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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 4 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

"...once-storied basketball program."

Uh... Despite the downturn of recent years Utah is still a storied program.


Storied programs don't have walk on tryouts in the middle of a basketball season!!!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah hooked into the Pac 12 at just the right time. Looking forward to the alliance with the Big 10, too. Had it been in place next year, one of these teams would have to be dropped from the schedule: Northern Colorado, Utah State, BYU. All the big programs have a warm up game on the schedule (Northern Colorado), so it looks like USU or BYU would be dropped.

Cougar trolls, of course, would howl if Utah draws Indiana or Minnesota ("How did you avoid playing Ohio State or Michigan?"). Sure would be nice to see Nebraska up at RES.

Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting line from the Forbes article regarding the money for basketball vs football: "The March Madness money is actually a bigger financial benefit to each Final Four team than the payoff from playing in one of the 35 bowl games."


@ pugman

Storied programs have made the final 4 at least once....Utah has done it 4 times, along with 10 sweet 16 appearances and 5 elite 8. And you know that UTEP program that has a movie called "glory road" based on them, ya Utah played them in the final 4 that year, 1966 look it up. If that isn't a storied program, there are very few storied programs in the nation. People are quick to forget a great program after a few bad years. There is no way a program like this stays down for long.


Sorry Pugman looks like I was wrong..Utah has 15 sweet 16 appearances.

BTW, this last decade 00-09 Utah has more sweet 16 appearances, more conference tournament championships, and just as many regular season championships as BYU. And just so you know, that was arguably Utah's worst decade of basketball since 1930-1939.

So in conclusion, Utah has had more success than BYU in their worst decade of basketball, than BYU had in arguably their best decade of basketball.

Is that funny to you Pugman? because it has me laughing


Not to drag this out or anything, but Utah also has the 5th most NCAA tourny appearances of all time.... But ya you are right buddy, utah does not have a storied basketball program..

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Loved the linked article from Forbes about the Big10-Pac12 alliance. Larry Scott is so forward-thinking that everybody in the Pac12, and now Big10, benefits.

To all the Ute faithful: Yes, we'll have to endure the Y fans making fun of the Utes' down year in basketball. But take heart, the Utes will never reach the level of futility experienced by the cougs--it's funny their fans can remember the 1984 football season clearly but have amnesia about the Y's 1996-7 1-win basketball season. And take heart in the fact that the Utes will be back competivetively and regularly playing in Pac12 and Big10 venues, while the cougs will still be playing on ESPN8 "The Ocho" at midnight from some dimly-lit high school gym masquerading as a WCC arena.

Highland, UT


"utes' down year"? It has been going on a lot longer than 1 year. LOL!

Shall I paraphrase you?

It's funny ute "fans" can remember the 1998 basketball season clearly but have amnesia about the u's 05'-06', 06-07', 09'-10', 10'-11' and yes 11'-12' losing basketball seasons.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ah Ducky, act like you know about the y's losing seasons in '96-7, '97-8, '98-9 and then again in '04-5.

LOL indeed!

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