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Published: Thursday, Jan. 5 2012 7:00 a.m. MST

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one old man
Ogden, UT

What is the picture that is shown along with the headline of one of these stories on DN's front page? The guy with the florescent red hair?

Williams, AZ

It's a shame an Officer has lost his life while in the line of duty and my praies are with his family and the City of Odgen and the Police department for their lost of a fine Officer. I hope the DA office can prove that the person they went after killed this officer along with what ever drug charge are file against him.

Burlington, CT

Condolences to the family of the police officer who was killed. Prayers for the other police who were injured. could someone give some background about what is happening in Ogden? this sort of thing seems to be occurring with some regularity. May the murderer receive swift justice. Tragic that these officers who are protecting the community are killed and wounded. Thanks to WTIC 1080 radio here in CT for reporting the tragic death of the officer before it was available in the DN online.

saltlake city, utah

press conference on Fox here in salt lake 9;00am now on news KSL radio SaltLake City Utah
This gun man who was being served has been in the militaryAnd was armed with weapons.
Our prayers go out to the wounded in recovery but thier all in the hospital still,one officer died already.

Beaverton, OR

Stewart will get the death penalty for this one.

Drugs are just purely evil. There is never a "simple" drug raid. Those that deal in drugs are extremely violent, and have zero empathy for those around them.

My sincere sympathies to the officers and families of those wounded, and especially to the one who was killed in action. He tried to make the city a better place to live in.

saltlake city, utah

The whole state is mourning in Grief as this past new week

They released the names of the other Officers who may not make it out of Intensive care?
The young man Mattew D Stewart only 37 who was being served had other problems from before very difficult times.

Now thier family is so too in ~mourning sad times of news Flags Lowered down)

They released his name already he has been in the military gulf war veteran)

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

We can never thank our law enforcement officers enough for their hard, and often dangerous, and sometimes deadly service.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the officers, and their families.

Illegal drugs, and those who deal in them, (and the users as well!) are the scourage of society, and must not be tolerated.

May justice take its course.

And as for the comment that the "alleged" killer had been in the military, that is totally irrelevent. He probably went to public schools, drank milk as a kid and sometimes ate carrots, also irrelevant. Stop trying to demonize military people who serve and protect us in jobs at least as difficult as law enforcement. (Yes, even though a tiny fraction of cops and military people do turn out to be rotten apples.)

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

For the life of me...I can't figure out why the tactical methods used during this event could be so weak as to allow six officers to be shot. Even with all of the intense training this strikeforce goes through, bad guy scores 6, good guys score 1. Don't mean to 2nd guess and play armchair critic, but it just doesn't make sense that one bad guy could do this much damage.

saltlake city, utah

Mattew D.stewart was a gulf war veteran His father had spoken out already)
Our thoughts in prayers to all those Effected from this tragedy

GodBless Us all-Utah resident

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Tragic. Condolences and prayers go out to the Francom family and the wounded officers. One question remains: Why was the criminal in this event only wounded?

saltlake city, utah

the father has spoken out about his son.

Mattew had no serious criminal record its all on the news briefs of KSL radio

Mount Pleasant, UT

Reading this story brought many tears and much sadness for the officers and their families. What a tragic event. I feel sorry for the parents and family of this deranged individual. How blessed we are to have such fine men and women that desire to make our communities safe by putting their own lives on the line. I was born in Ogden and lived there for 57 years and had such a great love and respect for our police force. I was privileged to work with them in Neighborhood Watch and was appointed to the Safety Council by the Mayor which gave me many opportunities to also work with the Ogden Police force. They are trained so well and they are good men and women. Our thoughts and prayers are with all their families and we hope and pray they will all recover soon. They need all of our prayers and support.

Syracuse, ut

"Weber State Graduate | 10:19 a.m. Jan. 5, 2012
Clearfield, UT
For the life of me...I can't figure out why the tactical methods used during this event could be so weak as to allow six officers to be shot. Even with all of the intense training this strikeforce goes through, bad guy scores 6, good guys score 1. Don't mean to 2nd guess and play armchair critic, but it just doesn't make sense that one bad guy could do this much damage. "

Let me explain it simply to you- a man with an assault rifle in a position of advantage inside of his own home. He lured them into the fatal funnel, simple as that.

Heber City, UT

Dear Weber Grad he could have an automatic and been in hiding just enough for the officers to come in and then sprayed them. That would be very easy, regardless of how cautious the officers were. What a sad day.

Midvalian they didn't tell you the whole story so don't start grasping at straws to justify your comments.

Syracuse, ut

"There was a marijuana plant in the house. So they send a SWAT team to make an knock-announce-kick in door entry. This seems like a good way to have violence follow."

This wasn't a SWAT team, it was a knock and announce warrant by Agents of the Weber-Morgan Strike Force, detectives bascially. Plus we don't know all of the details of this case yet, so out of respect for this man's family, stop jumping to conclusions.

Logan, UT

Sorry Midvaliean, that is too simplistic. It is easy, from our safe homes, to second guess the situation, but none of us were there. None of us received the same training and the same information as to what was occurring in the home, so we frankly just don't know. Nor do we know what we would do in the same position. Totally offbase comment.

My thoughts and empathy are for everyone involved.


@cougarBlue and JBs
Drugs don't cause violence. The war on them does. My answer may be simplistic, that is because the answer is simple. Prohibition caused violence in the past, and causes it now. If marijuana was not mis classified as a dangerous drug we wouldn't have a dead police officer this morning. Nor would we be wasting tax dollars to imprison someone who has fought for this country.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's a chance the police take everyday... All in a days work.

Hard Focus

Clear proof that those who use/deal in Marijuana are willing to kill Police Officers in order to continue to use/deal in their drug. Marijuana is not the benign, harmless drug it's purveyors and advocates make it out to be. The War on Drugs will continue. Dealers/users beware. Your future isn't a bright or long one.

Colorado Springs, CO

This is another case of Police Officers who came in contact with a Veteran. It's a growing problem. I'm sad that an Officer has lost his life. I'm also sad because another Veteran has been involve. Both Police Officers and Veterans are train to use weapons. Both understand how to take action. Drugs have become a problem both legal and illegal. Once trained a Veteran will be combat ready for the rest of his/her life. Where you have two groups of people this ready there will be conflicts. It's sad that this country faces this each day. The news is full these problems.

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