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Published: Thursday, Jan. 5 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Happy Valley, UT

Was at the game with the other 8,000 fans. Good to see Ute fans come out and support the team through their lows. After all, isn't that what solid fan bases are about? KEEP COMING! The atmosphere was fantastic and the players gave it their best effort, which is really all you can ask. We may not win a ton of games this year but at least we can look at games like tonight and recognize that the program is salvageable and Coach K knows what he is doing. Let's hope the players keep bringing it and continue building momentum going into conference play. No worries - the Runnin' Utes will rise again (eventually!) !!!!

Happy Valley, UT

**scott (Alpine)

I will sleep so much better knowing we have met BYU fans expectations. Get real brother and don't take yourself so seriously...

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

Wow! The more this Utah team wins, the worse that 1996-97 BYU team was. Holy Cow! That must have been one BAD team the Cougars had. haha

Salt Lake City, UT

scott @ 10:37

Enjoy it while it lasts, pal, because it won't be much longer......

Salt Lake City, Utah


You must enjoy studying ancient history. Going from being a "storied program" to being one of the worst teams in college basketball is quite a feat.

Gotta love your enthusiasm; most fans would have had a hard time staying interested in a team that's been a train wreck since 2005 -- even Utah's loan NCAA bid in 2008 ended with a humiliating beat down by a much lower seeded team.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


"...I knew once U got into conference play the schedule would be easier!...".

UTAH is 1-1 against wcc teams.
WSU is 2-1 against wcc teams.

Conference play would have been easier if the UTES were in the wcc.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love the point niners just made ... BYU trolls should be embarrassed by their obvious attempts and coming on a Utah article for the shear reason of hating on the Utes after a rare victory during a very down year.
We know you all desperately wanted to see Utah match BYU's worst season but that dream is over, they've already won 4 times as many games. LOL
Yes Utah is terrible this year, but they'll never hit the depths we've all witnessed from the mighty Cougars.
And for those Cougar fans who say Utah will never bounce back ... if the Cougs could go from 1 win to 22 wins in 4 years then why not a better program that will never stoop that low?
Time will tell.
Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Wow, one two-point, overtime win against a team that lost to UC Riverside and delusional Utah fans think the Utes are back. Get a grip. It'll be years before the Utes even sniff another NCAA tournament.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


The only fans who care about the Utes exceeding BYU's worst season ever are whiners who desperately need such an insignificant accomplishment as winning more than one game to feel good about themselves.



"even Utah's loan NCAA bid in 2008 ended with a humiliating beat down by a much lower seeded team."


First off I think you mean "lone" NCAA bid in 2008... and when you say lone NCAA bid in 2008 what do you mean? I have never heard of a team getting more than one NCAA bid in a season? oh that is because it is impossible... And if you mean their "lone" NCAA bid of all time, you are wayy far off, Utah has had 27 NCAA tourny bids.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

There now.

Utah beat the bottom dweller in the WCC, by 5 points, at home.

That's hardly evidence that the Utes would stand a chance of beating any other team in the WCC at home, and certainly not on the road, where the Utes haven't come within 20 points of beating anybody.

Las Vegas, NV

Congrats to the players and the coaching staff. A win fixes many things, but getting confidence is priceless. Way to go Utes!

Gilbert, AZ


two words: reading comprehension

midpacmajor was obviously referring to Utah's LONE NCAA tournament bid since 2004, which, as you already know, ended with a vastly over-rated Utah team getting humiliated in the first round.

Saratoga Springs, UT

So glad I was able to watch this game on TV. Oh wait, it wasn't on here. Aren't these big PAC 12 games supposed to be on TV?

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Great win for the Utes tonight. Hopefully the team will start buying into what the coaches are teaching. We all know they aren't great this year but maybe they can pick up a few more wins.

As for the regular coug fans talking smack - do you all realize that your powerhouse program has won a total of 3 NCAA tournament games in over 15 years. Its fine to kick us when we are down but don't be delusional about your own program. Until Jimmer came along there weren't very many things you could count on more than BYU losing in the first round. Even with his amazing talent, he only won 3 NCAA tournament games during his whole career at the Y. As far as being a storied program, you just don't qualify.

Go Utes

Lynchburg, VA


Isn't it obvious that niners is making a jab? Nice try.

How about we just congratulate the Utes for a much needed and comparatively good win! Oh, I guess the human condition won't allow for that. Oh well.

Go Utes, let's get a few more!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Phoenix -

"midpacmajor was obviously referring to Utah's LONE NCAA tournament bid since 2004, which, as you already know, ended with a vastly over-rated Utah team getting humiliated in the first round."
I guess we've gotta give you that one Phoenix. After all, who would know better about humiliating first round games than a cougar fan?


That Motum kid was unstoppable for WSU. 3-3 from 3-point range and 10-12 overall, it didn't matter who we had on him. I've now been to two Utah vs WSU games in the last two months won on a field goal in the last few seconds of overtime by the Utes. Pretty fun stuff. Even the tune from the haters is starting to change as they rationalize previous things they've claimed.

I can reasonably see a steady rise in improvement over the next three or four years. Decent recruiting class coming in next year in addition to the transfers from LSU and EWU becoming eligible with this year's MacGyvered team having more experience. A larger and likely better recruiting class next year when all of this year's juniors graduate. We're likely to still see some more bad ball be played this year, but we've got some tough guys with short memories and that gives us a chance.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Great game, Utah! This win is HUGE!!!!!

Nice to see Utah make progress. Keep it up!

Clearfield, UT

There is a reason I a more interested in following the U and my USU aggies. It's the BYU fans not their program. Great win for Utah.

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