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Published: Thursday, Jan. 5 2012 2:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, Utah

I used to enjoy reading the B.Y.U. comment boards. Now that the B.Y.U. haters have decided to show their hatred of B.Y.U. I will stick to reading B.Y.U. articles by Deseret News Journalists who don't hate B.Y.U.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: crowntown1

USC and Utah should NEVER be compared to each other.

Farmington, UT


The fact about Chase Hansen is if BYU would have offered him a scholly to play QB, he would've jumped to BYU faster than you can troll a BYU article. I don't blame him for his desire to play the position and more power to him if he succeeds in doing so at Utah. I fail to see, however, how this is a case of a switching lifelong allegiances.

And just as easy as it is for you to predict that Hinds will change his committment before his mission is over, one could say that Hansen will do the same. Especially if BYU starts to reconsider his abilities to play QB. That may never happen, however, considering how stacked BYU is at that position for the next 6 years.

North Las Vegas, NV

Can we just be honest. First of all, getting into BYU is increasingly more difficult than getting into Utah. Not even in the ball park. So, for those average students, Utah is a good choice. Second, BYU just is not for everyone. If you want to have long hair, party, and live a "normal" college life, then Utah is a better fit. OK. I have now stated the obvious. Go Cougs!!

Layton, Utah

Chrissy and 54-10,

You act like you finished in the top of the Pac and beat Stanford, Oregon and signed every top future NFL recruit in the nation. But in reality you have no QB's what so ever. Your offense ranks #110 in the nation just above guess who?? Idaho!! You lost to a 2 win team at home. Got blown out 3 times in conference. You need to find a new OC. haha.

We Byu fans aren't worried about our future but you sure should be, even with Hansen.

Harrisville, UT

can't wait to see how next year's offensive line looks after preparing for an entire spring and summer with Nelson at QB.

BYU football and basketball get more attention and publicity. Excitment in the state is the greatest by far when BYU is winning.

The past, present and future of college football and basketball in this state is BYU.

Woods Cross, UT

Troy Hinds is NOT a U fan. The Utes rolled out the red carpet (Coach Whit was at Davis High many times) and he turned them down. The Hinds family likes BYU. If Troy jumps from BYU after his mission, expect him to go to a more highly touted PAC-12 school, not the U.

Corona, CA

Cougar claws

Who's comparing? Simply stating someones rant about "No one cares about Utah's BCS bowl wins" Only Utes fans do or whatever. Probably the dumbest comment I have ever read.So i followed up with I guess SC fans only care about their many BCS wins and Nc's, not the world of College Football, wait what?


@ Chrissy: "in thethe last decadenight" You are definitely a Utah grad, or just on drugs.

Layton, Utah

Star Lotuleli(spelling ?) perfect example of what catram is saying. He could not get the grades to make it at the Y. So he opted for the U later. No way you could tell us that he wouldn't prefer playing at the Y. Some kids can make it work at byu some can't for many reasons. Fact is that the majority of top local high school recruits would choose the Y over the U any day of the week.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: crowntown1

Ok fair enough, but how many people bring up the University of Utah in the national media? How often does the U get talked about on ESPN for instance? That's great that Utah won two BCS games, but what is it doing for them now? Not a whole ton as far as I can see. At best they are another Arizona State right now. That's all I was saying.

Frisco, TX

re: Chris B "How many kids who grew up hard core Utes are switching to BYU?"

If you're talking about basketball, the answer is 2 this year - Cusick and Sharp. Maybe Loveridge next year.

If you're talking about football, Uale comes to mind. But USC (Kaveinga, Fangupo) seems to be a better farm team for us right now.

Frisco, TX

Some pretty impressive names coming back from missions. The future is bright in Provo. Looks like a lot of 10+ win seasons ahead.

Tempe, AZ

"That's great that Utah won two BCS games, but what is it doing for them now? Not a whole ton as far as I can see."

You're not looking very far or thinking with your brain if you can't see what it has gotten them. They have received an invitation to the PAC-12, will be getting A LOT MORE money, they are getting better recruits, they will be nationally televised next year for EVERY game. And I could list many other things. They would not have gotten any of the above without the BCS wins.

Speaking of recruiting, did anyone see BYU's heralded QB recruit in the UA game last night? I tuned in long enough to see him throw a pick-six and fumble the ball. Reminds me of a certain someone that was also a "great" recruit that is now on his was to playing for a 2-10 KS team.

Layton, Utah


Was Hansen playing in the UA game? Thanks for keeping ur eyes on big brothers recruits. But your "expert" analysis of his skills is not required. Just go back to analyzing that heralded QB tandom of Wynnie and Hays, how is that working out for ya?

west jordan, ut

It makes me laugh that Ute fans keep bringing up their BCS wins, who cares? Those same folks keep trashing BYU's NC, who cares? I agree BYU will never get the top prospects in the country, not even close but, neither will Utah, not even close. Will they get faster, better athletes, I think so because BYU's standards will be too much for most Ute recruits to handle which gives them a bigger pool to recruiting. Is there any indication that they are getting better recruits because they are now in a BCS conference? Prove it. Overall though I think that the state of Utah is getting better in football. Only time will tell as to the affects all these changes will have, I mean Utah and BYU are only one year into their new surroundings. Let's see where they are in 3 more years, that will be a better time to compare with the recruits they are getting now.

Tempe, AZ


Don't flatter yourself and think that I was watching the game for Mangum. I was watching because I enjoy football, at any level. That being said, I couldn't help but CHUCKLE when I saw Mangum throw the pick-six and then fumble in another set of downs.

Wynn has beaten BYU twice in a row, now. Digest that.

Henderson, NV

Chris B, hows that inferiority complex thing workin for ya?

Prairie Dog


Mangum practiced all week with the white team. Due to injuries, he was asked to switch to the other team, during the game. He was, therefore, playing with a team he had never practiced with. I know you would have done much better in similar circumstances, right?

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Devilsish Ute. So you tuned in the UA game late in the second half. One thing you obviously did not realize was that Mangum practiced all week with the White team. The Black team lost 2 QBs, one before the game and 1 during the game. He switched teams in the middle of the second half, put on a generic #20 jersey and went out and played for a team that had '0' pass protection. A team that he had '0' practice time with and still made some great throws. It was refreshing to see the unselfishness.

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