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Published: Thursday, Jan. 5 2012 2:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

I think the most impressive thing is the balancing act Mendenhall and his staff do with the comings and goings of RM's. The list of names is impressive because Brandon Gurney does such a great job of following the recruiting process and keeps us fans knowledgeable about the players.
I know the Utes have a beat reporter, Dirk Facer, but quite honestly I am not interested in the Utes which is why I read and comment on BYU articles, not Utah. The Utah fans can follow their beloved Utes over there.
Chase Hansen did what he felt best for him, commit to Norm Chow and Utah.
Now that Chow is at Hawaii and Riley Nelson's two-tool skill-set are developing into 10-win ESPN driven seasons, perhaps both Hansen and the BYU coaching staff will re-visit each other.
Nothing wrong with that.
The SL media/talk show machine will have a field day with that, but I could care less.

Sandy, UT

two hawks@ nice

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Cougar Claws

"USC and Utah should NEVER be compared to each other".

Notre Dame and BYU should NEVER be compared to each other.

Sandy, UT

Great to see Kaufusi coming back. I remember watching him on TV during High School playoffs and he was truly a man among boys. He blew past the offensive line numerous times. I look forward to watching him.

And just for the record I don't read Utah Football articles nor comment on them - although I had a family member start for the Utes in the early 70's once they left I didn't care to watch or pay attention to them anymore. Kind of seems like a waste of time to me.

Seattle, Wa

"If you want to have long hair, party, and live a "normal" college life, then Utah is a better fit."

Thanks. Now my son wants to go to Utah!

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

There you go, the #1 Cougar fan chiming in first (Chris B.). He must really love BYU because he is always the first to read their articles.

Wally West

re: Captain L | 11:45 p.m. Jan. 5, 2012

"Chris B & 54-10 : There sure is a lot of insecurity coming from the two of you"

What then would you call another rah rah, pander to the base type, article about byu in the dn?

hint: we can eliminate the words.... objective and journalism.

Hank Pym

per Cougar Claws | 11:04 a.m. Jan. 6, 2012

"USC and Utah should NEVER be compared to each other."

The U is 1-1 vs USC in recent memory.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Wally West

What then would you call another rah rah, pander to the base type, article about byu in the dn?


The object of your obsession?

Not that you are alone in that...

Salt Lake City, UT

DevilishUte | 1:30 p.m. Jan. 6, 2012
Tempe, AZ
"That's great that Utah won two BCS games, but what is it doing for them now? Not a whole ton as far as I can see."

You're not looking very far or thinking with your brain if you can't see what it has gotten them. They have received an invitation to the PAC-12, will be getting A LOT MORE money, they are getting better recruits, they will be nationally televised next year for EVERY game. And I could list many other things. They would not have gotten any of the above without the BCS wins.

The Utes are in and I expect them to do well (Not USC, Oregon, Stanford well, but well), But most people in Utah and EVERYONE outside the state knows Boise has a better football program than Utah, but the PAC didn't invite them. Why? TV sets. Why not BYU? Proposition 8. Heads would've exploded across California if BYU would've been invited to the PAC. But all that is irrelevant. The Utes are in, and it is about the future, not the past.


Captain L said:

"Chris B & 54-10 : There sure is a lot of insecurity coming from the two of you, ute fans make it sound like belonging to a BCS conf. is absolutely the greatest thing in the world and they could be farther from the truth. Belonging to a BCS conf. doesn't mean squat, it doesn't make your team a better team, it doesn't insure you'll be in a BCS bowl, it means more money but that is about it. Half the teams in BCS conferences don't even go to bowl games. How high your teams ends up being ranked is what is important. You guys are laughable."

Utah has something to play for. Its laughable that BYU homers keep talking about Utah in a BCS conference. You gave up opportunities to join one. Move along. BYU is not a player on the national scene. Your ESPN contract created low ratings. Have fun on the outside looking in.

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