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Published: Monday, Jan. 16 2012 6:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I'm glad he's gone, for three reasons.

One, he was in no position to give other candidates advice about how to campaign. His campaign was just as "toxic" as the others, especially his comments - and those of his father - about Mitt Romney.

Two, he lacks the personal qualities and experience necessary for the job. Everything he has ever done in life has come from his father's money, from his work on Reagan's campaign to his two ambassadorships. And he would never have been elected as Utah's governor if not for his father's reputation.

Three, his personal dislike for Mitt Romney was becoming more evident each day. When the 2002 Olympics problems first came about, he announced that some people close to hime, people he did not name, were encouraging him to seek the job as head of the Olympics. He worked hard behind the scenes to get the job. But as we all know, the governor chose Mitt Romney. After that, he and his father have held a grudge against Mitt Romney.

Now I'm afraid that we haven't heard the last of him; he'll keep coming back, with his father's money, looking for more political positions.

LaVerkin, Utah

Jon drops out like he did from high school many years ago. He dropped out of high school to join a rock group. Wonder if he and his wife plan to start a new rock group now? They could call it the Ken and Barbie show.

Provo, UT

Huntsman would have been much much better than Obama, that is clear. Was he the strongest to defeat BHO? Certainly not.

Don't be surprised if he is tapped for the Secretary of State position should a Republican win the Presidency in 2012.

Huntsman seemed to finally learn how to debate with effectiveness in the 2 New Hampshire debates. Had he debated in the previous 10 debates like he did in those 2 debates, he may actually have been a serious contender as he could have joined the "anybody but Mitt" gang of Republican presidential hopefuls who enjoyed the top spot in polls like Bachman, Newt, Cain, Perry did for a time.

my two cents worth
Ridgefield, WA


I agree. Presidents don't spend our tax dollars. So will the GOP candidates correct themselves about their view that Obama has spent us into oblivion?

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

When his campaign makes a racist video and blames Ron Paul for it, it serves him right.

Bluffdale, UT

the rich own almost all repuplicans because of a paper they signed saying they would never raise taxes. the group that gets them to sign it will not let anyone know who pays for it. it is large corporations just like the super pac money. the average person has no idea how they go after someone that raises taxes. remember that the govenment is made of people also. when you down size it is more layoffs and not a cost saver in the long run because if they cant get a job they will be on unemployment. corporations will never let the goverment get smalll anyway because they make money on big government just like the never ending wars. the next will be iran just watch. those bad people. people are not evil only individuals.

Farr West, Utah

Reagan's tax cuts helped stimulate the economy. Tax REVENUE went up after tax RATES went down.
The deficit spending during that time was for defense, to win the Cold War. The resulting "peace dividend" from the collapse of the Soviet Union made Clinton look good on the economy, although it was not his doing. More of the credit belonged to Reagan and the Congress that worked with him.

Farr West, Utah

The first good thing Huntsman has done since he declared his candidacy!

A great governor and ambassador, he was a poor candidate for President. Maybe he'll learn before the next time around.

Waianae, HI

How about Reality and lack of funding...

the boonies, mexico

Lack of funding is right. He wouldn't accept millions from the "big" boys that call the shots and be indebted like all of these others. And the payola beat goes on just like it has big time since Bush-Cheney! Disgusting mongrels. Flaunt, demand and worry about #1 only. What a mess. Jon was the "only" qualified rep for sure!

Spanish Fork, UT

@My Two Cents

Obama has yet to give congress a budget. He lets them spend and spend and spend. He also has yet to veto a spending bill that hasn't come from Republicans. Obama never met a dem spending project he didn't love. He has yet to produce a Jobs plan, and he has yet to reign in any spending. He talks talks talks of compromise, yet has vetoed every republican bill that hits his desk. Compromise doesn't mean that you get what you want at the expense of the republicans. It means both sides give and take. Obama is all take, no give. Time to "Give" him the boot!

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