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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 10 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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Tempe, AZ

What a cute story.

Las Vegas, NV

It's still god to be a Cougar Fan! (Even if the TUN says we and the Poles don't matter :)

Farmington, UT


So when will you add 'Troll' to the end of your username? Now that would be cute.

Murray, UT

What a stupid title and story. Who cares if he played some back-up QB? Did any other commit ever fill in at other positions inquiring minds want to know?

Boise, Id

If he is even half as good as his brother Austin, he will be fun to watch in Cougar Blue.


It must have been if you took the time to read it. Or maybe that's your BYU obsession? Which one would you like to admit to?

Pocatello, ID

Good stuff GMan.

I wasn't aware that Dylan played qb this year. Good to know he's got a semblance of an arm. Austin was used a little as a wildcat qb his senior year.

One correction is that Austin married Jordan's sister and therefor Dylan and Jordan are not brothers in law. Their two families are very close though. I believe Jordan's and Dylan's dads were teammates/roommates while at BYU in the early 80's.

Keizer, OR

@ Murray19 - who forced you to read the article?

Frisco, TX

We have some great commits for 2012, and Dylan is one of them. Now I'll be looking for him to throw a flea flicker on a WR double reverse. LoL

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Murray 19: Apparently you care, You read the article and commented on it it.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Did anyone tell Collie that BYU is "WAC" Champions?!

North Summit 05
Coalville, UT

Ute fans are you just a little jealous Byu has so many players in the qb department or that have played qb Utah should use this past season as a lesson learned as Byu did when we had so many qb's go down with injuries recruit heavy on that position every year

Murray, UT

Colie switches to QB? Sounded like something more than for 2 games he filled in at QB. A bit different that a real position change.

Farmington, UT

Re: murray19,

Such a stupid story that you commented twice? 16 hours apart? Me thinks that someone has a BYU obsession.

Frisco, TX

re: Honor Code
"Did anyone tell Collie that BYU is "WAC" Champions?!"

Are you still stuck in the last century, when BYU regularly won the WAC Championship and Utah was a cellar dwellar in the WAC? Hopefully, remembering how U used to rank in the WAC will help U deal with your new role in the PAC. Maybe U should have stayed in the MWC. That was the only respectable decade of Ute football.

I'm pretty sure Collie knows who is the only Top 25 FB team in the state of Utah.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Let im play quarterback at BYU, he's bound to be better then Nelson.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Just another weapen we might use him to qb and pass the ball to our primary qb.

Midvale, UT

"Did anyone tell Collie that BYU is "WAC" Champions?! "

You know, that's what makes BYU great. We dont' have to define ourselves on just two championship wins. It's about football, it's about the game, it's about the tradition and history . . . something Utah will never understand. All you care about is being on top or your're worthless.

Proud to be a Cougar!!

Evanston, WY

CougFaninTx: Did he or you see the game with Utah? what was it 54-10? Keep going on about football in the state of Utah. Scoreboard.

Orem, UT

so the question is...is he any good at quarterback?

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