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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 10 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Denver, Colorado

Huntsman - It's time to smell the "coffee" (in your case Postum). You're done, move on!!

Clearfield, UT

Thanks a lot, Jon, for planting an old Beatles tune earworm in my head today.

Alexandria, VA

A ticket to ride to where? He's going to get 2% of the vote in SC and won't come close to winning even in Utah. He's just running now for experiences to put in his book.

Allen, TX

Stick a fork in him....


Can't you just hear the chant, "We're # 3...We're # 3...We're # 3.... (yawn)?
He has more money than sense and more blue than red,

but he'd make a terrific running mate for the sitting POTUS. Better by far than Biden and with less needed damage control.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Mitt must be wondering why the rest of his "friends" aren't just going away!
According to the media, it is finally suppose to be his turn!

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

honor code:
i think jonny jr would say that postum or coffee is hard to define.

South Jordan, UT

His ego s bigger than his wallet, He should have been out of this race months ago.

Washington, DC

Huntsman has a huge problem: He is a ute. Romney has a huge advantage: He is a Cougar. Voting for Huntsman is voting for the BCS. Vote Cougars, and vote Romney!

Draper, UT

Huntsman needs to know that So. Carolina is not remotely like New Hampshire. He may have "A Ticket to Ride" there but he'll quickly find "He's a Real Nowhere Man." If he truly wants to be president he needs to regroup and look four to eight years down the road.


Huntsman's excited about third place, is this a participation sport like soccer where winning and losing doesn't matter, only that you tried?

Salt Lake City, UT

Ticket to ride? Are tuesday nights family home evening night for the Huntsmans?

Bakersfield, CA

And yet Mitt spent $43 million of his personal fortune on his lost '08 bid...

Just goes to show you that Americans still throw away unholy amounts of cash on politics while our poor and homeless continue to suffer. Our vets return to low opportunities and our kids go in debt for college loans that have an abysmal return on their investment. We could cite more waste and irrational use of our resources. Too bad we can't get a political process in this technical age where we just have televised debates, town halls and web-chats. Are there any Gates or Jobs out there with a true philanthropic/political solution?

I understand our process and I believe that much good for our unfortunate can be done on the presidential level. Compassion is a trait of all our parties. Our debate lies in how we disperse it. Maybe John would have spent the same amount as Mitt had he the option, but why disparage either good man? Both have impressive lives, service and gifts to offer society.

I would vote for any man who had given $43 mill to the starving, with or without a ballot.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ride what?? His dirt bike? Ride back to Utah?

Do us all a favor Jon, and ride away into the sunset.

Farmington, UT

By looking at those pictures, you'd think Huntsman just won the Presidency. What? He only won 3rd place in one state's Republican Primary? Well, I guess I can't fault him too much since this will be the high-water mark of his candidacy. Might as well celebrate while you can. And don't forget, Jon, the sooner you bow out, the sooner you can get on with the rest of your life.

Orem, UT

I thought 3rd was a good finish for Huntsman...at least he made the news and didn't get eclipsed. He...might...have a big of a chance as Santorum, at least...

Murray, UT

He got a "ticket to ride" alright ,,,,"the long and winding road " back to Utah. go Mitt!

Saint Louis, MO

Strange, strange campaign run by Huntsman. He basically comes from the same power base as Romney. He was the ambassador to China which means lots of interaction on behalf of Obama. It appears that he was some sort of "stealth" candidate only that he "lit matches in the middle of the night" while sneakin' around. Romney has some sort of magnetism that he is starting to build on. Huntsman just fizzled.


I don't understand why huntsman was on the front page of the paper (big coloured layout) - winning 3rd place and Romney was somewhere in the front section.
Since the trib came out for huntsman, we should've left that to them.

Springville, UT

The Huntsman campaign. Wow, that's money well spent.

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