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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 4 2012 9:00 a.m. MST

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Idaho Falls, ID

I used to appreciate Hatch and even thanked him personally when I ran into him in the Roof Restaurant. However, he has comprised too much. I will NEVER forget his answer to 2 questions as reported here 2 years ago. First Question: "Why shouldn't elected officials be required to live by the same laws they pass for the rest of us to live under?" Answer "That might cause more problems than it would solve." My thought: Why, because fewer people would be wanting to "serve" in Washington without special treatment? I can think of no other reason that would cause a "problem." Second Question: "Where do you stand on appealing Obamacare?" Answer "That is easier said than done." and he showed no ambition to fight for that in the remainder of his comments. My thought "If our founding fathers would have made decisions based on "easier said than done," we would still be under British rule. Senator Hatch has lost his will to fight for true conservatism and has crawled into bed with the likes of Ted Kennedy, giving us CHIPs as well as other liberal legislation. Time for Senator Hatch to come home.


"Three terms are too long" was Orrin's theme in 1976.

When will the hypocrite decide 6 terms are too long?

newhall, CA

Hatch has become Frank Moss. Too old and too long in office. He has made it a career. Anyone wonder just how much money he's made from insider trading? He wasn't a millionaire when he went in, but I bet he is now. Again, we don't need another 6 years of Hatch and his cronies that he's had latched onto his back all these years. It is shameful that he continues to associate himself with unscrupulous goons. I can name a couple, but why bother. The fact that seniority has played into the inner fabric of Congressional politics is rather sad. It forces us, the constituents, to repeatedly re-elect these guys just to maintain the power they so hungrily desire. What should exist is the fact that if the laws Congress are considering are good, then the laws are passed. If not, then no. But to use the power play and compromise between senior senators 'deals'? no. That's not why we elected these guys. Hatch's time is over. His current Congressional record is dismal. He cares more about his retirement and legacy then what's right for the state and the country.

Heber City, UT

Let's remember what Orin Hatch said when he first ran against Frank Moss for the Senate. He said Frank Moss has served two long in the Senate and we need new ideas, new blood. Moss served from 1959 - 1977. 18 Years. Now compare Hatch who has served twice as long. Why was it bad for Moss to serve 18 years and should be voted out, but it is okay for Hatch to serve 37 years, twice as long and he should be voted in again. What hypocrisy.

I say we vote out every single one of them and start over again. Congress is corrupt, dysfunctional and out of touch with the electorate. We need new blook and we need it now, not peace meal by making a few changes each voting cycle.

Pleasant grove, UT

Yes! Dan Liljenquist is the man who can dethrone Senator Hatch. We need people like Dan to stop the madness in Washington!

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Whatever it takes to get lilenquist out of Utah.

He singlehandedly destroyed teaching as a profession.

It is now an hourly job.

Robb C
Salt Lake City, UT

Knowing of Liljenquist's success in the Utah Legislature I was hoping he'd run. However if he insists on catering to the Tea Party and follows the ultra-conservative route of Mike Lee then even though I'm opposed to another Hatch term I believe I'll have to support Hatch. We need statesmen who are willing to find middle ground. Not ideologues.


It's great we have an option to vote for someone who has actually done something, not just "promised" to do something. Promises are what campaigns are built upon, and are soon forgotten. My vote goes to someone who has done something in this case. It's not fun to change the system for the better (especially with entitlement reform), but Dan has done it, so he has my vote.

Provo, UT

I find it interesting that Liljenquist trumpets his success on pension and medicaid reform without mentioning that the Utah State Senate is 78% conservative Republican and that it has no filibuster rule. The idea that he can go to the US Senate with, in all probability, 53 or 54% Republican - and not all of them conservative, and replicate his Utah legislation on pension and medicaid reform is laughable. And just an FYI - nobody in the state legislature or the US Senate writes their legisation - it is done by legislative counsel in the US Senate and legislative research and counsel in the state legislature. Liljenquist didn't write his bills. If we had 78% Republicans in the US House and Senate we would have a balanced budget amendment already in the bag - 15 years ago. If Liljenquist is elected he will have to get in line for 10 years before he will get a sniff of the power he would need to do what he says he wants to do.

Provo, UT

37 years old and 3 years in the Utah state legislature. Not ready for prime time.


