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Published: Thursday, Jan. 5 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Way to go, Utes and Coach K. You keep providing pleasant surprises.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

With all the comments from fans of the blue it is no wonder we all think of the school down south as little brother! Nothing better to do than show up and be annoyingly predictable.

Salt Lake City, UT

Alright, time to address the "their schedule got easier in conference play" nonsense...

The Sagarin rankings have the PAC-12 as the 7th best conference, and the WCC 11th best, it's nothing spectacular surely since 7th is pretty low for that conference, but they're hardly garbage.

PAC-12 teams are ranked 28. Cal 44. Stanford 66.Arizona 67.Oregon State 71. Washington 92. Oregon 99.Colorado 101.UCLA 115.Washington State 146. USC 173.Arizona State 307. Utah

WCC teams are ranked 15. St Mary's 22.Gonzaga 25. BYU 185. Loyola Marymount 194. San Fran 197. Santa Clara 210. Pepperdine 250. Portland 273. San Diego

Yes, the WCC has some very good teams, but their 4th best team would be 12th best if put into a 13 team PAC-12. The conference has almost no depth. There's just the top three and then a cliff.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good win for the Utes! Happy for them!

Lots of the comments above are really rediculous. I mean, c'mon guys.

Here are a few facts--no malice intended, just facts.

Since the year 2000 Utah's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament record is 4-6, for a .400 winning percentage. In that time Utah has one Sweet 16 appearance.

Since the year 2000 BYU's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament record is 3-8, for a .366 winning percentage. In that time BYU has one Sweet 16 appearance.

Utah has won as many as two games in a NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament ten times.

BYU has won as many as two games in a NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament two times.

I wish BYU and Utah all the best in their new conferences.

I like Utah Coach K, but I'm not sure the Utes will win another game this year--maybe one or two. I think they will be vastly improved next year and do much better than people currently expect.

I think Dave Rose is a great coach and a class act. I look for him to have another team in the Sweet 16 soon.

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

every blind sow gets an ear of corn once in awhile

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"Do you think that 1940 banner counts any less towards their total number of championships than 1987?"

The giant hole in your argument is Utah won the weakest NCAA tournament in history, but the Utes DIDN'T WIN the 1944 national championship.

That achievement went to undefeated Army (15-0).

It's hillarious that Utah fans keep beating their imaginary national championship drum for a team that LOST to:

Fort Warren 59-61
Salt Lake Air Base 39-54
Dow Chemical 36-46

In case you didn't notice, those aren't even real teams.


sportsfanforlife, do you go to Ute games or just stay home to watch the Y games on tv to make fun of them? It really is annoying.

Rational, I totally agree with a lot of the stuff you said.

AllSeeingEye, I agree with most of your stuff, too. Coach Rose is probably the best thing BYU has going for them. I think Utah has at least a couple more wins, though, but they will definitely be upsets. We should not be favored in any games for sure.

Salt Lake City, UT


A couple of points you failed to recognize in your conference comparison: the Top 3 teams in the WCC would also be the Top 3 teams in a combined WCC/PAC 12 conference, by a significant margin; and Utah would be dead last in either conference.

#15 Saint Mary's
#22 Gonzaga
#25 BYU
#28 California
#44 Stanford
#66 Arizona

#107 Utah State
#110 Weber State
#259 Southern Utah
#260 Utah Valley
#273 San Diego (lowest ranked WCC team)

#307 Utah (lowest ranked PAC 12 team)

Darth Vader
Ogden, UT


I saw just as many empty seats at the LMU game in that tiny gym last night.

Capacity 3000?

Where were all the local Cougar fans?

Can't have it both ways. I thought they would fill all those small gyms?

Salt Lake City, UT


Here are some more relevant facts:

Dave Rose era (since 2005)

BYU 172-49(77.8%), 4 conference championships, 5 NCAA tournaments, 3-8 in NCAA
Utah 99-104(48.8%), 1 conference championship, 1 NCAA tournament, 0-1 in NCAA

Rose is 11-3 head-to-head versus Utah, including 10 of the last 11

The Cougars are a lock to have their 7th straight 20+ win season
The Utes are a lock to have their 5th losing season in the last 7 seasons

btw, BYU now leads the overall series 128-125

wyoming cougar
Green River, WY

re: neilt-
Wow if that's not the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is. A fine example of hypocrisy at it's best. Amazing how it's ok for u fans to start trashing the Y in these comments before a BYU fan even made a comment, but it's the Y fans that keep you cheering for the aggies and utes.

Seems like during BYU's down year in football last year there was plenty of garbage on here from both of your schools of choice directed at BYU, and then you have those wonderful examples of aggie fans at the game this year that were so classy that their university had to apologize for them-

yep, you're right; those Cougar fans make it so tough.

Orem, UT

Darth Vader

It's sad when a once respected basketball program is reduced to talking arena size smack.

LMU is a resident school, so almost all of the students were gone for the holiday break, at with LA traffic, it's VERY difficult to get to LMU for a 6pm start time game, otherwise the 4000+ arena would have been packed.

