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Published: Sunday, Jan. 15 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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Hurricane, UT

tenny, man i havent seen you forever, go to byu it'll be an amazing adventure! do it man,


Salt Lake City, UT

"Or because he's an unheralded, zero-star defensive lineman -- whom I might add, Rivals never even heard of."

Which, of course, is the reason Utah State, Oregon State and Washington are still recruiting him. Just admit it, the reason Utah isn't recruiting Palepoi is because Tenny has no interest in Utah.


Naval Vet, don't be so emotional about it. "Zero stars" doesn't usually equate to less than one star, just means he hasn't been evaluated. Utah actually has had several players commit this year that initially had "zero stars," but were later evaluated and in some cases given 3 stars and I believe one was given 2.

I think it's safe to say, however, that Palepoi hasn't had quite the junior college career athletically that he was hoping for. I do think of the schools that have offered, BYU would probably be the best option as far as a family standpoint and possibility of immediate playing time. Utah doesn't have great need at the position at the moment, but it wouldn't surprise me to see them offer late if they lose out on a couple of the highly-sought-after players they're looking at. Good luck to him in the process. Little bit misleading to call him a "top" prospect, though, don't you think, Mr. Gurney?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

deductive reasoning:

"With Washington State, Utah, Boise State, Hawaii, Oregon State, Notre Dame and Georgia Tech on the 2012 schedule, I seriously doubt Palepoi is worried about being 'tested'."

So...just for the record then, you ARE suggesting Wash. St. and Oregon St. ARE quality opponents. Got it. But I'm missing the "deductive reasoning" wherein Hawai'i falls in among those aforementioned 6.

Furthermore, can we "deduce" that the cougars will only be playing a 7-game 2012 schedule? Because I could have sworn that they were playing a 7-game HOME schedule. And that Utah, Boise St, Notre Dame, and Ga. Tech were all AWAY! What happened to the other half of your schedule. Who might THEY be, hmmm? Please come back and post those "dauntingly challenging" opponents.


News Flash!! Tenny is being recruited by Utah. He has a trip this week to Oregon St and Utah the following week. Utah wants this kid bad!! He comes from a family of athletes and if you have seen any footage of this kid you would understand why teams are after him!! Stay tuned, Utes get their shot at him in a week!!

Park City, UT

navel vet

"Or because he's an unheralded, zero-star defensive lineman -- whom I might add, Rivals never even heard of."

Believe what you want, but Utah State, Oregon State, Washington, and BYU have all offered him scholarships, as well as Oregon and Utah previously, so obviously he's pretty well known and even more obviously, he's much better than the unheralded lineman you jealously want to pretend he is.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Utah wants this kid bad!!"

Really? We want him bad? Where are you getting this from? Certainly not the article. And not from Rivals. Did you just make that up?


If I'm the one pretending Palepoi is unheralded, why doesn't Rivals have any information on him? And I'm not just talking about 2012 either. There is no record of Palepoi even being recruited out of high school.

And speaking of "pretending" where has it been recroded that this guy ever received a scholarship offer from Oregon? Did you make that up?


What is it with you and Rivals? Is Rivals the only resource you have? Just wait and see. I would say trust me I know a little bit more about the kids situation then you but that wouldn't mean anything to you. right? Inside scoop, and your on the outside. Its going to come down to Utah,BYU, and Utah State..

Arlington, VA

Navel Vet

"And speaking of "pretending" where has it been recroded that this guy ever received a scholarship offer from Oregon? Did you make that up?"

SL Trib
Aggieville: USU Sports
USU football: Tenny Palepoi de-commits from Utah State
Published on Sep 14, 2011

"Palepoi was slated to become an Aggie, but didn't qualify academically over the summer. He is playing another season at Snow, and has picked up an offer from OREGON, and has interest from several other schools."

Palepoi has been heavily recruited by numerous PAC 12 schools and all three major college football programs in Utah, which is proof positive that you don't have a clue regarding how good Palepoi is.

Since when are you and Rivals the only valid sources of college football recruiting information in the universe?

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Y Haters- "blah blah blah blah blah"

Ute Haters- "yap yap yap yap yap"

People with lives- "boring!"

provo, UT

Here is my opinion, which I am sure some reasonable people will agree with.

I am sure Utah was looking at Palepoi. I really doubt they are anymore. Utah has commitments this class from 3 JC Defensive linemen, all of whom are widely rated above Palepoi, and with the majority of their D-line Juniors or Seniors, I HIGHLY doubt they are actively recruiting Tenny, another junior.

