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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 17 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Orem Parent
Orem, UT

not a bad idea.

I do, however, wonder about all of our kids sitting in old schools that aren't anywhere near code.


My how time flies... it doesn't seem like that long ago that they were building that airport.


I dread the disruption.

South Jordan, UT

It would be nice to have a re-designed area for farewells and homecomings. The baggage claim was never intended to be that kind of place, but 9/11 necessitated it become such.

Beaverton, OR

With the low score on the Utah schools that just came out, shouldn't there be a thought process that way first?

Salt Lake, UT

The LDS Church has asked the farewells to be a drop off at the MTC, In fact they ask families not to meet their missionaries leaving at the Airport. I think it would be better for only Mom and Dad maybe the Bishop to pick up return missions they can have a gathering and welcome back elsewhere not the baggage area in the way of travelers.

Farmington, UT

There are more reasons than just missionaries and families of missionaries to have an area where groups can greet passengers as they arrive. It seems a little cold to tell family members that haven't seen each other for two years that they have to meet elsewhere; also what about families gathering for a funeral or the joy of a solder coming back home safely?

Hopefully a re-designed airport will have a better design for security lines for boarding passengers, too and the light rail drop off point will not require a mile walk to get to the baggage check-in area.

Personally, I look forward to a new design.

Farmington, UT

An additional thought: Please get the departing and arriving vehiclular traffic on separate levels like most airports do now that handle a large volume of passengers.

Farmington, UT

How about a decent restaurant that is outside the passenger security area so you can eat a meal with your family prior to boarding?

Happy Valley Stud
Provo, utah

How about building and bringing some air traffic to Provo airport so that us folks from down south of Salt Lake don't have to travel up north for travel...? just sayin'

Springville, UT

"Becker also is proposing to build a "net-positive" project, using renewable resources to produce more energy than the airport requires and feeding that surplus back into the system."

Can solar panels from the defunct Solyndra be used to keep costs down?

I hate to think how much this is going to trickle down to our ticket prices. I don't travel too often anymore but I have enjoyed the simplicity and convenience of our airport, even after the TSA invaded it has not been that bad.

If we can only get the jets to run our abundance of natural gas...


I understand the need to upgrade and welcome the changes. However, Salt Lake City will now join some other cities around the country where the fees tacked onto car rentals exceed the cost of the rental itself. Hardly a great way to greet folks coming to visit or do business.

Salt Lake City, UT

"It would be nice to have a re-designed area for farewells and homecomings. The baggage claim was never intended to be that kind of place, but 9/11 necessitated it become such. "

You know... since my first flight wasn't until 2008 I've never known anything different than baggage claim being a meeting area and kinda forgot that it used to be different.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Wasn't this supposed to happen years ago? As a hub airport, it is very inefficient.

Salt Lake City, UT

The airport has been in a constant state of rebuilding for the last decade, and a regional hub during all of this time. How can it be that all of this expansion failed to be done with plans to be a regional hub. Simply unbeiveable. And, while the money will not come directly from taxpayers, profits that are used for the purpose of rebuilding the Airport could be used by the city for other purposes. Seems Mr. Becker is being less than candid with the citizens with regard to the airport.


I flew 250,000 miles last year so it's safe to say I understand airports.

What a bunch of lies Becker is spewing. This is complete nonsense - a handout to construction companies at taxpayer expense. They claim no tax dollars will be used but what in the world do you think airport fees are? Airport/car rental fees ARE TAXES!!!! If we didn't use them to rebuild a perfectly good airport we could use them for other purposes.

And let me get this right - you want to spend nearly $2B and in the end you'll have fewer gates???? Are you guys crazy??? The airport is awesome - it runs well - it's nice inside and out. If Utahans allow this to be built we are all idiots.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

If SLC want's a truly great Airport experience they should look at Sinagpore's Changi Airport. There is no greater airport in the world. It is a dream for travlers. Good food, Shopping, places to relax, activities for kids when you have a long lay over. I've been no where that comes close.

Taylorsville, UT

This is a badly timed announcement to make. With the state and country in such an economic disarray and mess it is not the time to raise taxes again and bond us for another 30 years.

This is not a city only bond, its a state wide bond to raise taxes permanently. For some reason SLC cannot tolerate citizens and tax relief, even in a recession and looming collapse of all financial organizations in the nation. An airport is never finished and this $1.8 billion cost is a yearly average for the next 30 years of continued work in progress and maintenance and construction.

It's time Becker put some brakes on spending and get rational and think things through before indenturing Utah citizens with more debt and taxes than we can pay from our below poverty incomes even more. Its time Becker take a break and let us recover too.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Orem Parent | 8:38 p.m. Jan. 17, 2012
"I do, however, wonder about all of our kids sitting in old schools that aren't anywhere near code"

Do you also wonder about the safety of your home where children spend far more time and which isn't any safer?

City, Ut

And a UTA bus from Cache Valley to link with the one in Brigham City, to link to Front Runner, to link to Trax to the Airport (or into the city).....oh please oh please.

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