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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 4 2012 9:00 a.m. MST

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West Valley, UT

I don't care who replaces him, Hatch needs to go. The man has been in office since 1977, he's not representing anything new or progressive.

Spanish Fork, UT

Goodbye Hatch. No amount of campaign funds will make up for your record as a Senator that bows to special interest and is way too willing to latch on to liberal ideas.

Bluffdale, UT

but remember tea party is a front for mega corporations and fox news of course

Herriman, UT

As a Democrat....if the Republicans put these other individuals in there besides Hatch....they can really make certain I will vote for Hatch on a write in.

The Hammer
lehi, utah

Hatch has served faithfully for years. He has a good record and is far more conservative than most of the senators back in Washington. Replacing him would be a huge mistake. He will be the committee chair to the senate finance committee and he has already promised to work with Paul Ryan on implementing his entitlement reform. Hatch will also have the power to push through the balanced budget amendment something he has wanted to do for years. He came within 2 votes last time and now he will have the votes necessary to push it through. If we replace Hatch conservative ideas will be set back several years because the person who will take Hatches place on the Senate finance committee will be a liberal republican who is up for reelection in 2014. She will most definitively NOT vote for government financial reform the way Hatch has and will (she voted for the omnibus, voted to allow obamacare out of committee in the senate, is outspoken against Paul Ryan's plan).

We need Hatch back in office!

Salt Lake City, UT

@ The Hammer | 1:12 p.m. Jan. 4, 2012
Lehi, Utah

Well said. Losing Hatch, with a Republican win of the Senate, turns the leadership of a very important committee to Senator Collins who is perhaps the most liberal Republican Senator ever elected to office.

People need to wake up to the reality that in US politics, seniority is critical. We already have junior Senator Lee trying to find his way.

David King
Layton, UT

The idea that we need to give Hatch a 7th term in the Senate because he will have a powerful committee assignment is sickening and exposes the fact that the system has been corrupted by bureaucrats and the lobbyists.

I don't know enough about Mr. Liljenquist to say I will vote for him, but I do know that 36 years is long enough to be in Washington, and that there are certainly dozens of individuals capable of the job.

Unfortunately, Orrin has the money so I will just have to keep praying the LDS church calls him on a mission. I see no other he would voluntarily give up the power that has so obviously gone to his head.


@Hammer What you're saying is Orrin's strength is exactly the problem. We don't need another 6-12 years of Orrin Hatch to be the senior and pull political strings for us anymore. Frankly it just hasn't worked. We need more guys like Paul Ryan who can actually WRITE good legislation. Liljenquist is this type of legislator. How do we know? Because he's already done it here in Utah, saving us billions in only three years work as a freshman senator. We don't need Orrin's seniority and his vote. We need Dan and his visionary legislation.

Layton, UT

So right The Hammer. If Mr. Liljenquist gets into office he will have no real power in Washington. I'm not saying that Senator Hatch should not eventually be replaced, but to do it now would be the height of foolishness. Unfortunately, we cannot replace the senority rules of Congress. I've tried to think of way, such as drawing a name out of a cup, but to no avail. We need to work within the system until we can find a better solution. Also, Liljenquist is extremely conservative. I am also conservative, but not as much as he is. I would be afraid he would be unwilling to compromise as the Founding Fathers wanted us to do. Sorry, but my vote is for Senator Hatch. I also think he is a good guy.

The Hammer
lehi, utah


How are you going to get Legislation through committee without supporter like Hatch in the committee chair? The committee chair has the power to table bills permanently. And guess who his replacement would be if Hatch is pushed out? Olympia Snowe! She voted for Obamacare to get out of the finance committee where it was stalled by Hatch and other Republicans. She voted for Obamas Omnibus bill which blew the nations budget out of the water. She is also not going to support any changes to Medicare, Social security or Medicaid when she is due for reelection in 2 years. You are dreaming if you don't think that seniority on that committee means anything. That's why Chaffetz backed out of running against him.

Hatch has always supported and written legislation that supports the same goals that conservatives support, which is less government more freedom.

Holladay, UT

Vote Hatch out. He voted for the NDAA, which gave the executive branch the power to arrest and detain any US Citizen without right of trial. That act alone should make him guilty of High Treason, for he walked on a Constitutional law that goes all the way back to the Magna Carta.

Hatch has betrayed our country with voting for TARP. We can't keep giving our politicans 'freebies' when it comes to their follies. We ask them to be vigilant, and if they aren't, we vote them out.

Vote Hatch out.

Farmington, UT

@The Hammer--Your logic would have us re-elect Senator Hatch just because he's going to be Finance Committee chairman, in spite of his voting record? I'm sorry, but if every state in the country followed that approach, we'd have samo-samo government...isn't that what got us to the brink of financial ruin? Senator Hatch's record shows he can't be relied on to hold the ground on key financial matters, his recent election-year antics to curry the favor of the tea party notwithstanding.

