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Published: Thursday, Jan. 12 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Iowa City, IA

As bad as it has been, and still will be, there have been some signs of the players starting to get cohesive and buy into Coach Krysko's philosophy.

It wouldn't surprise me to see them actually surpass ASU and USC in overall and conference record by season's end. That's not much, and I'm not necessarily counting on it, but ASU has already shown signs of dismemberment, USC is wavering, and the Utes are getting warmer (relatively speaking, of course).

Go Utes!

Cowboy Dude

Third close game in a row! I can't wait for next week's home games.


Dang Utes! that was a tough loss... Utah has improved a ton over the season, each game they improve little by little. Just make 4 of the 9 free throws you missed and U win the game!!


Tough loss. Like I said last week, these are the games we gotta steal when we have the chance. Losing by 3 when you shoot 1-9 from the foul line and allowing about 20 second chance points is unacceptable. Love seeing Hinesy come out firing, though, so definitely some bright spots. The team also shot 51% from the field, which is great on the road, so that's encouraging as well. Cal's probably an even tougher than Stanford, although maybe not as accurate shooting, so we gotta tighten up on the boards and get tough for Saturday.

Nephi, UT

Congratulations to the Utah coaches and players from a BYU fan. You're probably not celebrating a close loss, but you have shown a lot of heart in banding together in the face of so much criticism and ridicule to become a very competitive team worthy of your opponents respect. Nice to see, even from a BYU perspective.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The turnaround is happening ... and much faster than the coug fans keep telling us it would be.
Imagine when the Utes start adding more talent ... the future is bright!

Morgan, UT

WOW...what a tuff conference, i wonder if any of the PAC12 will make it to the State High School playoffs????

Cougar Blue
N. Las Vegas, NV

Denver Post takes the entire PAC to task for their lack of BB prowess the last couple of years, and they are correct. Stanford didn't exactly set the world on fire this evening either.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


I'm also a BYU fan. I love to see the Utes lose, but it does appear to me the Utes are well on their way back to being a good basketball team.

Until then - loving the losses!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

"The turnaround is happening ... and much faster than the coug fans keep telling us it would be."

You're misreading the tea leaves. Didn't BYU fans also tell U that Utah's schedule would be alot easier once the Utes got to conference play?

Stanford, the best team in the PAC 12 barely surviving at home against one of the worst teams in the country is proof of that.

Stanford lost by 5 at home to Butler(9-8), a team that lost to Detroit(9-10), Evansville(7-8), and Gonzaga by 16.

One thing that is becoming clearer, the PAC 12 is a one bid league.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

So close to pulling off the upset. Utah played a tough game and never gave up - too bad the few last second 3 attempts didn't fall. I agree with above that the Utes need to improve on their foul shots.

This team is showing some good improvement and I really don't care what the coug fans have to say about it. The Utes are down and the PAC12 overall is down in basketball but the future is nothing but bright for both the Utes and the conference.

I do find it amusing when coug fans bag on the PAC12 - your jealousy is so transparent. The WCC as great as it is and all, is still ranked behind a down PAC12. Good years the WCC has been a 1 bid league - I'm not too sure that will change this year.

As for the Utes, keep working hard and good things will happen.

Frisco, TX

I think there's truth in both sides of the argument. The Utes seem to be getting a little better because they are playing harder and believing in themselves. But for those who believe U had a close game against a typical top tier PAC team, U are mistaken. I don't think there's a team in the PAC this year who could beat St Marys, BYU or Gonzaga on a consistent basis.

The good news for the conference, a Stanford win keeps them in the discussion for March madness. A loss to Utah would have taken them out of the picture. I'll be surprise if PAC get more than two teams in the dance.

Park City, UT

I thought BYU's free throw percentage was when the Cougars dropped below 70% this year (to 69.2%), but

Utah shooting 1 for 9 from the stripe (11%) isn't even up to peewee league standards.


Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Snack PAC

"You're misreading the tea leaves. Didn't BYU fans also tell U that Utah's schedule would be alot easier once the Utes got to conference play?"

Didn't Utah fans also tell BYU fans that once you start playing WAC and FCS teams in football, your schedule would be a lot easier?

Rexburg, ID

Good effort.

Cowboy Dude

Despite the loss I enjoy a close Stanford game rather than playing San Francisco.


Similar to the Washington game, when time is on the clock, the Utes play well. When each possession matters, they throw it way under pressure.

A little more maturity is needed with this team and I think they could win over 50% in the conference.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Bleed Crimson

More deflecting!

How long are you going to try to hide the runnin' Utes behind the skirts of your football program?

North Las Vegas, NV

Good job utes. Cant ever cheer for you, but I actually am wishing you a lil luck right now.

salt lake city, UT

hahaha i love the y fans coming on here trying their hardest to make like the wcc is better than the pac. YEAH RIGHT! sand diego one of the worst teams in the country barely lost to st marys by what 3 points? 5 points? get a clue y fans. didnt the EXACT same thing happpen with your football eam and you claimed they were getting better against VERY weak competition but when its the utah basketball team against a much better conference than the (wcc?) its impossible they are getting better they just play bad competition. what school in the wcc played duke to 6 pts? marquette to 6 pts? on a neutral site! haha get real y fans

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