapore.

Most European airports, with the exception of Schipol in Holland iare abysmal.

My Humble Opinion
Sandy, UT

A lot of people are just looking for things to complain about. Please read the article again. The airport operates as an enterprise fund. That means that it is self-sustaining. It doesn't get money from other sources and its money can't be used elsewhere. Besides, as FredEx pointed out, the airport is owned by Salt Lake City, not the State of Utah. City funds can't go to State departments. Sorry, but the State Dept. of Education will have to get its money elsewhere.

Clearfield, UT

Cowboy Dude | 11:22 a.m.:"It doesn't pay for itself. We are going to spend millions trying to get people to Utah and then charge them with more rental fees. The car rental fees need to be more competitive not higher. More travelers equal more jobs"

Visitors will always get abused with fees and the reason is simple. It's easier to collect revenue from those who won't be around to vote against you next election day.

Cowboy Dude

Salt Lake Airport rental car tax is 16.350%.

Compared that to 9% I just paid in Atlanta.

No taxes...ha.

I wonder what Delta thinks when we stick their Customers with higher PFC's. Their comment wasn't part of the announcement. Another reason airlines should go point to point instead of using a hub like Salt Lake City.

More visitors equal more jobs. Stop sticking it to the visitor and local traveler.

Ogden, Utah

I won't hold my breath on this one. DeeDee had the same notion during her tenure to replace the airport with one very similar to Atlanta's with the underground train linking multiple terminals. It never happened. Becker's plans are bigger than his budget, so unless those new fan dangled parking meters he's having installed downtown bring in tons of cash, I doubt this will go anywhere.

Surfers Paradise, AU

It's about time. A singular entry point for security is long overdue. Terminal 1 is always crowded, and terminal 2 has it's moments as well. A redesign/remodel is a huge improvement and is long overdue.


Lowonoil "Visitors will always get abused with fees and the reason is simple. It's easier to collect revenue from those who won't be around to vote against you next election day."

True. But, my tour company voted by pulling out of NYC due to their insane hotel taxes. We stick with Orlando, Southern California, and Las Vegas...some of the lowest visitor taxes in the USA, perhaps the world.

Our lawyers told us not to upset Bloomberg, so we never told him why we pulled $millions of business from his city.

Farmington, UT

I don't think these improvements are being made to attract more people to Salt Lake City. It may very well be pressure from the airlines--particularly Delta--to improve the airport for most travelers that land in Salt Lake that are only hear for a connection. I don't discount the need that Salt Lake feels to stay competitive as a hub. If SLC were to lose it's hub, then there goes the ease with which travelers can even get here and that would have a huge effect on tourism.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

The original redesign (10 years ish ago?) was much better than what they announced... The ability to add multiple concourses as needed, like DIA or ATL should be the way they go, not just revamping what they've currently got.

#1 SLC Sports Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

...Airlines? Even Southwest is pushing for this, not just Delta since Southwest wants more gates that can handle theri 737s and they can bring them in and out faster which with the current airport they can't do. The best way for Delta to be kept honest about airfares in SLC is for Southwest to be their competing with them in as many city paris as possible. If Delta wants to be profitable in SLC they need more international service to more than just Paris or seasonally to Tokyo. London, Franfurt and Amsterdam are needed since other carriers like Virgin Atlantic, British Ariways and Lufthansa have talked to SLC about adding service....something the airport currently can't do.

As for taxes, school proponents can always propose an airline tax to the legislature which merely will inflame peop;le like me to encourage Utah to do what Wisconsin is doing and outlaw collective bargaining for public education. This airport project will not increase taxes or take from the schools as some are mislead into thinking.

Mike Rose
Provo, UT

People go read the master plan available at the airports website. In the late 1990s the airport was overcapacity with flight delays increasing from both runway and gate bottlenecks. Trends are moving up again with similar travel demand expected sometime before 2020.

The airport will eventually be very similar in design to the Atlanta airport, the diagram showing some the old concourses being kept is merely a phase to keep the airport functional during construction of the first and second parallel concourses. The new design allows for the relatively easy addition of runways and gate capacity as travel demand requires.

Phoenix, AZ

Sorely needed. Can't wait to see the design. And yes, this is a perfect opportunity to design an airport that is functional in a post-9/11 world. Most airports out there are retrofits out of necessity. Salt Lake has a chance here to build a well-functioning jewel. This, along with the transportation infrastructure going in along the Wasatch Front, will be another feather in Utah's cap.

Durham, NC

No public funds my....... I am flying in next week and my $170 car rental is totalling over $350 with government "fees" added. perhaps we are talking symantics, fees verses taxes, but it all comes out of my pocket and is over 100% of the original cost.

#1 SLC Sports Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

People need to keep in mind that roughly half the 20-22 million passengers taht utilize the SLC airport annually are Origin & Destination passengers, it's only the other half that are connecting. The present airport structure (terminals, concourses & gates) were only built to accomodate 10-12 million per year. SLC is highly obsolete.


Recession are the best time for governments to improve,repair or build infrastructure; There are plenty of contractors & workers available.It would provide jobs & get a good price. Having said that,I use the airport 8-15 times a year. I think it's one of the best & easiest airports to deal with (of course I'm used to it), 50 years old or not.I think we have other more pressing needs.

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