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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 11 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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B Russ
Ephraim, UT

This was a tough loss of a very winable game. Milsap gave a valliant effort to try and win this game, but could have used more help from his supporting cast. Josh Howard provided some spark though.

Our guards were seriously outplayed especially Harris. Point guard is a major weakness on this team and I hope we see a change there soon.

Many of us have reconized that we need a big 7' defensive stopper in the middle for teams like Dallas and the Lakers. Tonight you could see why. Maybe Favors being on the floor more than just 10 minutes would have helped.

Temecula, CA

Great game by Milsap. He is so good around the basket, unlike his teammate Jefferson, who is a non-factor when the paint gets packed in. Favors plays taller than Jefferson and when Favors and Kanter were in the game, Bynum and Gasol had all kinds of problems on offense. I think coach should have let Favors and Kanter play more...and Hayward should have played more in the second half. Even though his shot was off, he is so good at keeping the offense moving. Watson's play at point definitely superior to Harris's in this game. All in all, fun game to watch. Go Jazz.

West Jordan, Utah

Coming into the season, I was looking forward to watching the young talent develop. My expectations were that of hard work and positive growth. I did not put stock into playoff berths or championship contention.

I have enjoyed watching the Jazz and the winning streak has peaked my interest a little more. That said, I have been confident I would not get worked up over losses this year. That all changes with the Lakers. Why? because I can't stand them and the Jazz never beat them. Just one time please!

Tyler Ray
Taylorsville, UT

Excellent effort despite the loss, but the true colors of Devin Harris and CJ Miles showed brightly tonight. GET 'EM BOTH OUT OF UTAH!

Tokyo, Japan

i think...during clutch...the Jazz should look for Hayward...i think he could be a clutch performer for us...right now...its hard to look for a guy who can consistently score on mid range for us...maybe josh Howard for this game should have taken the final shot...i think overall it was a very good game...we held them just 90 points...we just had a rough night shooting the ball...

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

I love the way the Jazz are playing right now.

My only disappointment is that Gordon Hayward has become too scared to take almost any shot whatsover--quite the opposite of who he was in college, and at the end of last season. What happened to that confident kid who almost led Butler to a national title upset over Duke? Multiple times over the past several games, Hayward has driven past his man, creating the opportunity for a good shot in the paint, but then has passed up the shot under the guise of being unselfish and attempting an assist.

Case in point--with about 11 seconds left in overtime tonight, with the Jazz down by one, Hayward drove by his man to the basket. But, rather than taking the ball up strong for a dunk or to draw a foul, he passed off last minute to Jefferson who was standing only about two feet away (Jefferson was lucky to field the pass, and then got his shot blocked).

I was expecting Hayward to be a leader on this team, which requires a willingness to take big shots, but lately, he seems to have lost his "mojo."


Great shooting...

Harris 1 - 6
Hayward 1 - 7
Watson 0 - 4
Burk 1 - 4

East High School does better than that.

Provo, UT

My thoughts;

1- Great effort, the Jazz did not back down, and I think we just saw how good our team is

2- The Jazz look SO much better defensively this year.

3- Kobe is still the best in the game, whoever said he was 7th is not very smart. LeBron does not have a clutch gene is his body. I hate Kobe, but he is the best, plain and simple.

4- The Jazz are a good team, they play hard defense, and mostly everyone contributes

5- The Lakers no longer have the big height advantage over the Jazz.

6- It took Pau Gasol hitting a 3 to beat the Jazz. I gues you got to live with that.

7- The Lakers got worse this year. They lost Odom, they are older. Steve Blake and Derek Fisher are not going to cut it.

8- Josh Howard was a great pick up and the Jazz need to lock him up for a couple years by offering a contract soon.

9- The Jazz still need a go to guy in the clutch, Howard was great tonight

10- Devin Harris? Anyone seen him? Some help tonight would have been nice.



Terrible shooting from Harris, Hayward, Watson, and Burke. Terrible...terrible...terrible



Do you relly believe that there was "gutzy defense" from Bell? His man got 40 tonight and a couple of nights ago his man was held to a 32 point effort. Not gutzy defense...no defense!

Provo, UT


Yes, it absolutely was gutsy defense. Did you watch the end of regulation? Raja fought him hard. Show me one player who can "D" up Kobe.


