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Published: Sunday, Jan. 15 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

The games is over we win by 10, but a terrible game from the refs. It was as bad as it gets, one sided calls all night. Then our achilles heel showed again, can't make free throws, free throws, free throws, just terrible! The NBA needs to do something about these outragous refs. It's rotten

Cedar Hills, UT

I agree the refs were terrible all game long, but for our young learning team to still rise above the officiating and win by 10 in a place just weeks ago we got ran off the court is amazing. I thought Corbin wouldn't be a good coach for our team but he is proving me so so wrong. Corbin has this team playing defense and hustling, keep it going Jazz!!!! I love it

Morgan, UT

Just a while back, this Denver team took the jazz to the woodshed...my how things have turned.

The Trailblazer fan said the Jazz were done and the Blazers are on the move...he was right, the Blazers are headed down and the surging Jazz are headed up...sorry Trailblazer fan from Utah.

Congrats Jazz...your looking gooooood.

Hugh G. Hater
Swat Lake City, UT

Milsap stepped up and put this team in control.

W-Ton, Uk

Oh Boy where to start ? Without doubt the best performance by a Ty Corbin coached Jazz team. Everybody did what they were supposed to n the Nuggets had no answer.

To win back to back & @ Denver is rare event for the Jazz, the offence is starting to click and EVERYBODY is trying so v hard on the defensive end.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm watching it "live" in the early hours here in the Uk. After watching games like tonight it's all worth while.....

Keep on evolving guys, because right now it's a joy to watch.....

sandy, UT

Hate to say it, but Corbin has this team playing better defense in just a couple of months than any Sloan team played. Team chemistry is the key. Don't get selfish and let the ball go to whomever is hot at the time. How are those blazers doing? Honor code just had another b ball team he cheers for go down.

Ogden, UT

UKJazz, I'm right there with you! Staying up so late here in Scotland to watch the Jazz, and nights like tonight make it so very worth it. Millsap and Jefferson look really good.

String a few together, Jazz!

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Great win for the Jazz. I am now a Coach Corbin fan as it takes coaching talent win with such a young team on a consistent basis. This bodes well for the future as long as they keep the team together.

W-Ton, Uk

@ Seven27

glad I'm not the only one !!!!

Enjoy your single malt n battered Mars Bar !!!!

Mount Beauty, VIC

At least you guys can watch the games - hardly any coverage at all over here - only 3 games a week on tv here in Australia - So I get all info from the net!

I wonder if KOC is going to use the trade exception to get a starting 2 !

W-Ton, Uk

@ Wombat1247

I pay for the NBA International League Pass.....

All in glorious HD :-)

Ivins, UT

@ Portland dude, johnson 72, dukester and all the other Jazz haters and negative nellies out there, one thing I just want to tell ya: SCORE BOARD baby!!!

Burley, ID

Wow! Great game and best of all ... the silence from the TrailBlazer fan is just deafening.

Silence is golden.

Paris, France

UK Jazz / Seven27 / Wombat1247

I'm in Paris and have purchased the NBA INtl League Pass for past several years. It's great!

Golden, CO

Pretty sure that Millsap is the starting Power Forward and not Small Forward. Anyway I love the fact I get to shove it in the faces of all the guys at work here in Denver after getting it so bad the last game. The team is so young I hope Corbin can keep them focused through the season.


Well the Jazz went to bed last night a bottom dweller in the sports media word, as well as most of the NBA. As of this morning the sports media outlets are taking the Jazz seriously. They have become blue collar darling of sorts, void of any big obnoxious stars. Now teams will take them seriously. Their defense is starting to get a reputation! That's right a Jazz team known for defense.

To beat Denver at their place, without Howard and Favors shows you just how deep and interchangeable this players are. Even though I thought Jefferson was going to let them back in the game with his hands up, bailing away from the interior when a player go's up. Millsap carried the team playing like MJ, he was a monster on both ends of the floor. Hayward looks confident! If he gets his mojo back, we could be in for a treat. Bell is playing better, he and Howard have set the tone for this defense.

I think the Jazz sit on the player exception until the trade deadline. If they have a legit shot at a run in the playoffs, they may use it to bolster their lineup. If they are content to develop their younger guys, and take what ever record that course of action gets them. Then I think they use the trade exception this summer to fill any roster spot they loose. I think they need a huge upgrade at point guard. Harris can play the two some, he is better there than the point! Burks, and Hayward could fill the two also.

Chandler, AZ

Remember all the preseason chatter about trading Millsap and the continual talk of him being too small to play power forward? Somehow everyone always forgets in the off-season how awesome this guy is.

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

all i been reading is let's trade millsap for a shooter. he is to short' if he was 7 ' he couldn't move like he does. that is what sets him apart quick enough to go around but stout enough to bang.bad thing is if he does read these blogs that been saying let's trade millsap he may remember that and the gm talking to the media about wanting to trade him' when his contract is up.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

cj another no-show,he`s alraedy had his game of the month

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

chris andersen is such a role model. any wonder why interest in the nba is down?

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