If they would have wiffed on some recruits higher up their board, I believe they would have came after him hard. But they didn't wiff, and so they didn't come after him. It's that simple.

Rise and Shout
Harrisville, UT

I was wondering how many stars Chaz Walker had as a senior. Maybe naval vet could help me out there.

What is more important? The number of assigned to a prospect by scout and rivals; or his heart, character and desire to play for a program like no other?

No matter where this man ends up playing, I hope he is given an opportunity to succeed.

Go Cougars!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Since when are you and Rivals the only valid sources of college football recruiting information in the universe?"

Thank you for your resource verifying Oregon's interest in Palepoi. I checked it out, and will concede it is valid. As for my recruiting resource...

(1) I cited BOTH Rivals AND Scout. If you added up all the stars on both websites, he gets zero. That's a fact.

(2) Rivals is my preferred source for recruiting news as I've found it to have been the most accurate of all recruiting sources.


"he's much better than the unheralded lineman you jealously want to pretend he is."

Again, I'm not pretending Scout has Palepoi rated with ZERO-stars; neither am I pretending that Rivals has never even heard of this guy. In fact, the only source I've found that identifies Palepoi as a "Top junior college prospect" is Brandon Gurney...the cougars' own recruiting beat-writer/homer. Who are YOU pretending believes him to be a Top-rated recruit?

Orem, UT

As one who has played and/or coached football for some 40 years, I hate the rating system. The star rating system is based on how much Public Relations an athletes coach and parents can get him. Paul Kruger, now an NFL DL with the Baltimore Ravens didn't have many stars after his name. Urban Meyer recruited him to play QB, then Whit switched him to D after one practice.
To use the rating system to project how good a player will be is as phony as the BCS system itself. TCU and BSU were obviously better teams than some of these BCS bowl teams, and they didn't get the big pay day.

Rivals and Scout.com are a business. Their objective is to make money. Talk to me about Terrell Pryor? Now, talk to me about Tom Brady? Ben Olsen anyone?

BYU's main selling points are environment, atmosphere then football and exposure. If you're looking for party's, girls and the myth that is the BCS, then sign with ...... Ohio State.

Anyone supporting the BCS isn't about the individual student/athlete, rather more about the legend of a coach and his program, i.e., Joe Paterno.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Mip... alright...not everyone of BYU's athletes are of the caliber of your two highly accaimed experts in Cold Fusion technology...so when will I be able to get my old Plymouth Acclaim up to warp speed???

MN Ute

@Chris Degn
Dude, you're preaching to the choir about a playoff system. The main mortivator for the BCS is money, but I think you could make a heck of a lot from a playoff system for two reasons.
1. Each team only plays once per bowl season, so eve if they play in the playoffs and lose, they're still playing the same number of games, meaning you won't lose out on the fans from those schools
2. With a playoff system, many teams will play multiple games, meaning you get the fans from those schools coming back and watching their team play multiple times, which results in more cash to be had.

@ everyone else
Seriously, why are you trashing some guy whom I'm guessing none of you have seen play. He was obviously good enough to warrant all of the scholarship offers then and now, and I wish him luck wherever he goes. If Utah offers him a scholarship, sweet, more depth in our insane defense. If not, then I understand. Utah's Defense, especially our line, is our strength, and with the linemen coming in this year I can understand passing up someone with fewer eligibility years.


@Rainin Time
Finally a voice of reason. But don't worry, the Ute haters will find a way to make your statement false. After all, they're in the Pac 10, which makes them all knowing. Oh and BTW, 54-10, and your team quit. (Sarcasm folks...sarcasm).

Salt Lake City, UT

Howard S.
Better (football) offer? It's really about quality education and the environment for personal growth that BYU offers. If not, why not go to Alabama or LSU? That's the ultimate in college football without any concern for what is best for the individual.


Nothing like being burned by the Y, huh (Navalvet)? No matter how many posts you make here you still won't receive an acceptance letter.

Rise and Shout
Harrisville, UT

Did Rivals or Scout rank Chaz Walker (one of the best players on the defensive side of the ball for the utes) as a high school senior? I guess not because he was a walk on.

We have seen Ofa Moheatu, Ben Olsen and Heaps come to the Cougars and flop. Personally, I'd rather watch BYU teams full of men that came to BYU with no sense of entitlement, that play like they have something to prove to everyone who told them they couldn't reach the next level of competition, regardless of the number of "stars" they were given by a "college football recruiting website".

Go Cougars!

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