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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 11 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

In the height of the Stockton/Malone era, the Jazz were the second best team in the NBA. We just have to live with that.

In the current era, we just have to accept that the Lakers are a better team than the Jazz. They have been for years, and until we as players and fans decide that is not acceptable, then the Lakers will continue to be a better team than the Jazz. We just have to accept that.

The Jazz played as well as we can expect last night. There aren't many teams in the league Kobe can defeat by himself, but he continues to defeat the Jazz with little help.

The more I watch Kobe play, the more I respect his game. He has a killer instinct. He does not accept losing to the Utah Jazz. The guy had 40 points shooting nearly 50% from the field. Nice game, Kobe.

(By the way, I'm pretty sure Raja Bell would not score 40 points if he took 30 shots in an NBA game.)

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Lets see....Harris and Hayward go 2 - 14. Score a mere five points between them while playing 51 combined minutes. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where the problem was last night. Bell gives up 40 points. Geez, it was a miracle the game went to overtime. The rest of the players must have been fabulous. CJ was the least of the problem at the wing last night. +7 while are the starters were in the negative. We know who should be starting now!!

Los Angeles, CA

Fun game to watch, and encouraging that the Jazz held their own this time after getting embarrased a couple of weeks ago by the Lakers (yes, I'll take the moral victory/progress with this team at this juncture).

I've been down on Devin Harris, perhaps justifiably so. However, what is becoming clear is that the Jazz (outside the bigs) are a really bad shooting team. FT% 84% Lakers v 69% JAzz, 3pt% 44 v 28%, and FG% 43 v 39% (the Jazz D gave the Lakers fewer shots, but they couldn't take advantage of it due to their poor shooting/free throw percentage).

Of the PGs, SGs and SFs (7 total), 5 are shooting between 18%-25% 3pts; the other two (Harris and CJ) are only at 33%- rangning from bad to embarrasing. Nearly all of them shoot less than 40% overall. Even FT% from this group hasn't been impressive.

Harris might get a higher assist rate (his turnover rate is great) if the team could make consistent shots outside of 15 feet! Maybe instead of trading HArris, the JAzz should pick up a reliable outside shooter.

Delta, UT

Great job by the Jazz!! i saw a lot of good things last night. Ive read some of these comments and all i see is complaining about the shooting, personnel etc. stop whining! this team has come a long way, and is going to continue to progress! its true we did shoot terrible, but we still took the lakers to ot. sometimes players have off nights, why not talk about the MEN we have playin down low? Millsap is a beast! and he let gasol know it. i never saw boozer do that to gasol. Id take Jefferson over boozer and okur any day of the week, and Kanter and Favors over all the dead weight we've had on the bench for the past few years(fesenko, koufas, collins, i can keep going if ya want me to) we will figure things out at PG. they will be fine, this team is moving forward. (bytheway D wills nets are 2-9, great trade eh?) and we still have a lottery pick from the williams trade. this team has a future. lets be a little more positive shall we?


Jazzledazzle.... When did I jump on Corbin? When did I say play Evans? Did you read my post? I was blogging yesterday at how much I loved Corbin playing the hot hand! I said I wished he would have played Millsap at the three more, because that is exactly when we pulled ahead... Both times! If you are playing against that tall of team, you can put Sap there. Corbin tried it and it worked. I think they are playing great.. I like Corbin much better than Sloan!

the boonies, mexico

Just find more than 10 minutes or less for Favors, Kanter and Burks Ty, especially when against tall timber like the lakers. I also think that Evans needs to play himself onto the bench rather than just be placed there. My other concern is with this ridiculous cramming of games into such a short time frame the good possiblities of player injuries. Spreading the minutes now would be wise to make sure we stay away from that problem, all the while giving the young men experience that they need against these good teams.
Jefferson and Milsap are logging too many in my opinion, and there are alot of back to backs and a three set coming up. Wearing down does cause these injuries were seeing now with other teams, too many games a week, bodies can't stand it.

Tokyo, Japan


years in the playground? really? i know people who played their entire life on the playground and still cant play ball...i played on my HS and college teams...and played the point...the only habit that i think Hayward should lose...is when he drives...he should not kick it out so often...either take it...or know where the bigs would go...so you'll just have to drop it to them...im not sure...why he doesnt assert himself to score...someone needs to talk to him...fast...he has a lot of upside...but its only his second year...CJ has already played more than 6 and he is still the same...

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