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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 11 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Jazz fans make me laugh. I follow them mostly to get a chuckle out of fans when they play. I have never seen so much changing of opinion from one game to the next.

Burks is going to be only a slight upgrade over CJ, both love to shoot and aren't that good at it.

Hayward gets way more credit from you fans than he deserves. He is never going to be a star. Mike Dunleavy Jr at best.

Favors also isn't as good as the fans think. Coaches see the players every day and know who will give what. Favors will never be any better than Drew Gooden.

The Jazz will never be a serious contender until the coaches, team, management and fans quit thinking moral victories. There is never such a thing as a good loss or a bad win.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Last nights game is now history. But if our coaching staff and fans reflect back to the stat sheets it makes one wonder where the game mindset was. Kobe played 43 min, Bynum 40 min, Gasol 47 min & Fisher 36 min, our main guys were Milsap 41 min, Jefferson 43 min, Bell 34 min, Howard 34 min, & Harris 31 min. The point here is only 2 of those players were really effective with min played, Kobe(40pts) & Milsap(29pts). I can't see why Burks, Kanter, Favors, and even Evans who never gets any minutes all didn't get more playing time, because quite frankly Big Al, and Bell did not deserve or play well enough to get that much PT.
Give the young fella's a chance to measure up and see what they can do or need to improve on Ty! This game wasn't for any championship or anything, what we need is development of our youth, and playing against these Laker players was a good place to get that. Against lower level competition improves conditioning but doesn't let them know where they need to be in this league. Play them more mins Ty!

Murray, UT

The game was great, the behavior of Lakers fans after the game was beyond despicable. They have no class at all and they are an embarrassment to their team. What did any of these guys do to win the game? They stand around taunting, swearing, and acting like a bunch of unruly two year old kids. They need to go back to L.A. where they truly fit in.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

To much detail probaly in that first post but here is a very important stat I believe that should be looked at. In approx 24 total minutes by Kanter, Favors and Burks they got 12 rebounds. Our team total for 265 minutes was 46. In other words the 3 mentioned players got just over 25% of the total team rebounds with 11% of the total team minutes played. Go figure?

Provo, UT

Come one Jazz fans, how can you rag on Corbin? Fortydam and chiefbrady. What are you guys watching?

-The Jazz are not turning the ball over this year much, they have one of the best rates in the league for that

-The Jazz are looking good on defense. Remember in past year? Jam the middle and give stand up 3 pointers all game? The one Gasol hit was garbage, I will take Gasol shooting a 3 to take the ball out of Kobe's hands any day. It was a fluke that he hit that.

-The Jazz are playing with energy, and looking good as a team. This is with really no pre season or training camp. The first few games were brutal with no camp and tough opponents.

-Why should they have played Jeremy Evans?? I like the guy, but he cannot shoot and he is a liability on defense. I like his potential but are you going to take minutes away from your best players to put him in against the Lakers? I think not.

Good job Ty, keep up the good work. The Jazz will have ups and downs as a young team, so far so good.

sandy, ut

Unlucky - sounds like you have a little too much time on your hands if you only follow these articles to see how the fans react...

Eagle Mountain, UT

Late in the 4th quarter, Kobe was 6 for 16 while being guarded by Bell. Yes, it was a gutsy defense. As usual, every questionable call was in favor of mr. superstar.
This game shows how far the Jazz have come in the past 16 days. My guess is they will continue to improve and will finish the season with 30-35 wins with a chance at a playoff spot.

Provo, UT

Not sure why everyone is calling for Jeremy Evans? I would rather have Al, Millsap, Favors and Kanter in people, and Josh Howard at the 3. Who do you suggest we take minutes from to put Evans in for. And let's give Raja some credit, he played Kobe as well as you can. The fact that Kobe had 40 does not mean Raja did not play well. Kobe is the definition of unguardable. The Jazz are playing well.


It is not a moral victory. I do not believe in that. However, I am more encouraged that it took Pau Gasol hitting a fluke 3 to get past the Jazz then the Jazz getting blown out at home. By the way, Favors is the real deal, he is only 20 though. I am not that high on Burks though, we do not need another Ronnie Brewer. I like his athleticism, but I hope he develops a shot.

Nevada fan
Washoe Valley, NV

Whoa everybody. This was a playoff type of game! Outside shooting has been bad for a long time so who do you blame players or Hornacek? I heard Shack commenting on Kobe and he said "most guys will practice 2 to 3 hrs, but Kobe is in the gym 6 to 7 hrs and doesn't drink it's all about b-ball. They are young for the most part, and hopefully DWill we see what every body else does in this team and comes back. He and his family likes it here and he is just what this team needs plus a 3 point specialist.

