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Published: Thursday, Jan. 5 2012 4:00 p.m. MST

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midvale, utah

Well if you really read your bible as you claim you do, then you know that having a baby does not make you sin free and neither does being a mormon. The fact of the matter is the bible states all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. The only ones living in Utah whose sins are forgiven are those of us that have trusted we can do nothing to be saved, Christ did it for us. Amen and Amen.

Draper, UT

Is it a coincidence that the OWS movement started and the no snow? I think not. :-)

Highland, UT

2funny-are you even serious? You get that she's being funny, right? Your screen name is "2funny" after all . . . lighten up!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Ha Ha! Loved the post, C.Jane. I never thought I'd say it, but I actually miss the snow. All these abnormal warm days are making my body clock feel we simply entered a time-warp, skipped winter altogether, and are now enjoying a balmy March. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


I think it's all the crazy Utah drivers. Oh wait, they're always like that:)

Either way, I wish I was there instead of here, where it rains all winter:(

Rexburg, ID

Sorry, blame it on me. I 1) bought season ski passes for the family, 2) bought a tractor with snow plow, 3) put studded snow tires on the car, and 4) put up 200 feet of snow fence.

With that kind of preparation, how could Mother Nature resist pulling a little joke?


Well, thanks a lot Robert. My son has been dying to build a snowman and you have to go ruin it for all of us... ;)

West Valley, UT

Really? Trying to put a religious spin on this?

There are dry seasons and there are wet seasons. We had an exceptionally wet winter and spring last year, it only stands to reason that this year will be dryer.

Simple logic... no magical mythical gods involved.

Mom to them

Oh my. Some of you really need to lighten up!

My vote is for Robert in Rexburg.....you can blame him!

Springfield, Oregon

The fact that blatant satire is lost on some adults makes me sad for the world I'm inheriting as a future leader...

Citizen Jane
Clearfield, UT

Way to go Robert!

One requst, too.....

Please don't install a new A/C at home this spring.... I'd love a not so hot summer, again! ;)

Topeka, Kansas

Well, I'd have to say it's Jake Heaps because there is no snow in Kansas either. It was 70 degrees a few days ago, definitely Jake's fault. The state just knows he's on his way.

draper, UT

Your call to repentance must have worked since down here in Bountiful we got dumped with a load of snow yesterday! Thanks a lot C.Jane, I HATE snow! lol

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