What's more, his record as a chairman of a key committee is less than stellar. If you'll recall, he was able to get a RECORD number of President Clinton's judicial nominees approved as chairman of the Judiciary Committee. One would naturally expect he'd be able to leverage those remarkable, cross-aisle favors by getting an equal number of President Bush's nominees approved in return. Did that happen? Not anywhere close: President Bush's nominees underwent one of the most shameful and embarrassing debacles in the history of the committee's ratification process. Senator Hatch was a model of decorum, but refused to take the gloves off and call in his chits. In addition, he failed to hold accountable the committee Democrats for an illegal breach of committee security when their staffers hacked into Republican members' secured documents. Shame on us if we rely on him again to be an effective committee chairman!

And shame on us if we re-elect him to the Senate based on this tired and worn-out excuse for keeping an aging incumbent.


The problem is Orrin's seniority. He no longer supports Conservative views, we don't need his position in the committee. He's doing more harm than good. Hatchrecord.com shows his liberal voting record.
He's supported all sorts of bogus expenditures. From the Senate.gov site itself quote "Orrin Hatch is fighting to strengthen Medicare, and Medicaid." This man needs to be replaced. He's just like every other Politician now- he wants to control our Economy, and he's a neocon. He voted for the NDAA which obliterates our rights.

The Hammer
lehi, utah

@the Kaiser What would you do in the place of TARP? Without TARP we would have had to payout TRILLIONS not billions in taxpayer money to customers of WAMU and Wachovia. TARP was the only way to ensure banks met the ridiculous FDIC rules. The only alternative would have been to get rid of FDIC, Is that what you are for?

@aceroinox His record includes some votes that are less than stellar. Overall he is far more conservative than you give him credit for and it is sad that you can't see losing him would be a disaster for the conservative cause. He has been a great chairmen who is a thousand times better than liberal Olympia snowe, who would get that seat. you are too smart by half in getting rid of hatch.


Do we seriously want to give Hatch 42 years in DC? Is the goal to have Utah's version of Strom Thurmon dying on the Senate floor. He is a nice guy, but his votes are getting horrible. TARP, Patriot Act, NDAA, 16 debt ceiling increases, S-CHIP, sponsor of the Dream Act, how much can we take?


Hatch has been reelected several times because we value his seniority perks--chairman of important committees. Hatch, however, is well past his prime, experience notwithstanding, he will eventually have to be replaced.

I like the idea of the fresh enthusiasm a new candidate brings to the table. He is not yet corrupted by the special interests in Washington and his voice is clear and genuine.

Professional politicians have lost their credibility with me. They pander to party extremes, blaming others and positioning themselves for the next election. They are beholden to special interests and thus seemingly unable to promote legislation that is in the long term best interests of our Nation.

I remember when Hatch defeated Frank Moss and the value of his seniority was erased. I will not be voting for Hatch.


What part of the Dream Act, Medicare Part D, 16 debt ceiling increases, TARP, and SCHIP is conservative? He knows how to get things done...well with getting things like this done, I wish he would be impotent.

West Valley, UT

@The Hammer: What has Hatch done in his many years to help the people of the United States? He is part of the crippled crooked system that led us to the brink of economic collapse. Career politicians aren't solving the problem, they are part of it.

Orem, UT

If you like the songs he writes while he's in DC, then vote for him again. I'd prefer someone who can write good legislation. If this new guy will commit to no more than two terms in the senate, I'll vote for him. The way some of you are arguing to keep Orrin because of his seniority, you'd think he should serve until he dies! I'd rather have someone new and energetic, even if he can't write songs.

And how did Orrin get $4M in his war chest? Serving in the senate? Or campaigning and hitting up special interest sponsors?

The Hammer
lehi, utah


Dream act was to include Everify requirements which are the best way to stop illegal immigration the dream act wasn't perfect but how do you ship 18 year old kids back to a country they have never lived in? Do we put them in internment camps on the border?

Medicare part D is a long term goal to move medicare to a a private health insurance system. Part D is the model Paul Ryan is using to change how part A and part B are done.

Even Reagan asked for and demanded debt limit increases.

Read my previous comments about TARP, We would have paid out Trillions, not billions if we did not act to get liquidity to the banks, the only alternative was to repeal FDIC rules. Is that what you suggest should have been done?

Schip is an iffy one I know, Hatch is not the end all be all of my day, but he is better than olympia snowe as chairmen of the finance committee. Without Hatch, fiscal conservative ideas wouldn't stand a chance in the upcoming years.

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