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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 11 2012 9:00 a.m. MST

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Nampa, ID

Dang, kid can stroke it. So awesome to see talent like that. Some of those players in the video have SIC skills. Brandon Davies continues to gain confidence around the rim. I know Rose isn't a showboat coach, but as a fan, there's nothing like some mean rim-hating dunks.

So glad you're coming to BYU, Nick. Jackson was a big part of BYU's success. Can't wait to see what kind of legacy you make.

Go Cougs!!

Frisco, TX

BYU's backcourt is set for the next seven years. Carlino, Harrison, Winder, Cusick and Zylstra will anchor the backcourt for the next four years. Followed by Nick Emery, TJ Haws and Chatman.

The wing is solid with Abouo, Rogers, Tyler Haws and Kyle Collinsworth owning the position for the next six years.

The front court has a solid pipeline with Hartsock, Davies, Chris Collinsworth, Nate Austin, Josh Sharp, Ian Harward and Isaac Neilsen lined up.

It's a great time to be a Cougar!

Farmington, UT

Re: CougFaninTX,

If we can only land Jabari Parker, this could be a Final Four program.

Bountiful, UT

giantfan - As a basketball fan in the state of Utah I'd love to see Jabari play in Provo. Not sure that would put them in the final four because Parker is one and done, so it'd have to be in his freshman year. You don't go to the Final Four with Nate Austin in the post.

Bloomington, IN

RE: UU32

"You don't go to the Final Four with Nate Austin in the post."

I'm not saying BYU is a final four team, but it isn't because of Nate Austin. You obviously haven't watched him play. I still can't believe he returned from his mission only weeks before the season started. He shows the potential to be one of the greatest post players ever at the Y (which I know isn't saying much, but he does look good).

salt lake city, UT

well indianacoug aka giantfan glad to know you were one of the y fans posing with 2 names lol. all in good fun tho. and actually nate returned a few weeks before SCHOOL started not the season.

and cougintex i hate to say it but i sure agree with your assessment of the coug team for the next 10 yrs or so. i played with brandon, kyle, ty (aau), nate, josh, ian, and cusick (slcc) and they all can compete with anyone in the country


Need at least 3-4 potential NBA players to go to the final four.

Farmington, UT

sportsfanforlife (or is it UU32?),

That's hilarious! I've never been accused of being someone else on these boards.

I do believe that BYU could be a Final Four team with Jabari, even if he is one-and-done. He wouldn't play for the Cougars until 2013-2014 season when Tyler Haws and Kyle Collinsworth are off their missions, Nick Emery would be a Freshman and Carlino a junior and from what I've seen in the pipeline, even though their bigs might not be their strongpoint, they would be just fine in the post with that kind of backcourt stretching the floor. Look what Syracuse did with one-and-done Carmelo Anthony (who, by the way, Jabari says he patterns his game after). I'm not saying BYU would win an NC but it certainly would be interesting and I think they could go far.

I haven't heard if Jabari is mission-bound, though. Wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't but he does go to early-morning seminary in Chicago so maybe it is in his plans.

One more note on Jabari: He's considered by many to be the best high school player in the country. And he's only a junior.


"Need at least 3-4 potential NBA players to go to the final four"

What a ridiculous statement when a team with one NBA player has played for the championship each of the past two seasons.

Perhaps a BCS should be setup for the NCAA Tournament to prevent this sort of outrage.

Farmington, UT

Re: MLH,

Agree and disagree. It certainly helps but do we really need to generate a list of teams that have been to the Final Four that didn't have 3-4 legit NBA prospects on it? Butler is the perfect example.

With that said, who's to say that the 2013-2014 BYU basketball team wouldn't have 3-4 prospects on it with the likes of Jabari Parker, Matt Carlino, Tyler Haws, Nick Emery et al?

salt lake city, UT

you're probably right just looked funny that indiancoug was kind of responding to you're post.and dont get me wrong they're both good players but to project emery and carlino to be nba prospects just isnt accurate at all.

Syracuse, UT

If we could land Jabari Parker, and he was truely rated as the best player coming out of HS, I think we could then land some bigs to help shore up the middle and also bring a good power forward. A lot of if's but still very possible.

Farmington, UT


"dont get me wrong they're both good players but to project emery and carlino to be nba prospects just isnt accurate at all."

I'm not projecting them as prospects, it's just way too early to write them off as NBA material especially when we're talking about 2013 when Jabari would start his BYU career if he were to choose to lace them up for the Cougars. Carlino has shown great potential having played less than half a season at the collegiate level. Emery is a three-star recruit as a junior in high school and is turning heads, as evidenced by this very article. He could very well be a four-star recruit by the time he graduates (kind of the way Mangum has turned heads during the last 9 months).

salt lake city, UT

@giantfan you could be right but highschool and college are two complete different competition levels no matter what kinda comp. you play in in highschool and you can be a great college player but never make a peep in the league cause its just that big of a difference level of comp. just ask jimmer. and from all the competition ive seen coming outta highscool emery just isnt on par with the east coast kids as far as athelticism, skill wise he's right in the mix. and i can say those things about emery cause i have seen him play since he was a little kid. even been at the same aau tourneys. (i played with ty haws and cj wilcox)

Brad E.

Hopefully Nick represents BYU well. His brother Jackson did well, but seems to hate the world for not getting into the NBA. Nick is substantially shorter than Jackson, but hopefully he has a chance to do what his brother didn't.

Bountiful, UT

The younger Emery and Haws combination will be very good for BYU. Make no mistake, they are top notch elite national level talent.

highland, utah

He's really short isn't he?

highland, utah

The younger Emery and Haws combination will be very good for BYU. Make no mistake, they are top notch elite national level talent.
r u serious about this uu32?? they are both short white guys that shoot too much...they are not team players....if Jabari comes 2 ybu its one and out as ybu fan you know all about 1 and out

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