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Published: Saturday, Jan. 7 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT


Salt Lake City, UT

It's not looking good, Governor, but I hope you stick around. Please run for one of the US Senate seats. I would LOVE to see you oust Lee. In the meantime, be prez at the U!

Uncle Charles
Where freedom and liberty reign, utah

Huntsman was running for POTUS? I never knew....

Holladay, UT

Another Romney article: 3 for today, Deseret News.

This feels very one-sided.

Saratoga, UT

Not a start as ....well, he didn't. Not a finish because - he was done long ago; even The Donald called him insignificant.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Time for a reality check Huntsman, it's over!

West Hills, CA

@The_Kaiser: Another Romney article: 3 for today

This was an article about Huntsman, not Romney! Of course, Romney was mentioned in the Huntsman article as were the other 4 candidates running for the Republican nomination. Romney may be mentioned more than some of the others because, at this point, he is leading in most of the polls. But this is true nationally, not just in the DN.

Visit the library or a newstand that carries national newspapers and see how often Romney is mentioned. I subscribe to the Los Angeles Times and I commented a few days ago in this Comment Section, citing the number of Romney articles and color pictures in that newspaper. Romney is news and newspapers write about news.

Salt Lake City, UT

The story is how does a smart and qualified guy run such a bad campaign! Was it arrogrance or stupidity. Either way unfortunately Huntsman really missed the mark!

Lake Elsinore, CA


I don't think the Deseret News is much different in it's ratios of articles between Romney and Huntsman than the rest of the media in the nation.

Romney is in front. Huntsman is in the back. The frontrunner always gets more attention.

It's just a matter of days until Huntsman endorses Romney.

Mitt 2012

Saint Louis, MO

The Huntsman strategy has been extremely hard to understand.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Well, at least Jon gave it a try. Perhaps he can again become an ambassador somewhere.

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX

Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.

Giuliani tried something similar when he kind of ignored Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, UNTIL what he thought was his magic state of Florida. Unfortunately by the time Florida came around REAL voters were casting REAL votes for REAL delegates. It was too late.

Also, pretty much everybody who was running for 2012 was four years too late. Republicans seem to want to nominate somebody who has already run for national office once before. Romney ran in 2008. McCain ran in 2000. While Bush (43) got the nomination the first time, some people confused him with Bush (41). Dole ran in 1988 and 1980. Bush (41) also ran in 1980. Reagan ran in 1976, Ford was already president. Nixon ran in 1960 and had already been vice president. If you want to be the Republican nominee, you pretty much have to run two or three times.


Just shows us that the current republican party is not interested in an intelligent, moderate that would use common sense and rational judgement. Instead the current republican party seems to like people that ignore science, will not be happy until the top one percent owns 95 percent of the wealth of the nation and view corporations as people. Maybe Romney can figure a way to purchase Texas, mortgage it to the hilt, take the money and then default.

Ogden, UT

My vote? Finish and good bye hopefully forever!


Although Jon Huntsman is not doing well, it is good for people outside Utah to see a moderate candidate from tea party Utah.

I would also prefer to have Jon Huntsman run for the Senate as an alternative to "senator for life" Orrin Hatch.

Kaysville, UT

Governor Huntsman, if he moves up in NH, will have to make a hard decision. In South Carolina, his religion and Mitt's are very devisive and they will be pitted against each other. Huntsman has shown his religion in public is not displayed very well. He will have decide to defend his previous comments and nature as the evangelicals are very strong in South Carolina. He doesn't have much time but I am sure he has spent a lot of his NH time thinking how he will address his religion compared to what Mitt Romney has shown and said. It will be interesting to see if he goes forward as religion is a big issue in the south. The evangelical leadership with James Dobson's family push and that Mormons aren't Christian meeting in Texas will be interesting to see what they come up with.

The debates have been pretty mild, so far on religion but with Iowa evangelical push for Santorum and now with Perry as a southerner in South Carolina, we will see the push after the Texas meeting to decide on their competition with the Tea-Party and libertarians. We don't need a third-party candidate Ross Perot

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

For Huntsman this was never about 2012. It's all about 2016 and then Huntsman wants to lead the Republican Party back to sanity. No chance of that!

Farmington, Utah

I expect Huntsman will stay in the race, at least through South Carolina, so he can be part of the debates and continue to pile on Romney. When he ran for gov. in Utah I told folks his ambition was to be POTUS. But, when I listen to him speak he has such a condescending "I'm smarter than any of you" expression and manner that it is a real turn-off. Perhaps that is what the people in NH have noticed, too.

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