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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 17 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Nan BW
ELder, CO

It looks like more spending without the money actually being there to fund such an expensive project. Aren't the airlines, and everything connected with them already under financial duress? Aren't most of us having financial woes without adding new fees for "more convenient" and "nicer" places to meet and to board airplanes?

M. Matchette
Syracuse, Utah

I agree with "Hellooo"...Why now? Mr. Becker's stated reasons don't add up when you consider that air travel is actually down. I travel through the Salt Lake Airport frequently, and the halls only see light traffic from travellers. It was busier before 9/11. That's a undisputed fact. I think Mr. Becker wants to accommadate the very special requirements of the TSA. That's where the holdup in the airport builds. Instead of building an airport, get rid of the TSA...

Wasatch Front, UT

Seems like priorities are WAY out of line. The current airport may not be ideal, but it is mostly functional. Our schools are much more important, but by almost any measure, are failing a large majority of our students. Yet the money will come out of the same pockets. Instead of higher taxes, we will see user fees jump. Not cool. I would rather see us beef up core subjects such as math and science, and put the airport renovation on hold for a few years.

Salt Lake City, UT

I've been to Changi...it's a beautiful airport and their waiting area for multiple gates are very large, more than enough room for all passengers to wait, even if the plane is full. Not so in KSLC. When I lived in Seattle, I was flying to DC and had a connection in SLC. We arrived basically on-time and sat out on the apron of the gate area and waited for a gate to open up. We waited so long I missed my connection! With the stated plan of eliminating some gates, this is a concern - this is a "hub" after all. I agree with the revamping of the security areas. Last time flying out of SLC I had to walk all the way over to the International terminal to go through security in order not to miss my flight (compounded by the line at the United check-in) because the line was so long to get through security at terminal 1, and I was there in plenty of time. Time will tell whether their plan will eliminate the bottlenecks.

Scituate, MA

What would be better in the long run is to figure out why it is so expensive already to fly into/out of SLC. I have for pleasure traveled west at least twice a year for the past 15 years with my family, and every time we check ticket prices to SLC, they are always more than $200 more than to Denver or Las Vegas. So we end up flying to those places and if we want to see family in Utah we drive over.

Now for business I am having to fly to a convention there in Salt Lake City, and everyone I talk to is really upset about the cost of the tickets. There have been lots of folks contacting the annual convention sponsors and asking them not to hold it at SLC again. It has nothing to do with the quality of the airport, but the cost is just too high. And now the rental car prices are going to go higher? They would do better to address the reasons that many of us avoid the SLC airport in the first place.


Whats wrong with the current airport, besides the fact that its old and S.L. City likes to tear down "old" things?

I've been in many airports around the country where you have to walk one-half to 1 mile to get to your gate. SLC isn't near that bad. Its also not as if our airport is the same as when it was built in the early 60's. They've NEVER STOPPED remodeling it.

I would suspect that most travelers coming to Utah couldn't care less about the "amenities" in the airport. What they MOST LIKE I suspect is getting in and out of the airport. S.L. Airport does that.

Its also interesting that Becker says "taxpayer dollars won't be used...."; apparentally air travelers AREN'T taxpayers.

Too bad the airlines didn't survey their passengers to ask them if they would like to pay an extra $2.00 or so to be able to land in a shiny new airport. I think I know the answer to that one.

S.L. City is good at tearing things down and replacing them, whether needed or not!

Orem, UT

I think the thing that people are missing here is the point that the airport needs seismic upgrades. Those don't come cheap and if the money needs to be spent why not spend it in a way that responds to the changes in aviation over the last 50 years? Also, any airplane being able to use any gate will be a big deal. This should help a lot with airport operations.

My gripe is that the new design is re-using some of the old spokes of the airport instead of building a new parallel concourse.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I just hope they find some way to keep the terrazzo floor map in terminal 1.

Colorado Reader
Littleton, CO

Ugh, orange cones on every street, now you want to add them to the airport! One more thing to keep me fom going to Utah anymore than I have to!


To those who prefer spending to upgrade schools:

Each school district is responsible for its own schools. Salt Lake City and its residents should not have to support every school district in the state.

IF people really care about schools and teachers for their children, it is time to eliminate the Utah Income Tax deduction for more than 2 children.

The state of Utah taxes liquor to assist schools, why shouldn't parents care enough about their children to pay as much to educate them as those with few or no children?

Clearfield, UT

I think we are far closer to the end of the era of mass air travel than we are to it's beginning. With airports as well as highways, we are dumping far too much of our money into permanent infrastucture that is dependent on a temporary resource. They will soon become giant, little used monuments to our lack of foresight.

Bountiful, utah

The idea of an unneeded new airport seems like a total waste of taxpayer money in terrible economic times. Demographics show a declining population into the future- Why the charade? Easy answer: to keep up with Denver.

Colo. Aggie
Loveland, CO

I'm glad to hear this. The SLC airport has become a bit dated. They need to look at the Austin Bergstrom airport or the San Jose airport as great examples of modern airports with great local food service. Austin features their local great restaurants in the airport and even has some live country music at times. Both of these airports are very open, modern, and represent their communities well. Hopefully, Salt Lake can achieve something similar with much improved food service.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Absolutely hilarious........try fixing your "FREEWAYS" first. Every time I drive into Utah half of your interstates are torn up!!

Salt Lake, Ut

I wonder if some of you even read the article. The airport is self-sustaining. No tax dollars will be used. All the complaints about schools and Provo's airport and economic times are totally irrelevant.

Even a minimal knowledge of government budgeting would let you know that money for a project is allocated years in advance, and it cannot be diverted to another project that citizens deem more worthy. "Why don't they take that money and xyz?" puts the government accounting on the same level as you deciding to buy milk for your cereal or gas for your lawnmower.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT


My home was built in 2004 and is built to withstand a very strong earthquake. My kids are safe there. The school they attend was built in the 1950's and has been evaluated by an engineer who confirmed that the school is truly a death trap during an earthquake.

So your comment is pretty much off base.

Nice try though.

Gilbert, AZ

For those worried about "why now" and the cost, don't. I've been following this airport rebuild for several years. This has been on the drawing boards for several years and financing is in place. The airlines have been part of the process from the beginning and have already made plans to pay their part. The mayor was only announcing the plan that had already been announced in 2001, 2003 and 2005.
I wish they had sped the process up, though. The SLC airport is far to small for the amount of traffic that goes through it.


Bad idea - Totally unneeded - Complete waste of money. The airport is great. To say it's not going to cost taxpayers any money is a joke. Spend the revenue from airport fees/car rental fees (really taxes) on education.

West Valley, UT

What's wrong with the airport the way it is now? It's efficient and easy to navigate. Compared to "major hubs" like Atlanta our airport is a breeze.

Though I suppose this goes with the state's motto... "If it's not broke, fix it."

Glad I don't fly very often.

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

Amusing how the discussion centers mostly on eating at the airport and meeting family when they arrive. I travel a lot, and for travelers arriving and changing planes, the Salt Lake Airport is a relative jewel for ease of use compared to most others. I avoid Denver at all costs, avoid Chicago if I can, Houston -- don't even get me started. Surprisingly, i find that Dallas and Atlanta work pretty well, as does Ontario, CA. The airport construction will probably make me miserable for the next ten years, but by then I'll be finished, so i won't have to pay the higher fees and fares that will surely follow.
But I may still be able to go to the airport to eat, I guess. I'll look forward to that.
Oh, and didn't you realize that it's a state law that the airport must be under construction in some manner at all times? It won't end with the grand opening of the new airport, trust me.

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