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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 10 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

I would hope that these respected religious leaders would call for respect for the law, and adherence to legal processes for immigration.

However, I fear that they will instead demand amnesty, removal of our current immigration laws, and for de facto sanctuary cities to be the norm, not the exception. If that is the case, I can no longer respect these leaders.

What part of "obey the law and you are not illegal" do they fail to understand?

Hispanic immigrants, the legal kind, are a welcome asset to our country, but the illegals are not.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Our laws need to be changed to value keeping families together. Right now our legal system too often separates couples as well as children from parents as part of the immigrantion process.

We should at a minimum end all deportations of spouses of United States citizens. This should especially apply to cases where the spuse was here priviously and they met in the United States.

Tough rules on granting visas to bring a person to marry in the United States are reasonable, and whether the US should recognize weddings entered into the phone is debatable. However if people were married in the United States and one of them is a citizen, the other should not face deportation.

I would also advocate the same rules if one of the people has permanent resident status, but my minimum proposal is still better than the current system.

Murray, UT

I've never heard the Bishops or pro-illegal advocates try to stop the problem. They just keep calling for amnesty, it's not about the people here, it's about them controlling our immigration now, and in the future with illegal activity.

Families are kept together as much as any country can when people break immigration laws. Legal immigration of old broke up more families, it was the choice of those who came here. Just like it's the choice of those who come here illegally.

If you marry a person in this country that has been here for over a year illegally, then you (and children) pay the price, the law is quite clear, a three or 10 year ban is mandated.

Murray, Ut

Our laws are not broken. We have people in our government not enforcing immigration and identity theft laws as they are written. We have millions of people who are dishonestly breaking the immigration laws, and identity theft laws. We have people encouraging the lawbreaking. This is what's broken.

Force government to change, or change them. Stop new lawbreakers and deal out the prescribed punishment to those who break the laws, and question those who encourage the dishonesty.

Would we have this mess if laws were enforced?

Pope Benedict called on immigrants to respect the laws and national identity of their host countries. October 26) 2010, "States have the right to regulate migration flows and to defend their own frontiers, always guaranteeing the respect due to the dignity of each and every human person. Immigrants, moreover, have the duty to integrate into the host Country, respecting its laws and its national identity."

Santa Clara, UT

When they speak of immigrant do they refer to a LEGAL immigrant or an illegal alien? I hope their reform discussion will include enforcement. No one that I know has a problem with legal immigration, it's the illegal trespasser that causes the problem. They should encourage respect for our and all countries laws. Viva legal immigration.

Murray, UT

With the Bishop leading this it is going to be nothing short of an amnesty fest.Americans are fed up with illegal immigration and any politician who pedals it goes down, there are a ton of examples. The next one to go will be Obama who is now trying to soften up in order to get political gain as usual. I for one am tired of hearing about the break up of families. This is a total farce, there is a road to travel back to Mexico, take the whole family, hold a reunion in Mexico any day of the week. The only thing stopping them is some of the family members are breaking the law. In the U.S. when some of our family members break the law they go to prison and it breaks up our families as well. Until every one in the family decides to obey the law and go the legal route, family break up is a price we all pay. Obey the law or reunite back where you came from, stop the nonsense in the meantime, we don't want to hear it any longer.

Ogden, UT

Fixing the nation's broken immigration system is a federal responsibility, says Bishop John C. Wester of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City.
Come on Bishop get of that old mantra, Broken System. There is nothing wrong with our immigration laws that some good old enforcement won't cure! As far as families broken up it happens everyday in our justice system. People are sent to jail and families are broken up. Those families can not join their family member in jail. Those who are deported their families can go with them. Enough wah wah wah.

Gilbert, AZ

I applaud President Obama for showing Great Leadership regarding Immigration Reform.

The E-verify Law, the I.C.E. Deportation Program, and "The Worst Recession in U.S. History" all began together January 2008.

This is No Co-incidence!

"America is great because it is good, when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."
Alex De Tocqueville
A very wise 1840's French Historian.

Over Five Thousand legal Citizen Hispanic Children are now in Foster Care with their Parents Deported away from them.

Over Forty-two Thousand Hispanic "Human Beings" now lie dead at the Harsh U.S. Mexico Border where I.C.E. has Deported/Dumped Hundreds of Thousands with nothing, not even water, into the middle of a known "Drug War", to be killed, or to die of the elements.

This is not the America that I was raised in!

We can rebuild Nations all over the World for people that resent, even hate us, surely we can treat our own Family members in our "Homeland" as "Human".

This is a good start!

We can Control our Borders , and still treat "Human Beings" as such!

To: Good.



St. George, Utah

Fixing the nation's broken immigration system is a federal responsibility, says Bishop John C. Wester of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City.

Who is the federal government? is it not we the people, the citizens of the United States? Who is the State government? again we the people the citizens of that state? The laws in Utah are not affecting US citizens outside our borders. I agree all humnans need to be treated with respect, though also needs to be held accountable.

I have to carry my drivers licence, proof of insurance and car registration, when ever I drive. A visitor from Belgem came to vistit and was shocked he did not have to carry his papers, infact he was always in a pannic looking and asking where he had to show his papers when ever he passed a town or state border. There are many other examples from around the world.

hypothetical: rob a bank at gun point of millions, give to charity and live a good life, have a family cause no other problems, should he not be held accountable for the robery? it is harsh but being here illegally is the same.


It used to be that clergy urged their congregations to obey the law. Something changed when I wasn't paying attention. I guess now we can all be a little "selective" as to which ones we obey depending on whether we like them or not.

So you won't mind if we give YOUR JOB to an illegal trespasser? If we're going to give foreign aid to Mexico, why not distribute it directly IN Mexico, instead of throughout the states? BTW - Mexico has the 7th largest economy in the world. I'm not sure they need foreign aid.