I actually believe Hatch will represent the interests of Utah better than Liljenquist. I also think he's much more of a conservative now after seeing what happened to "Bailout Bob" who didn't listen to his constituents.

We should have replaced Hatch about 3 terms ago. Its too late now. We need his seniority.

I'm also not impressed with Liljenquist. The public employees' retirement system WASN'T a problem. We don't have ridiculous compensation for public employees like Kalifornia or other states. Public employees don't get "bonuses", perks, etc.
I think Liljenquist made a name for himself with the public retirement issue that REALLY wasn't an issue. One issue, does not a U.S. Senator make.
Unless Liljenquist had a great amount of "handlers" in D.C. he would be completely and totally out of his league!

Bountiful, UT

If Orrin Hatch was a true conservative he would not have supported legislation that increased spending without finding a way to pay for it. Medicare Part D was never funded by cutting spending elsewhere or by raising taxes, as a result it has added trillions to the Medicare unfunded liabilities.

Democrats who tax and spend are bad enough, but Republicans who borrow and spend, sticking the next generation with the bill and nothing to show for it are worse. Hatch's record is "Don't tax you, don't tax me, tax that baby on your knee."

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

Oh boy. Another upstart Tea Partisan wants to "represent" Utah.

Colorado Springs, CO

I'm going to make a statement that draws attention to a couple of former Senators. One a Democrat and the other a Republican both from small states Montana and North Dakota. I held great respect for both of these men. Both serve there states and our nation very well. One was Senate Majority Leader and the other was Senate Minority Leader.
We have for very long time have been living with mostly one party in power in Washington since 1900.
Here is what I'm leading up to Senator Orrin Hatch knows what compromise means not only for Utah but the whole United States of America.
Look at the damage done the past 3 years in Washington. We need more of this unwillingness to compromise.
Washington isn't only Utah there are 49 other states, which have there views. Washington is a place where seniority counts. Until that changes in Washington strength comes from seniority.
I met Senator Hatch at one of his sons wedding reception and in airports in many parts of this country. He remembered me each time.
Compromise is an art form, that takes time to learn. Knowledge is power in Washington.

Colorado Springs, CO

What Utah Republicans do for or against Senator Orrin Hatch. Affect me as a Republican, who now lives in Colorado. Senator Hatch has done a very good job for the American People. Since moving from Utah living in Montana and Colorado. I've followed Senator Hatch and find his work in the Senate very important to the America People. The Tea Party, I don't see them as a National Party. They need to learn that as part of the Republican Party. That compromise has been a part of our government since the founding of this nation. Take the seniority away from the Republican Party can damage the party without the statesmen who have the seniority. What have the new Senators, who Tea Party supported done during the past 3 years? One of the Believes in Utah is Knowledge equals Intelligence. Show me a man in his 30's who has more Knowledge than a man in his 70's.

Springville, UT

It seems to me that Hatch has had ample opportunity to get the financial affairs of the nation in order. Now he is using the same argument that Gunn McKay used in 1980. The seniority would be beneficial to Utah. But in 1980, Utah brought McKay home any way, unfortunately. I've concluded that Hatch should be brought home, too. I personally like Hatch, but it is time.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Yes. Let's replace Hatch -- but with Pete Ashdown.

(Please consider the name Pete Ashdown as being in Upper Case letters which are forbidden by DN's censors.)

Remember, the name is Pete Ashdown.

That's P-e-t-e A-s-h-d-o-w-n.

Conservative Voice

Finally, a Solid Conservative Voice to replace Hatch after a long 36-years. The over-spending in DC has to come to an end!

Clearfield, UT

I don't want Hatch to stay in office. That being said, I REALLY don't want anyone worse than Hatch taking his place in office. If Liljenquist is supported by the Tea Party, then he is worse than Hatch. It looks like we're in another "none of the above" situtation. Sad.

Santa Clara, UT

When is the time right to replace Hatch? 6 more years, 12, 18 or never?. The time has come. For the second time in 2 years (and in my life) I will go to the Caucus and vote against an incumbent (as did ALL 10 delegate candidates). It worked last time and hope it will again this time. Hopefully all states will do the same so we have no more Kennedy dynasties or a West Virginian who can hardly hold himself up to make a speech. The Congress has arrogantly put in place an out-of-this world retirement package for themselves. Time for him to use it.

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