Good defense cannot be considered by one or two plays in a game. Its overall performance for the entire game. Not just tonight but every night.

Provo, UT


I will agree though, I have been disappointed in Devin Harris pretty much since he got to Utah. He was worthless tonight and should have had a field day with 97 year old Derek Fisher on him.....

Salt Lake City, UT

I think that Hayward will some day be a fine player. However, someone needs to tell him what my dad taught me when I was 5. When you drive to the basket you are taking the man guarding you with you. Therefore when you get to the hoop, you must either shoot it or draw the defense TO YOU and THEN dish. Loved how Hayward drove the lane on the last Jazz possession and then handed the ball to Jefferson. What was he supposed to do with it? at that point he was guarded by Bynum (7 foot) and Gasol was in the lane (7 foot) and now Hayward's man was also standing right next to Jefferson curtesy of Hayward taking his man to Jefferson.

Also next time Hayward drives to the basket and then throws the ball back out past the three point line, I'm going to lose it. Again when I was 5 dad tells me " when you drive and leave your feet, you better know what you are going to do with the ball BEFORE you jump."

Salt Lake City, UT

Much better effort tonight than when we first played the Lakers. I think we're getting better though - and for a young team like we have, that's great!

Millsap = A+ (really wish we had three of him)
Howard = A (still don't like him personally but he played huge tonight)
Jefferson = C- ($212,000 per game? Really?)
Hayward = D- (two pts and passed on too many shots - i.e., the potential game winner???)
Bell = C- (Woulda been an F but he came out strong. Refs limited him too)
Harris = D+ (1-7 shooting sucks but five dimes in 31 mins)
Watson = D+ (why did we let Ronnie Price go again?)
Miles = D+ (he needs an "airball" penalty clause in his contract)
Favors = C+ (five rebounds and four pts in only 12 mins? c'mon coach!)
Burks = D+ (four shots in three mins of play? really?)
Kanter = C- (four boards, three points and a block in 10 mins)

Corbin - D+ (why didn't Evans play??? why not call a time out with 11 seconds? why don't you look at your bench during the game sometime?)

Overall, big improvement from last Laker game but lots to work on guys.

Go Jazz!!!

Ivins, UT

@ dukester

The Jazz are a very young team that will experience some growing pains this year but on an off shooting night they took one of the best teams in the league into overtime. Maybe that's hard for you to see because you're so busy looking over the stat sheet to find the worst shooting numbers on the team tonight to try to discredit the Jazz for a great effort.

Kobe scored his points but nobody in the world can guard him one on one. I thought Bell did a nice job forcing him to make some tough shots. This was a winnable game for the Jazz and when they are more experienced they will win these games.

Sounds like East High must have a great team though this year:)

Farmington, UT

11 min for Favors and 9 for Kanter? Aren't we supposed to use our bigs against other bigs?!?!?

Hugh G. Hater

How much longer will the poor guard play be ignored by the coaching staff?
This game was winnable. Bell, Harris, and Hayward are black holes on this team. Time to start Watson and Howard!

Bellevue, WA

Until the Jazz get a true 7' center to start, they will have continue to have issues with the same teams (Lakers, Spurs, etc...). Jefferson is not the answer here (Mark Gasol gave him fits inside the other night. I know some folks will say "but he does score a lot of points for the Jazz" How many does he give up on "D" when he is asked to guard a true center? How many points does he lose out on because he cannot score on a decent 7' and will not pass the ball back out?


I agree we should have left our biggest lineup in the game that second half. Corbin should have used Millsap at the three where he dominates Barnes and Artest all night. Kanters small stint,derailed there twin towers the entire time he was in there. His rotation on the pick and roll shut down the mid range game also. This kid is ready for big minutes! ChiefBrady giving him a C- is absurd! What he pulled off in 10 minutes against those guys was a solid A+ performance. We can still point the same glaring problems.

Jefferson's inability to pass and his weak defensive effort on the pick and roll. Haywards lack of confidence, and inability to shoot his way out of this slump. This kid is better than this! Weak play from our point guards! Confidence from anyone shooting the ball from outside! And for those of you who don't care for Howard, you must have a short memory. This guy was an all star, and could be one of the best players on the roster.

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