You're correct on your "foster children issue" though, we REALLY SHOULD change the laws so illegal trespassers can't hop across the border, give birth, and have their children receive automatic itizenship!!

Gilbert, AZ

@ 1Conservative.


Since the Start of the January 2008 I.C.E. Deportation Program for every Good, Hard Working Immigrant Deported, America has lost over four times as many American jobs.

The Fact is that the Hard Labor Immigrants gladly used to do for America was the very Foundation of our once Strong Economy, and this HARD LABOR supported all other American jobs.

Tens of thousands of vacated Immigrant Dwellings triggered and caused the "Foreclosure Crisis."

It is Backward thinking that has cost America jobs!

There is a Forest just beyond those Trees.

To: Good, and Brotherhood from Sea to shinning Sea.

Murray, Ut

Those 5,000 children are usually sent home with the parents. The only exception being that they were taken away from the family by the individual states family services because their parents didn't want them, or there were other issues causing the child to be removed.

E-verify was around long before 2008, that was the date that Arizona made business use it. Can't blame the recession on that, try sub prime loans.

Deportations are being bused inside the country away from the border

I hope the Bishops can come up with a plan to stop more people from coming and making it worse.

Orem, UT

Immigration reform is not going to work if we just add more laws and rules to supplement the ineffective laws already in place. The solution is simple: We must change the laws to make entry easier for the good guys and near impossible for the bad guys. Right now, we've got it backwards. Many of the folks who "swim the river" or "hike the desert" do so because of the befuddling red tape and expense required to come here and work. Let's make the way easy for the workers and potential citizens, who come here with good intent. And let's come down hard on those who come here with ill intent. Adding layer after layer of new laws and regulations will make a bad situation worse. We need a complete overhaul: Throw out what we have and start over!


@"david nichols"

VERY INTERESTING "take" on the housing crisis! I've never heard that one.

Illegals trespassers though, aren't taking just the extremely difficult hard working jobs. They've taken over MANY jobs beyond agriculture. As a matter of fact, the ones I know WON'T do those jobs.
BTW - you do realize I suppose that there IS a program in place for farmers to fill those jobs through the H1 visa program?
Most don't bother; WHY should they? Immigration enforcement is all but nonexistent anyway.

For the last 18 months border patrol has been told to count all the illegal immigrants that they stop at the border and tell to turn around and go home as "deportations"

Then there's the issue of "free stuff" that we supply to illegal trespassers.
WIC, food stamps, free healthcare, education, etc.
Why not just ENFORCE immigration laws, then all the people who would like to "sponsor" an immigrant, such as yourself could do that LEGALLY. But YOU AND YOU ALONE would be responsible for their care and to make sure they learn our language and bail them out of jail when they get arrested!
Why involve the rest of us?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Americans are fed up with illegal immigration and any politician who pedals it goes down, there are a ton of examples."

Yeah, like that guy who sponsored SB1070 in Arizona got voted out of office. Wait... that's an example of the opposite... nevermind.

Saint Louis, MO

The new bishop of L.A., Jose Gomez, has voiced support for legal immigration. His predecessor, Cdnl Mahoney did not. He has stated that amnesty would be a "slap in the face" to those who have patiently supported the present system in an attempt to come to this country legally. Unfortunately, as a Catholic Navy veteran, I support the number of previous comments which believe that the majority of Catholic bishops support an amnesty program for political motives and most of these same bishops secretly support the Obama socialist administration as opposed to the capitalist policies of the Romney campaign. If you read the books of Malachi Martin, you will not be in doubt about the real agenda of the Catholic Church in America.

Gilbert, AZ

Tanked U.S. Economy 101;

A mass Exodus of Immigrants away from America began in mid 2007 in advance of the upcoming start of the E-verify Law, and the I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration Programs which began January 2008.

The vacated homes, and or Apartments began to turn the Real Estate Market upside Down beginning mid 2007.

Tens of Thousands of vacated Immigrant Dwellings triggered, therefor caused the
Foreclosure Crisis in America.

Yes, as Home values plummeted, and there were less people to rent/own Homes many Americans then let there Homes, even excess Homes go into Forclosure.

Many after taking out all the equity they could right before letting them go into Foreclosure.

These Americans should be prosecuted for the damage they did to America's Economy.

In short Yes the Deportations/Mass Exodus of Good, Hard Working Immigrants is absolutely what Caused America's Finacial Meltdown.

This is our I.C.E.'d Economy.

Not to mention what has happened to Food Costs.

Wake up America.

We are Far Better than this.

To: Liberty.

Gilbert, AZ

@ JBrady'

No U.S. Citizen Children have ever been "Sent Home"/Deported with their Parents.

These Citizen Children's Home is the U.S.!

Fact: over Five Thousand two hundred are now in Foster Care with their Parents Stipped away from them!

The Prime Mortgage Rate since the Deportations began is now far Lower than the So Called "Sub Prime" Mortgages were! (A Direct Result.)

Please watch out for the "Boogey Men Bankers", The"Predatory Lenders", and my favorite the "Bubble Fairy".

Tens of thousands of Vacated Immigrants Dwellings at the Exact same Time as the "Foreclosure Crisis"couldn't have had any effect on Mortgages failing, could it?

If a Branch fell on your head, could you figure out what hit you?

Wake up.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is one very active Mormon who is looking forward to joining my Catholic brotherin in attending this conference. Yes our immigration laws are as broken as our tax laws are. Anyone who cannot accept that has not looked at the facts and is motivated by Nativist feelings rather than reason.

Farmington, UT

There is so much irony that these organizers say this is a federal issue, yet they are choosing to meet in Utah while glorifying this is the place for immigrants. Isn't that an inherent contradiction??

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