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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 3 2012 9:00 a.m. MST

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Hayden, ID

@ Truthseeker. $10 million dollar house? Nice try but the Al Gore, John Edwards,John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Bill Clinton mansions were not available! But the Obama White House is very available come November! That is where Romney will be soon!

Lake Elsinore, CA

Romney got the win. Even more important, he squashed Gingrich and Perry in the process. Perry is looking to quit and Gingrich is on the ropes. Santorum has no staying power and only a select few will be attracted to Paul.

New Hampshire is a slam dunk. Let's see who is left after that.

Mitt 2012

Saint Louis, MO

I happen to be a conservative Catholic Navy veteran Romney supporter. Before the GOP takes on Obama, they have to solve the moderate-conservative dilemma. Santorum is only the latest to put on the lead jersey of the right.

Holladay, UT

Stop the spending. End the wars.

A fiscal conservative that is a war liberal in reality a fiscal liberal.

We need someone who stands for the Constitution and for fiscal accountability, and has a track record of doing so.

Ron Paul is that candidate.

Cedar Hills, UT

I read alot of "you mormons are out of touch with the rest of the country" or "you would only vote for a mormon because he's a mormon" on this site. Blah, blah, blah...If that were the case then I guess we will hear from the good senator Harry Reid throwing his favor behind the other mormon, Romney. Sure!
Last election we had Hope and Change, this election we will have a turnaround businessman who will help us dig our way out of the costs associated with hope and change.

Kaysville, UT

It was so great to see the process in Iowa yesterday. I believe the caucus was for Iowans and am grateful the Deseret News published information about that process. With the world using the Internet, people can find the local information about the individual state primaries, every ten seconds, if needed. We don't have to use the Deseret News for all our sources. The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Valley Herald and Standard Examiner plus many other news resources are available. USA Today publishes national and one paragraph about Utah news each weekday that people can take advantage of that resource. Television and radio stations are available with plenty of information for those candidates you want to listen to. FOX stations didn't cover the caucus last night and the MSNNBC and CNN channels covered the caucus. We are so fortunate to live in a time, maybe, when news is instantaneous. People in the past didn't have social networking as we do today that you can sign up for. We have so many choices, that it seems odd that people would complain about not having the opportunity for choice. We are so fortunate to have a Constitution and many people's interpretations.

Spanish Fork, UT

So, I don't see any published comments about this yet but - despite this new headline - it won't be until June that we see the winners of any actual delegates to what may end up being a "brokered" convention (ie a convention where the delegates matter and more than one round of voting occurs). After this second Iowa "straw poll" vote, the most dedicated caucus attendees stood for election as County delegates who eventually vote for District delegates who eventually vote for State delegates in June or something and end up sending 28 un-tethered votes to that Convention. Still an interesting show though.

Manti, UT

I think that given the candidates, Mitt Romney is the best man for the job. But is he electable? I would hate to see our country ruined even further if our present administration gets reelected.

Mitt, who seems to be a very personable man, at least that's what his publicity people portray him as, does not have the charm and charisma of Obama when he was running. Obama gave wonderful, flowery speeches while outlining the destruction of America. Most of the people believed in him and boy, did we get a change but not for the better.

So many people are worse off with foreclosures, joblessness and losing their livelihood in small businesses. Our great nation is on the verge of bankruptcy; China owns us. How much more Obama can we take? Oh, but of course, letâs blame it on Bush. Why didnât Obama take charge of the country when he won instead of giving useless bailouts to his pet projects and causing America to lose some of her credit rating worldwide? GO MITT!

Hank Pym

re: Utter Nonsense | 10:25 p.m. Jan. 3, 2012

Exactly. Just wait until Perry & Santorum drop out. Then, all "theocratic conservatives" will come after Mitt guns blazing & things will get interesting.

My problem w/ Romney is he panders to Joe Average and comes across as insincere. Embrace the fact, Mitt you are part of the 1% and roll with

Maybe, Mitt will talk show on fixed noise like Huckabee who won Iowa in 2008?

I'll vote for Ron Paul provided he runs on a 3rd party ticket. Otherwise, I'm writing in Keith Olbermann & Dan Patrick.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Mitt Kardashian.
He does nothing, talks a lot, relies on his looks, but can't deliver anything of substance.
So sorry that people are falling for his nonsense.
Newt was right about him.

Farr West, Utah

JWB: FOX did cover the Iowa caucus! I saw it myself!

To all of those Romney critics above: This IS a big win for Romney. The only fortunate thing about it is that if Michelle Bachman and Rick Parry drop out, there will be fewer candidates splitting the evangelical block (which is showing itself to be anti-Mormon) and fewer candidates splitting the extreme no-compromise social conservative block.

Farr West, Utah

To all of those Romney critics above: This IS a big win for Romney. The only UNfortunate thing about it is that if Michelle Bachman and Rick Parry drop out, there will be fewer candidates splitting the evangelical block (which is showing itself to be anti-Mormon) and fewer candidates splitting the extreme no-compromise social conservative block.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is far from over. With Perry and Bachmann set to drop out those votes are going to Santorum and Gingrich. Santorum is still at only 5% on intrade to win the nomination and most recently polled 5% in south carolina while Gingrich had a 10 point lead there over Romney. Romney's best bet is for Santorum to surge and take about 10-15 points away from Gingrich. Otherwise, if Santorum falls in South Carolina then Gingrich could still come back.

Sandy, UT

These past months I have wondered...

Who is the DNews voting for? It's so hard to tell.

I'm mormon, but I was a fan of Cain back when he was still running. The DNews should be ashamed of itself for manipulating uneducated readers in politics to vote for Romney. He's one one many candidates you know.

Would I like a mormon president? Sure, but only if he is elected by an educational vote and not on religious biases.

What's America coming to? Thanks alot, DNews.

Kaysville, UT

8 votes is still a win, with or without a field goal or a shot from the foul line. Our process wants to have the best person, Democrat or Republican. We need to be part of the system and do our part to ensure that happens. You can't speak for anyone else but you can speak for yourself and that is this forum. Representative Bachman has done a lot of good things and when she stated she wasn't a politician, last night, she was probably stating she was making the decision today. That changes the dynamics with those latest two dropping out but that is politics. After living in countries where the system literally wipes opponents out, it is a much better system here. People still want to come to our country as it is safer due to our system. That doesn't mean it doesn't have deficiencies, such as too much government, in some cases. Elections of all our elected officials is how we do it and keeping your elected officials up to speed on your interests, concerns and especially thanks for doing the right things for constituents. Thanks for good people and our special political and government system.

Walter Bellhaven
Las Vegas, Nevada

Any article that brings out Pagan's typical hand-wringing is a good article.

Layton, UT

AWESOME! Congratulation to Mitt. He will make a great president if we are lucky enough to have him. He has brains and morals. I greatly admire him.

Magna, UT

I chuckled when one of the reporters in Iowa reported on the demographics and characteristics of Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and the other nominees supporters. He observed that the Romney camp were all wearing windbreakers with logos from Corporations and Golf resorts. Funny, but kind of sad.

lehi, ut

After reading all these comments, I think a lot of you have forgotten that Romney wasn't trying to win Iowa untill a few days ago. He has been focusing on New Hampshire. For him to do this well when he has spent so little time and effort in the state is amazing.

Kaysville, UT

I should have said FOX did not have expanded coverage on my cable. They did cover news but not the full run from 7 p.m. on as MSNBC and CNN did. I wanted to see expanded coverage.

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