What's Utes excuse for only having around 3000 fans in a 15,000-seat arena for most of the season? Most of Utah's students are local or live within easy driving distance.

oh, and please don't insult us by whipping up the "official" attendance figures posted by the U; when the lower bowl is only 1/3 full, and the upper bowl is nearly empty, anybody with eyes can clearly see that the HC doesn't have anywhere close to 7000+ fans in attendance.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

1946 was the first year that the NCAA became the crowner of National Championships in mens basketball...so your example of Utah's 1947 NIT championship is no better than BYU's NIT championship in the 50's...and get serious...in 1944...Utah only played 3 games against Higer educational institutions i.e. colleges or universities... Idaho...Colorado College...and then a second expedient game against Idaho again just to meet the lowered qualification criteria to qualify for either tournament. All the other games Utah played were pick ups...many of which agains teams who had no coaches and barely able to come up with enough players to field a team period. Besides Army went on to win the NIT and were awarded the Nationasl Championship. Utah lost in the first round of the NIT...and only became a fill in for Arkansas in the NCAA because they were the earliest losing team in the NIT...otherwise the NCAA would have had to cancel the tournament. Like I said it was a great human interest story but hardly a National Title.

Salt Lake City, UT


No problem here -- facts are facts.

Comparing one of the least productive periods of Utah basketball history with one of the most productive in BYU history reveals the comparison you describe (don't forget that Utah did appear in the Sweet 16 earlier in the year Dave Rose started at BYU--the same feat BYU managed last year with the NCAA player of the year).

Regardless, the major difficulty in the last few years of Utah basketball is exactly what you allude to--the huge departure from what had been the norm for decades.

Let's check back in a couple of years and see how things look.

Meantime, best of luck to Coach Rose and BYU.


Where's Stockton??, do you check facts before claiming things you don't know? Army didn't play in any postseason tourney in 1944. St. Johns won the NIT and Utah beat them a few days after the tournaments were over. NCAA recognizes Utah as NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, Helms named Army number 1, although they didn't play after the regular season.

Baltimore, MD


Since when is playing in a post season tournament a requirement for being named national champs?

Utah's real record in 1944, minus pickup games, was 6-1, 3-1 in post season, with an opening round loss in the premier tournament of the day, the NIT.

Utah's charity EXHIBITION game against the NIT champs isn't even counted in Utah's win-loss record.

Except for three games (2 against Idaho State, 1 against Colorado College), Utah played an entire regular season of pickup games because there were literally no other teams left playing basketball in the entire intermountain region.

Even the few teams still playing were composed almost entirely of Freshmen and a few Sophomores because all of the upper-classmen were off fighting a world war.

Regardless, 1944 was the least meaningful NCAA championship in the history of the NCAA, and obviously, one of the least meaningful NIT championships, as Helms didn't recognize either tournament champion as the national champion.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH


Thanks for correcting my mistake. St John's did indeed win the 1944 NIT as well as the 1943. I have no problem conceeding that. I made an assumption that Army played in the NIT in 1943... but did so for years with the knowledge of knowing that Utah lost early in the opening round of the NIT...replaced Arkansas in the NCAA tournament due to a fatal auto accident and that Helms named Army the eventual National Champions. There...you did your homework a little better than I did...but it still comes to the same foredrawn conclusion. Utah did not win a National Title...and I'm almost certain... being a retired Commissioned Officer myself... that Army probably didn't play in either post season tournament because all thier Senior Cadet's graduated and shipped out immediately before the postseason for thier advanced training before being sent overseas. I'm sure after enduring the riggars of 4 years of intense West Point they wanted to spend any free time with thier families rather than playing several more games at a time when thier friends and brothers in arm You have my permission to pursue proving me wrong on that assumption as well

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

...don't know what happened...was adding a point near the end about Sr cadets enduring 4 years of West Point and suddenly lost screen only to find that my post was sent...but unfinished in second to last sentence.

Regardless...I don't feel that Army had the time for post season play. The legacy of the The Long Gray Line was a much higher priority. They I'm sure were more concerned about thier brothers in arms who proceeded them into the war and the more higher priority to be with them to help end that war that was ravaging the entire world.

Never the less...Army still is the 1944 National champions regardless.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just checked the official NCAA website regarding the Men's Basketball Tournament and it lists as the 1944 champion Utah.

Opinions, explanations, and commentary will do no more to change that fact than the thoughts and feelings of certain football fans will do to change what happened in 1984.

It would be one thing if Utah's historic achievement were a flash-in-the-pan, one-time thing. But, Utah has participated in four final-fours of the tournament and two chapionship games. Before appearing in the most-recent championship game in 1998 Utah beat the defending national champion, Arizona, with all starters returning, to win the Western Region. It then beat a loaded North Carolina team. Those are also facts, not opinions.

Syracuse, UT

Funny uties, Now they all want to bring up their 1944 so called championship but want to discredit BYU's 1984 Football Championship (consensus by the way). We can all talk about what was when what should be talked about is what is. That is what bragging rights really are. Let's just face facts....Byu owns u in basketball. We have for several years now, get over it.

Also u have turned into a one sport school. BYU has Nationsl Championships in several sports and u have a nc in how many (and I do mean consensus).

It really is too bad that u have to spend all your profits from football to pay for tickets in basketball. That has to make the pac 12 really happy and hopeful. NOT !

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