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Published: Thursday, Jan. 5 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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salt lake city, UT

hahahahaha i love byu fans coming on these boards talking about "worst team in history" "humiliating first round loss" hey ddelusional y fans did you forget that you have only been outta the first round ONE time in the last like 50 yrs and you had THE worst bbasketball team in HISTORY hahahaha so yeah utah fans can and will talk smack cause from the looks of this year you wont even get another ncaa bid.

Salt Lake City, UT


Nice post, rational about this year. Next year, who knows? In this era of "one-and-done" teams can build faster and fall faster than in eras past. If they Utes climb fast while other programs fall fast, who knows? High teens could be a possibility. If Dave Rose pulls a rabbit out of his hat and lands #1 prospect Jabari Parker, who knows what BYU could do -- for one year.

West Jordan, UT

You gotta love all the cougars comments!
Nice comment JP and JO, Thanks. You must be some of the "silent majority".

Spanish Fork, UT

Congrats to Coach K and some gritty Ute players for not giving up on themselves. Normally I don't read Ute articles but I was pleased the little brother of the north could start to do well and so had to read of the unexpected victory (be honest Ute fans, you were surprised as well).

I believe Coach K is a very good coach and can right the sinking Ute basketball ship... and hope so. I enjoy the healthy parts of the rivalry and don't like it when our state is embarrassed.

Hopefully the Utes are improving and it's just not a terrible WSU team, although the state of the PAC12 in football and basketball is nothing to be proud of.

South Jordan, UT

Getting a ticket to Saturday's game against Washington.

Salt Lake City, UT

sportsfanforlife | 11:06 a.m.

@rational notice how im on a UTAH article and talking about byu.

My point exactly. On a Utah article and not even mentioning your own team. (10:06) Obsessed much?

I'm a rational fan, not a "delusional" BYU fan. My posts are complementary of players for either team (10:40), or factually based (10:40), or even complimentary of Ute fans (10:59) and not selective in their facts (much like BigUtahFan 9:21). If you notice, I acknowledged Utah's 1944 and 1947 championships and called out BYU fans for not doing so. (10:40)

I hope the best for players of both teams, and frankly, sick of "delusional," rude, obsessed, irrational fans of both teams. If I call anyone out, it is as likely to be a BYU fan (10:40) as a Ute, just as I expressed my displeasure with BYU's play-by-play guy in the same post I observed you didn't say a single thing about your own team after they won a rare and hard-fought victory days after a blow-out loss -- something I think is worthy of acknowledging. Have you acknowledged that accomplishment yet?

Salt Lake City, UT

RockOn | 11:10 a.m.

Hopefully the Utes are improving and it's just not a terrible WSU team, although the state of the PAC12 in football and basketball is nothing to be proud of.

Don't be silly. In football the PAC has 3 teams in the top 10 and 6 in the top 40 of Sagarin as of 12-31. The PAC South isn't great, but the top end of the conference is. The PAC is not exactly the SEC or Big 12, but still good, and the Utes are #37, nothing to sneeze at.

Basketball however, 2 teams in the top 60. Not their best year.

A BYU fan.


BYU fans who insist the schedule is getting easier with conference play:

You played Loyola-Marymount University. Don't even talk about schedules getting easier with conference play.
And Washington State is 9-6 on the year. Give credit where credit is due.
And now BYU fans are able to see what happens when a team doesn't quit when a game or season isn't going their way.

salt lake city, UT

@rational no MY point exactly. you forgot to include my part where i said its the same way on the other boards hahahah yep i'd say delusional cause you just proved my point. yall try to spin EVEVERYTHING in your favor notice how you just did it. thank you for proving my point. im dying laughin at you right now



Slow down Buddy, the Y is who plays San Diego (twice). I thought the news traveled faster than that. Your team is in the wcc which San Diego is a part of also. Did you guys go NAIA, I don't understand what you are trying to say.



At least Monument Park 3rd Ward has a bigger gym than St Marys

Marysville, WA

I had a meeting with two Wazzou grads this morning at work (both were obvious by their WSU coffee mugs). After the meeting I asked them if they had heard the result of the game. Neither had, and agreed that their team was awful & it was painful to care too deeply. Race to the bottom of the conference. Sad.

Salt Lake City, UT

MLH?.......Utah may not have many butts in their seats...but the butts that are there.? Are the biggest in the state.....go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT


Still waiting for you to acknowledge and compliment your own team...

Frisco, TX

re: Don'tMuss
Your comment doesn't make sense. Loyola Marymount beat UCLA pretty soundly earlier in the year. In your next example, you may want to pick a BYU opponent who didn't already beat up on a PAC12 opponent.

Your inference that BYU quit during the Utah game is fairly accurate. But don't think it impacted our entire season after finishing with 10 wins and likely a Top 25 ranking. One game does not a season make.

And yes, Utah's BB team has quit during games this year. Look no further than the Colorado BB game.

And I did offer congrats to the Utes on their win. After seeing the score of the Colorado game, I did not think U would win another game all year. Kudos!

West of I15, UT

WCC rankings

1- Gonzaga

Actually not sure what other teams are in the WCC besides Gonzaga. Oh well none that matter anyway, just like Y football a bunch of irrelevant teams I'm sure. Probably a couple teams that get to the sweet 16 every 30 years or so but none that anybody outside the WCC even know.

As Ducky would say "LOL"

salt lake city, UT

@rational hahahahah good comeback hahaha. you gonna be waitin all day and night. how bout the next time any of your kitten cat fan members say anything regarding utah on a BYU article like always happens you call them out. and if you dont expect to hear from me.

West Jordan, UT

@sammyg: I can only assume that when you are talking about all the empty chairs, you are referring to the LMU vs. BYU game? As small as that arena is, it was embarrassing to see all the empty space. We have more people at our high school games.

The Utes are facing an uphill battle, but this win is a step in the right direction. Keep it up!!!! Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT


Wow. STILL waiting for you to acknowledge and compliment your own team on an article about your team...


Good win for the Utes. I always like it when Utah schools are victorious.

I always will have a red diploma with a BYU blue heart.

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