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Published: Friday, Jan. 13 2012 6:00 p.m. MST

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love it when a circus comes to town, and Rocky never disappoints!

Salt Lake City, UT

Why did they keep the pizza a secret? If I had only known.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, the two major parties are more alike than they are different. They are both tools of capital to stick it to labor. We have in essence the Republicans and the Slightly Less Republicans. It's time to revive the socialist parties along the lines of Eugene Debs. But I wish Rocky well. I'll always appreciate his opposition to the Iraq invasion. In Utah he was completely alone. Now we know that war was a fraud and not worth the cost. Go Rocky!

Franklin, IN

I dont live in Utah...but always heard this dude was a clown. Is this a serious article? Or did he lose a drinking bet?


Hamilton, IL

Heaven help us!

Cache, UT

"Twenty minutes before, the auditorium was a classroom for an intro to childrenâs literature class for approximately 30 students. The crowd more than doubled before Anderson took the stage."

How in the world did they keep this mass of people under control?

DNews, quit giving this guy any coverage. I could draw 5 times that crowd to a rally, with pizza. haha

Sand Flea

So Rocky's campaign slogan "...to each according to his needs and from each according to his ability..." You guys in SLC continue to amaze me.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

One flew over the cuckoo's nest!! Rocky fits that character (played by Jack Nicholson)!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

From the article: This is a campaign of, for and by the people..." Rocky's own words.
If that were true, would they have more than 60 people at the kick-off?
Would they be worried about getting 2,000 signatures?
Methinks Anderson needs another 15 minutes and this is the way to do it.
Perhaps he will siphon away a few thousand Obama votes. That's a good thing, but not very important in red state Utah.

Mexican hat, UT

Instead of voting for the lesser of two evils , Rocky is getting into this race, hoping that you'll vote for the greater of three evils.

San Bernardino, CA

It's official; Ron Paul is no longer the craziest presidential candidate.

Ogden, UT

Hey Rocky the Nut and Bolt store called said they were short a nut. You fit the description!

Salt Lake valley, UT

I disagree with Rocky's views, but I support his right to form a 3rd-party. I hope he is successful in getting his name on the ballot in Utah and other states.

Dietrich, ID

Maybe he will take votes away from Oboma. People that run as third party candidates what are they thinking? When has a third party candidate won an election? Not very many anyway they have won. What they do is take votes away from someone that resembles them more.

Eureka, UT

Well, at least we know who we WON'T vote for!

Spanish Fork, Ut

I think they misnamed their political party. Here are some more appropriate titles: , "Hey Everyone Look At Me", "No Crazier Than Charles Manson", "We Hope Someday to Have a Dozen Members", "Home of the Drum Circlers".

Carlsbad, CA

With God, all things are possible. Even Rocky.

Centerville, UT


"They are both tools of capital to stick it to labor."

What century are you living in? Eugene Debs?? You imagine that most people still work on farms or in crowded factories and there is a man in a top hat with a bushy mustache forcing the workers into more hours for less pay.

Come with us to the 21st century, Marxist! There are offices owned by big corporations with soft chairs and AIR CONDITIONING!!! And not only do most of these companies offer health insurance, they offer crazy things like GYM reimbursements to encourage you to stay healthy. They offer tuition reimbursements to encourage you to go to school and get even FURTHER ahead! Sure, you can still CHOOSE to work in one of those industries that are so put upon by capital...Like the Auto Industry, for example, where workers only make $29/hour (according to the UAW). And when you add in benefits, it's more like $70/hour. So you can stay with Rocky in the 18th century, or come and enjoy America in the 21st century. And in America, you still have a CHOICE!!

Farmington, UT

Comic relief at its best.....

Be Practical
Sandy, UT


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