Logan, UT

My takes:

Jefferson, just like Boozer, can't play against the Lakers.

Hayward needed to pull up and shoot a 10 footer on that last possession. I love that he seems to be pass first, but he needs to start taking some shots with confidence.

Some Jazz players seemed to play timid against the Lakers. Millsap wasn't one of them. I loved his game last night. Kanter also wasn't one of them. He needed more minutes last night.

The Jazz still need a threat from outside.

I can't stand the Lakers, but they play really good defense.

Kobe, and all the all-star treatment he receives drives me crazy. I love the NBA, but the all-star treatment that has existed for as long as I can remember drives me nuts. If they are super-stars, they shouldn't need help from the refs.

Kobe knows he irritates Bell and he seems to enjoy that.

Great game to watch. The Jazz are improving. They are so far exceeding expectations this year. If we can get a good shooter, this can be a very good team.


I like Corbin but... rookie coach last nite. Going to Jefferson against Bynum over and over in crunch time was stupid. We had no advantage there and it was obvious from the is game (5-17) and last game (2-16) come on corbin!!

Milsap had the best advantage and we didn't go to him enough down the stretch.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't understand the people knocking the Jazz interior D. They stopped Bynum and Gasol in their tracks. Literally the only guy who could score for LA was Kobe. 78 points in regulation, Jazz D hasn't been this good in 10 years.

Roosevelt, UT

I would say the team is young playing together and so is Corbin young as head coach.

However inserting Hayward in the last minute was not a good decision. He had struggled for the entire game, not just with his shot but also he got beat repeatedly by his man.

I am hoping this is a rookie coaching error. As pointed out in earlier remarks the guards were off in their shooting, as were most of the forwards, the only thing consistent is their shooting coach..any thoughts about a replacement there? The team really needs help shooting.

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson were fabulous players yet it is hard to find worse coaches. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you can teach it, perhaps the Jazz need to reconsider their shooting coach as the team stinks at shooting, with exception of Millsap and Howard. The majority of them shot much better before coming to the Jazz.

Saint Louis, MO

Strange to say but Feshenko played well against one team. That was the Lakers. The reason comes from a previous comment. He was a "stopper in the middle" who clogged the lane against the Laker "trees". Favors and Kanter are the future "trees" but they still need someone to clog the middle. Jefferson doesn't do that and he plays miserably against the Lakers. Fesenko is a sad story. He was coachable with plenty of raw talent and no one did. It is obvious that Hayward has the same "disease". For any well educated person who played a lot of basketball on the playground, as I, then you know right away what is wrong with Hayward. A previous comment also graded the guards with D+. This is a major issue that needs correction. Progressing in the right direction but needs periodic tuning.

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT

Great game,

Especially for a young team. The Jazz are #1 in shot blocking, have the sixth best bench and are taking better care of the ball then they have in years!

Jefferson has been shooting well, but he's gotta pass more when he's up against tough defenders like Gasol. Nobody can make a high percentage of push shots on that sort of defense! That being said, all of our bigs are doing great on defense!

Corbin is proving he's the real deal! Nobody expected this team to do this well! Go Jazz!

Provo, UT

@Doug 10

We are all experts after the fact, and sitting at home on the couch. Who should he have in instead of Hayward? Certainly not Miles or Burks. I am not a huge Hayward fan yet, but who else should have been in. Hayward is one of the few that can create space and make his own shot. He just needs to be more aggressive and gutsy, but that will come with time. Or maybe it never will come, we will see how he develops.

Allen, TX

Yes, the Jazz shot poorly. Credit where credit is due, the Lakers' defense is stifling at times. Good effort, Jazz, much better than the opener.

Looking forward to Feb 4th.

-Laker Fan in Dallas

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

When you have a young team, you call time out to set up a play so Hayward understands he needs to shoot the ball when that close to the basket.

CJ haters all out today yet while on the the floor the Jazz were a +7. It is evident that the couch coaches on here do not understand the game.

Bell a defensive stopper? Come on...Kobe went for 40 and had a wide open look at the end of regulation to win it.

Why play Jefferson when he is so bad last night and keep Favors on the bench all night? Come on Corbin.

Salt Lake City, UT

1st home loss! Lakers 1st road win? You gotta love it baby!

Provo, UT

If we listened to some of the fans on here, our lineup would include:

Evans, Fesenko, Tinsley. What is next bringing Ostertag and Adam Keefe out of retirement. The coaching was good, the Jazz played well. They lost a tough game to a team that at this time is better. So quit whining and gear up for the next game.

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