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Published: Thursday, Jan. 5 2012 7:00 a.m. MST

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Nibley, Ut

cjb, Park city Agg:

People need to be told what to do as long as they cannot be responsible adults. Drugs, alcohol and violence go hand in hand. true, one does not always cause the other, but they do affect the way people would rationally think or act. A study from New Mexico found that 46 Domestic Violence related homicides in a 3 year span, involved drugs and/or alcohol 65% of the time. This is not caused by police cracking down on drugs, but by addicts who cannot function in society because of their addiction.

In addition, 40% of homicides in UT are Domestic Violence related. While there is no data on the use of alcohol or drugs in these situations, i would bet(i'm speculating of course) that the numbers in UT are similar to the ones in NM.

The National Institute of Justice states that there is a high correlation between substance abuse and domestic violence. Drugs are not innocent little herbs and spices like you may think.


All this apparently over a marijuana issue. This is more sad proof that we're never going to win the "war on drugs," regardless of the hundreds of billions that we spend and the cartels that we enrich. Meanwhile, the most dangerous drugs of all (alcohol) continues to be socially acceptable, and we can seem to keep it off the roads! I don't use either alcohol or the illegal drugs, but this is more proof that the Super Nannie approach to society will never work.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

People WILL self medicate. No law will stop that no matter how hard we try. The drug of choice is the only issue at hand.

We cannot continue to create double standards and expect the public to buy into it.

Alcohol consumption is legal and taxable.

Mind altering prescription drug consumption is legal and taxable.

Home grown MJ consumption is illegal and not taxable.

Connect the dots.

I do not condone recreational use of mind altering substances but I am not so naive as to believe that there are not millions of Americans that do.

If you believe that recreational cigarette, alcohol, drug and mind altering herb consumption is a societal ill, have the courage to demand the prohibition of the sale for profit of these substances and the decriminalization of production for personal use only. And then let's incarcerate anyone that commits crime in an altered state of mind as a result of the use of ALL decriminalized substances.

Why would we allow corporations and government taxing agencies to profit from products that cause so much harm to the public?

Saint Louis, MO

With prayers for Officr Francum and his family at the "end of his watch". He is part of that thin blue line that protects us all. "We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty." G.K. Chesterton---------Semper Fi!


Has anyone taken in to consideration what this ex soldier went through on his tour of duty, seeing people blown to bits, babys burned Dead mothers lying next to helpless children.Possibly haveing been ordered to kill innocents which has gone on in Iraq for 10 years. To relieve his mind he used Marijuana.
Condemning a man whose past you know nothing about is wrong. Marijuana does not make a person adversarial. It is a relaxant. It is also a wonderful medicine and a threat to the pharmacuetical companys who put out dangerous drugs that kill thousands of people. If a man does harm to another man he should make restitution. If he has harmed no man, he should be left alone. That is freedom. The government could make a law that toilet paper is illegal,
bust down every door in town. Shoot the people and those that call growing a
plant a crime would say, Oh, He had toilet paper, he broke the law. He should
be made to pay the maximum penalty. People need to wise up. Look out for your fellow man and defend them against idiotic laws.


It's true legal medical marijuana is surrounding Utah. Why are the most dangerous drugs legal in Utah and please keep on dening the natural medical attributes of that EVIL weed. No one would have been shot.


37 year old veteran.
No criminal record.
Worked nights at walmart

Does this sound like a drug dealer?

Dart Thrower
Ogden, UT

80 years ago the same violence took place over alcohol. Now law abiding citizens purchase their alcohol at the grocery store or the state store. No one gets shot, no police effort is wasted controlling it. If pot was legal, no one would have died this week. It is idiotic that we continue to waste billions of dollars on the ridiculous "War on Drugs". legalize pot, go after the hard drugs and stop these unnecessary tragedies.

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