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The Nets, aka East Coast Jazz, have a rough outing

Published: Saturday, Jan. 14 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Crotty Kid
Salt Lake City, UT

Well, one thing is clear:
Favors, Kanter, Harris and GS pick > Deron Williams for 1 and 1/2 seasons

NJ really got the raw end of the deal especially when D-Will signs with Dallas in the off season.


Every Jazz fan that booed Deron tonight should be ashamed of themselves. He did nothing to deserve that, if he had driven out Jerry that would have come out by now, and regardless he kept Utah relevant. The state of Utah and the Jazz owe a great deal of gratitude and respect to Deron for what he did for the Jazz during his career here. Utah did the smart thing by trading him, but that doesn't excuse the poor attitude of Jazz fans.


I really can't believe that the Jazz fans actually booed DWill. That guy laid it on the line EVERY night for the Jazz, and at times was the only one that would never give up. The guy was a warrior who made everyone around him better. Even his arguments with Sloan were about their passion to improve the team, much like Sloan's bust-ups with Karl Malone over the years. I'm sure that current Jazz players took note of how the fans treated their former superstar. Not classy.

Farmington, UT

Who cares if the Jazz fans booed Williams!!! You honestly think it bothers D Will now?!?! He plays for the opposing team so booooo him all you want. It's not like we're wishing ill-will towards him but you guys take it more personal than he does...oh, I didn't boo him just to clarify but could care less who did. It's sports - gotta boo the other team.

Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT

Like I said again, SHAME on those people who booed Deron!!! This makes other jazz fans look bad.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

I enjoyed watching D Wiil while he was here for the most part until he threw the Chicago game. I am very thankful to him for his competitive efforts other wise and do not blame him for getting frustrated with Sloan. Many of us were. I am most thankful to him though for doing us a Derrick Favors, along with Enes Kanter, Golden States 1st round pick, 3 million cash, and possible trade bait in Devin Harris. Thats a big package D Wills value got for us. We should have thanked him in my opinion, as many did I was glad to hear.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Oh geez... poor Deron got booed and the Nets lost...to hear some Jazz fans complain I honestly am confused here as to whether or not they truly are Jazz fans. I'll take the loyalty of a coach like Jerry Sloan over the greatest skills of a maverick player who defies his coach and sets himself up to make decisions on his own... any day. It's not just winning the game or the best player on the team that counts... it's still the old fashioned notion that the Coach is in Charge and you play as a team and not individuals. Deron is a good player...but not so good that he should be allowed to play his own gameplan because he thinks it's better. For those who somehow missed that fact when the dust was anywhere but settling... back then...during the actual moment the night Sloan threw in the towel...then you obviously haven't got a clue. Sloan put up with Deron's wildcatting for longer than he should have. so a little booing really wasn't un called for. And nuts to those who think otherwise

Saint Louis, MO

Life goes on but Memo is greatly missed. He was the "ugly duckling" who thought he was a shooting guard. Memo had that intangible of "keeping the atmosphere light". Corbin is doing great. However, he should take a bit of Memo's philosophy and laugh at himself a little more. Even though the season is shortened, it is still a long way and Corbin needs to let the Ray Meyer come out in him and shrug off his critics. Sail on, Memo!

Hugh G. Hater

Good job CJ Miles.
We need more points from the guards if the Jazz are going to
win the tough road games.

Santa Monica, CA

Let me back up what Where's Stockton said. Trouble with Deron refusing to run the plays coach Sloan called, and management not backing him were the things that made Jerry Sloan (and---in turn--Phil Johnson) throw in the towel with the Jazz. If you don't believe that you are wrong. Simply wrong. Jerry Sloan, whether you loved him or hated him, was incredibly loyal and a talented but entitled kid who behaved and reacted like he knew more than his coach--ruined last season for the Jazz and (I'm sorry) deserved to be booed to the rafters and I'm glad that he was.
"Hey Deron? That one was for Coach Sloan." If you don't think that a lot of Jazz players and all Jazz fans who don't have their head in the sand, weren't thinking that same thing--it's time for you to grab a little something called---a clue.
End of story.

Steve Jensen
Herriman, UT

Re: Wheres Stockton ???
Really? Jerry is a big boy. If Deron made him leave then he isn't much of a man. We all have people at work we dislike and have to deal with, and if Jerry left cuz of Deron then Boo-Whoo for him. Jerry dealt with his with several players over the years not just Deron. I loved Jerry, but when youre in your 60's, tired and have ALOT $$$ I too would rather retire. People I know in Jazz management said THEY (Greg Miller) were going to support Deron over Jerry - so Jerry left - so he did. O'Conner THEN convinced Miller and Rigby that it would be better to trade Deron and get something before he leaves.

Deron did A LOT for the Jazz. There isn't much reason to boo him. On a personal level he may not have been a nice person all of the time- but what pro athlete is? Most aren't great nice people. Most pro athletes don't play on one team their whole careers.

Hugh G. Hater

Steve Jensen-

I have heard the exact same thing from people within the organization in regards to Sloan. In the end, I think the team is better for it.

BUT, I'd still like to see someone other than raja and harris get tons of minutes. I'd like to see others get starter's minutes. And I'd love to hear the management talk about winning playoffs and getting back to being a championship caliber team.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Stevie...all that matters is that the Jazz was the better team last night...and that d. willie was owed nothing...regardless of whether you or I agree or disagree. And in conclusion however... I do agrree...that it was better to have gotten somethng better by trading him than to have let him walk out on his own.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

What's wrong with CJ? Only shot 75% from the field and 100% from the line. We got to trade him now. This guy is horrible.

Jerry needed to go and so did Dwill. Now if we could just get rid of Harris and Bell.

Roosevelt, UT

Cj needs to show up every 7 games, to show the fans he is not inconsistent

Los Angeles, CA

I couldn't watch the game last night, but nice to see some respectable shooting percentages from teh guards and wings. Nice that CJ had a good game (from the stat lines). Hopefully he can become consistent (even if it isn't making 15 plus pts per night, just shoot at a decent rate consistently) as we could use him.

Steve Jensen
Herriman, UT

I agree it was better to trade Deron (as much as I wish he stayed), but we got more back than he was worth. I too wish we has a pure point guard and someone other than Raja or C.J. We have a have a projected lottery pick from Golden St, a trade exception and money to spend next year. I think changes will come at the 2 and 3 spots, and possibly at the point. Hopfully Favors and Kanter will be good.

Morgan, UT

Hog Wash...

Everyone is saying 'shame on you' and DWill did alot for the Jazz...Hog Wash

What did Utah do for DWill...well lets see,

Made him a multi-millionair

Built an offense around him which made him an NBA alstar

Drafted him as their number one pick

Catered to his whinning and babish attitude...not to say, the only thing about DWill is DWill...

If we miss treated him in anyway, I can not see it.

He did not want to commit to a contract extension or even give a hint to it...Whats a team to do, lick his shoes.

Come people, DWill cares about as much for Utah as he does the little people he steps on to keep his ego up.

And now, some of you are upset that some Booed him...Get real!

Idaho Falls, ID

I think we are missing an important point here......the Jazz are winning. There is a lot to be positive about, although I know Jazz fans well enough to know they will find something to whine about. I am encouraged by our team's play over the last 8 games. The thing we are missing more than anything is a clear-cut leader on the floor. Sometimes I think it will be Milsap, other times Jefferson, Hayward, or Howard. Hard to know who I want to take the final shot in a close game.

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