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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 4 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Midvaliean | 1:54 p.m. Jan. 5, 2012
"People destroy their own lives and sometimes use drugs as an avenue to do so."

A recent study indicates that people on drugs are prone to repeat themselves or post the same comment twice.

If people want to destroy their own lives that's OK with me. What isn't OK is when drug addicts steal from hard working people so they can pay for their habit.

Williams, AZ

When you break the law by selling drugs you can be subjected to search warrents being severed on you, and what ever may happen during the servering of the warrant. The suspected drug dealer caused the volients to happen and is at faulty for breaking the law. Iam sorry to hear that 6 officers were hurt while carring out their duty. The suspected drug drealer is at faulty and he didn't have to react with volience when served the warrant he chose to react in that manner. The war on drugs isn't stupid or a lost cause. The people who chose to sell drugs are the promable, not the officers doing their job.

Ogden, UT

@ One Old Man: Don't be obtuse. You have to undergo a background check to purchase a firearm. Legal firearm owners are not, generally speaking, responsible for actions like these. But if making comments like those make you feel better, why, when we meet in Ogden and someone is robbing you or breaking into your home and endangering your family, I will leave my pistol holstered just to make sure that no firearms get in the way.
To the LEOs of Ogden City, the citizens you serve grieve with you, and those of us who are decent, law abiding folk will continue to support you in your duty. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: one old man | 7:47 a.m. Jan. 5, 2012
" "Where is the "Well Regulated Militia" required by the Second Amendment?"

The US Supreme Court answered you question is two (2) recent decisions. They looked at where the commas were placed in the 2nd Amendment and ruled it applies to individual US citizens and not the state. Really bummed the anti-firearm liberals out. Those who don't like the 2nd Amendment have two choices: They can either learn to live with it or they can get that amendment repealed. Good luck with that.

North Summit 05
Coalville, UT

There is alot more info on ksl the suspect was a Gulf War Vet who suffers from PTSD and that is why they went in with the SWAT team and that many Officers someone with Military training requires special attention they were just serving a warrant the suspect over reacted with an AK 47 and I am sure the Officers had no idea he was laying in wait to ambush them it was a warrant on suspicion of selling or having marijuana and from the way this went they were right to bring all that fire and man power its just a very sad day for all of Utah My heart goes out to all those involved and my prayers to the families of the fallen Officer and those wounded proud of you all for fighting for your life keep fighting

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Midvaliean | 1:54 p.m. Jan. 5, 2012

The United States is a republic and therefore our laws are made by legislators elected by the voice of the majority. If you want to liberalize the laws on drugs you are quite free to vote for legislators of a like mind. In the meantime you are expected to obey the laws of our land. Those that refuse are locked away decent society in our jails and prisons. Works for me.


North Summit05 : Your reasoning leaves much to be desired. Infact it is rediculous. So they know he suffers from PTSD. They know he is not doing anything violent. They know where he is and where he will be tomorrow. And when he goes to get his grocerys or out to get his mail. So what is the need of a dynamic entry. You do not know that he knew who was at the door. You do not know that he was lying in wait to ambush.You are condoneing a really stupid
and dangerous tactic by our Police state mentality.I regret these men were injured and the one killed, but the ignorance of that policy is so obvious anyone with half a brain would not use that method on a non violent offense,
Next thing they will be gunning down children for not returning their books to the library.

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