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Published: Friday, Jan. 6 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Richfield, UT

Thank the lord for the reserves, they lit the fire again.

South Weber, UT

Another highlight of the game ?
Raja Bell made a basket.

South Jordan, UT

Jefferson with not a single assist on the season. Doesn't make the guys around him any good.

John Wicks
Salt Lake City, UT

Great win by the Jazz. Bell should be on the end of the bench. Burks really deserves to start. Harpring still has not washed his hair. Looks like you could use it for a nice saute. Bring back the Booner.

Temecula, CA

Important point by KamUte on Jefferson and important point in article that Zach Randolph wasn't in game, but good win for Jazz. Liked that Burks was in game in the fourth quarter, and I was hoping that the coach would leave him in until the end, but I guess that was too much to ask just yet. On back-to-back game tonight, good chance for guys who didn't play bunch of minutes in Memphis game to shine (Kanter, Miles, Burks, Favors).

Ogden, UT

We had 10 Blocks, 10 steals, and 19 out the the 20 Griz turnovers were forced turnovers. Does anybody remember how the Pistons won their Championship? Defense! Not saying we are going to win a Championship but we're headed in the right direction. Great to see the young guys getting good minutes and providing a spark.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I loved the win but to me the thing that will make me most happy after a game will be if I was able to see the youngs get lots of minutes and have good showings. They are doing well and I expecta and hope they will ocntinue to do well but I'd like to see them get more playing time, especially Favors and Kanter, Favors blocks and D really help spark the team. Kanter plays great postiont D and is strong and tough. Burks shows he is quick, fast and unafraid, Hayward just needs playing time where he is asked to assert himself and attack. Watching these young studs improve and progress is fun, the future looks bright. Go Jazz.

Saint Louis, MO

The young brigade is coming on strong. When will the Jazz pull the trap door on the dead wood? Bradley Beal should be a priority at Florida. Whatever happened to Ante Tomic?

Layton, UT

I am glad at how Corbin is doing at coaching he is finally standing up to the refs. I still do not like Bell starting but he is starting to show improvement. I love watching the Jazz play D it seems like they are running plays out there now and not just sitting on the floor waiting for an opening. I hope Harpring is right about Howard starting soon over bell and Hayward moving to the 2.

Santa Ana, CA

If we win on the road at a tough venue Oakland, then will say we have turned the corner....At least somewhat...This is a game Memphis seemed to control at several intervals, in particular the start of the 3rd Quarter. The good news is we hung in there. The Jazz gave up some open 3s and fortunately Allen missed couple of 3s as did Mayo. I am accepting the tradeoff due to the tougher interior defense...Kanter coming in showed confidence by Corbin to guard Gasol when AJ was having problems. Corbin showed flexibility getting 11 in efficiently. Favors and Milsap had excellent Defensive Games. Paul had a great overall game....Jefferson was too much fortunately down low again Memphis Front Court. It is said if Randolph was available, it would have been more difficult for him. Still the Defense feeds the offense. Hayward had couple nice blocks and coast to coast dunk. Watson did great job and Burks got quality time.

Orem, UT

Too much negativity about this team from many of you... This will be an up and down year so enjoy the wins when they come. If this team continues to play defense, they give themselves a chance in most games (except the top tier teams). It's fun to watch a team grow up before our eyes. There's gonna be a lot of mistakes, but if they keep playing hard, they'll be okay.

Ogden, UT

For those of you who have negative posts here, you'd probably find something to complain about when kissed by a georgeous model. Really? Did you watch the game?

Unless you expect perfection and can't tolerate mistakes (you'd better hope your boss doesn't expect the same), this team and this game was fun to watch.

Yes, they made 'say what?' bone-head plays but so what? They're young (with all due respect to Kevin O'Connor). They're learning. In some cases they're older (Raja) and hurting (Devin) so they're not as awesome as we'd like. Get over it!!

The critical (IMHO) part of the game (end of 3rd quarter) saw the tide of the game turn with a line up of Watson, Burks, Hayward, Favors, and Kanter; One Vet, two 2nd year players and two Rookies. AMAZING! If you can't tolerate a few bumps along the road and focus on an awesomely bright future, I'd guess you were weened on a pickle or would complain about that kiss from a model.

I'm fired up man! This year'll be a challenge (I still hope to make the play-offs) but the future is looking awesome baby!!! GO JAZZ!

Nevada fan
Washoe Valley, NV

Great defensive game, and you could see it start to wear on the Griz. If they could only get the outside shooting and the 3 point shooting % up. It's great to see Coach play the guys that deserve to play down the stretch. By the way where is that Portland guy LOL.

Ivins, Utah

I'm a little worried about the Portland Trailblazer dude. It must have been a rough night to see his team destroyed and have the Jazz winning at the same time. Maybe we need to send the EMT's to his trailor to check up on him.

Hugh G. Hater

I'm tired of hearing the double talk from the coach about giving everyone their chance to play to earn minutes. Bell should not be playing period. Howard and Burks need to come in earlier as well.

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

Where is Portland Trailblazer now? Probably embarassed becauase his team got blown out by a lowly Suns team last night.

Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT

They need to bench Bell and Harris, and start Burks and Watson. Bell is useless at this point of his career and he can cheer on the team, while Josh Howard and Harris can be sparks off the bench.

or they can trade Harris for a draft pick or a better point guard.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Still a work in progress but i like it. bell will be ok also

South Jordan, UT

Give Harris a break. He's playing hurt, something we would have loved to see from Boozer. He'll pay dividends before the year is over.

Watson is perfect against second stringers. He's better than most back-ups in the league so he can really shine against them. I think he would struggle against most NBA starting PGs.

Burley, ID

Ah ... it's so nice to see posts from true Jazz fans; instead of outsiders who really have no interest in seeing the Utah Jazz accomplish anything but finish at the bottom of the league.

Their silence is deafeningly loud.

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